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Good TV Shows

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Stella, Tuesdays on Comedy Centeral, is a really funny show, about random stuff.

Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien- Best last night talk show!

Ellen- Best maorning talk show!

Desperate Housewives, Sundays on ABC, A FANTASTIC SHOW! Don't be decieved, it has a plot!

Grey's Anatomy, Sundays on ABC, a very good medical show about surgeons in there post- medical school internships.


Some shows coming soon that look good: Premeiring 8/04/05 on FX is "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia", looks really funny!

"Close To Home", coming to CBS Tuesdays this Fall, looks pretty interesting!


Have a favorite show, know of a future show that looks good? Post it!

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My TIVO season passes are:


Desperate Housewives


Amazing Race

Arrested Development

Six Feet Under





I guess that makes them my favorites. I like a bunch of other shows (The Simpsons, Will & Grace, etc), but I figure if I miss something, I'll catch the re-run.


When it's not one of those, it's VH1 Classic (especially The Alternative) or BBC America.

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lets see...


Stargate: SG-1 - Friday, 8:00PM EDT on Sci-Fi

Stargate: Atlantis - Friday, 9:00PM EDT on Sci-Fi

Ghost Hunters - Wednesday, 8:00PM on Discovery Channel

Mythbusters - Wednesday, 9:00PM on Discovery Channel

MAD TV - Saturday, 11:00PM on FOX

Dog: The Bounty Hunter - monday-friday (I believe) 1am on A&E

Adult Swim - Saturday - Thursday, 11pm - 6am on Cartoon Network

Fox Lineup - Sunday, 7pm - 10pm on FOX


I think those are the primary shows I watch every week. Of course I watch other random things that interest me on Discovery, A&E, and Comedy Central

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Arrested Development - Best, smartest, funniest sitcom on TV right now.


The Daily Show - Everyone knows how much I love this.


Gilmore Girls - Well written, well acted, great characters. Who cares if it's a "girl" show? It rocks!


Curb Your Enthusiasm - If I make it to 50, I'll be exactly like Larry David.


Stella - Really great. Always guaranteed to make me laugh.


Reno 911 - Same.


Late Night With Conan O'Brien - The only late night show that's actually funny.


Real World & Laguna Beach - I'm oddly attracted to watching these simply because I love watching horrible people act horrible.


Aqua Teen & Tom Goes The Mayor - The only currently on [AS] shows I still enjoy. I'll pour a little of 40 for the death/cancellation of Space Ghost, The Brak Show, Sealab, and Home Movies.


Hogan Knows Best - I really have no idea why I watch this. Hulk is funny though.


Best Week Ever - Only so I can keep saying to myself "I could be on this show. I'm way funnier than these guys".

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let's see...


For Anchor/ long-running shows:

The Simpsons (self explanitory)

Malcolm in the Middle (hilarious)

Desperate Housewives (a must for anyone!)

Judging Amy (my mom and I can relate to her)

Fox News Channel stuff (like the slogan says, "fair & balanced")


For Seasonal shows:

So you think you can dance?(love dance, hate idol)

Brat Camp (oh how it reminds me of my school mates!)

Amazing race (great fun)

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