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Odd looking supports

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^I was hoping someone would post that! The Nor-Easter has some of the STRANGEST supports I've seen.


Gotta give it to Wildwood though, they did quite well with how they constructed a huge Vekoma invert above 3 different rides.



It also provides some SICK leg-chopper effects.

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i found this support on the Matterhornblitz in EuropaPark very odd looking:



and the old EuroStar, had many intresting looking too:

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I always thought the 4th Dimension coasters (X2 and Eejanaika) had super odd supports. I know its because of the different train type, but they are still strange.


Source for pics: RCDB



The "new" version of the outside raven turn supports.


1. the inside raven turn has extra brackets on the outside of the back support. (top left) 2. the "old" outside raven turn supports. 3. the funky supports right before the final brake in the right side of the pic, half way up .

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Great Bear's supports are weird because Hersheypark didn't want the coaster's supports to interfere with the stream that runs under the gaggle of coasters (and Coal Cracker).

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