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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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This is life in Illinois. We're everything that's wrong with California, without the view.

Not even funny, man, not even funny.

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The weather keeps changing, I've seen it go from 30% to 70% chance of rain in the past day...got to love Chicago weather. I say check the weather tomorrow afternoon/night to see how Saturday will be. For the past few days though, Saturday is still looking a lot better than Sunday.



I'll be in the area, so I'm currently still planning on going to to the park. It is supposed to just be showers(not t-storms), so I'm not concerned unless it is supposed to be heavy rain all day. Opening day always seems to have bad weather, so I'm not that concerned about the park having to close. We just might have to run to Dark Knight or the new food court shelter at some point in the day.

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I'll still go no matter what. We'll have fun.

No mater what the weather is like we'll still have a blast! Maybe we'll have a bumper-car tournament or a Dark Knight marathon, who knows? I just can't wait to see you guys again

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Or maybe have a contest to see how much people get annoyed watching the Dark Knight Pre Show. I think that they should have another line for people that have already seen it so they could just go and ride

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The weather report seems to be pretty consistent now.


There is a 50% chance of rain at 10 AM, and starting at noon to closing, there is a 30% chance of rain. However, from noon on, weather.com still says to expect isolated thunder storms. The temperature will stay around 55 so it'll be somewhat chilly, but nowhere near as bad as opening day last year. So assuming we wouldn't fall in to the wrong side of the 30% all afternoon, it sounds like it could end up being somewhat decent day. Even with the buy one get one free promotion with Goodwill, crowds should(well hopefully) be on the light side.



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^Right now the National Weather Service has an outlook of basically the same, but much higher percentages for rain (70% on Saturday and 80% on Sunday.) Remember to grab a poncho before you come to the park and hopefully the weather scares everyone off.

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^Well, for the entire day, Weather.com says there is a 60% chance of rain, so I (and I'm sure everyone else) expects it to rain. Plus, as of now, the worst weather seems like it will be in the morning with the scattered shower and a threat of a scattered thunderstorm the rest of the day. From weather.com and the National Weather Service, it doesn't sound like it will rain terriably hard, just that there will be rain or the threat of rain for a long time.


Airtime - has opening day ever had good weather? - &Gravity

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If I wake up and its raining then no, unless its just drizzling. If I wake up and its not raining and my parents are still alive then yes.


I just caught this. Do you plan on killing them or something???

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If I wake up and its raining then no, unless its just drizzling. If I wake up and its not raining and my parents are still alive then yes.


I just caught this. Do you plan on killing them or something???


No not yet, but if they don't take me tomorrow than maybe...


Anyway the 70% chance is only in the very early morning before the park opens.

10 AM - 50%

11 AM - 40%

12 - 8 - 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms, since they're isolated there is a chance the storms won't be over the park.

No matter what happens it will still be fun and I can't wait to meet everyone!


Edit: My mom saw the weather report and well she isn't too happy about it, so I don't know if I'm coming or not.

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Thanks to everyone who came out today, I had a great time.


Luckily for us, the weather ended up being on our side. While it was cloudy and a little chilly, the rain stayed in Wisconsin, and we ended up not having to worry about what to do if it rains.


The crowds were light with most rides being a walk-on or a wait no longer than 15 minutes. The only exception to this was Superman: Ultimate Flight and Whizzer. However, this was due to one train operation(at least on Whizzer) and not crowd size. The park staff was very friendly and worked hard to keep the lines there were moving.


When we were in the County Fair area, we were asked if we could be used for a commercial, to which some members agreed.


It was a fun day, and with the exception that it was a little cold, and the one train operation on Whizzer, I can't think of anything that went wrong today.



1. Whizzer is being used to advertise Karate Kid

2. The Papa John's pizza has changed(for the better)

3. Little Dipper construction seems to be progressing nicely, although they still have a good amount of work to do if they plan to open it in a month

4. After running fairly poorly last season, Viper ran great today, so hopefully it runs as well this entire season




Preparing to ride Giant Drop


See, Whizzer has been wrapped in stickers for Karate Kid


The MagiQuest building

There is lots of random stuff around the building to use when you play




The MagiQuest sign


Another view of Revolution


TPR members on Fiddler's Fling


Zoom Zoom Zoom


TPR members on King Chaos


King Chaos

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Today really was an awesome day. It didn't rain (take that Tom Skilling you were wrong again!!), the rides were running great (as they should be on opening day) and it was nice to see everyone again. I know Gavin had a great time as well.


I don't like the fact that they put ads on the Whizzer, but what can we do. They did put a giant banner on Viper advertising Geico a few years back, plus last year they had the "Don't be so Mayo" Miracle Whip Iron Wolf thing.


I do like the new MagiQuest area, but it's missing something. Maybe if they added a few more walls and not have it so open it would look better. I don't know, but I do like the whole area. It looks really nice. The Farmer's Market food court looks great as well.


I'm looking forward to seeing how Little Dipper will turn out. It looks like they tore up the whole entire area, but I could be wrong. I couldn't see much of anything but the construction anyway.

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