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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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Im wondering if it has to do with the Insurance Company. Anyone know if the same company covers all of the Six Flags parks? Or do they have a seprate one that covers each park?


It's a possiblilty, but insurance companies don't have that kind of pull. They can't mandate ride height restrictions. As for coverage, it would be one policy for all of Six Flags.


I think there's some truth to what we were told at WCB, but it seemed like they were skirting around some other sort of issue they really didn't want to get into, which I think Elissa hit on.

What we were told at WCB for Mr. Six's Dance Coaster is that they were "Working with the ride manufacturer to get a lower height restriction, and they felt they needed to communicate SOMETHING on the website, so instead of putting 36" and then having to raise it to 42" which would result in disappointment, they decided to put the worst case scenario of 42" and hope to get it lowered to 36."


I'm not sure if this holds true also for Little Dipper but I'd have to assume it does since the websites are done at the same location (Six Flags Corporate.) I'm not sure why they can't just put "TBD" like every other park does because IMO putting "TBD" is better than communicating information that is currently inaccruate.


Last I heard about Mr. Six is that Screamscape was told "Screamscape sources tell us to be a bit more patient for height limit issue on the Mr. Six Dance Coaster at SFMM. I’ve been given an assurance that everything should be fixed and set to a proper height limit by the time the ride is ready to open."


I would have to assume the same thing is going on with LIttle Dipper.



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But I know from experience that Insurance companies do have alot of pull in the industry.


I work for an insurance company that writes theme park business......



^ Totally agree. Maybe I was just reading to far into it, as I felt he was kid of irritated with the group as a whole as the questions went on.

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From ScreamScape...

Another reader has also sent in a picture of the American Eagle that they believe shows off one of these steel sections. Given the age of all these wooden coaster rumored to have been upgraded in their old age with some new steel track sections, this is starting to sound more like that time Grandpa went in for that hip replacement...


I'm not sure about this... I'll have to ride up front and study the track on opening day to get my own opinion!



Edit: Actually in the picture you can see what might be the transition between the beams and the all wood track.

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^ Yes you can see it on the iPhone app. It's the exact same as the 09 map with the exceptions of Little Dipper replacing all the rides in BBNP/LTNP and the building for Magi Quest looks the same but the canopy's are gone.

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Six Flags Great America has sent us a press release about their upcoming season including what to expect at the park for 2010.


Six Flags Great America teams up with Goodwill Industries to kick off the 2010 season.

Bring a bag of gently-used clothing to Six Flags Great America opening weekend, April 24 and 25, and receive a buy

one admission ticket, get one free. Plus get BOGO deals around the park on select treats and games, including the

all-new MagiQuest. Donations will be sold in Goodwill Stores where the revenues fund training, employment and

supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages.


Opening April 24 - MagiQuest is a live-action interactive game developed to bring families together and move children

from the couch to physical play. Players immerse into a 10,000 square foot fantasyland powered by a “magical” wand.

The wireless remote technology unlocks more than 80 special effects allowing players to navigate through the levels of

the game in their quest to defeat the Dragon and save the Princess.


Six Flags Great America is located between Chicago and Milwaukee and offers fun for the entire family with 14 heart

pounding roller coasters, a free 15-acre water park, spectacular shows and three children’s themed areas. Also new

in 2010, the Little Dipper, a historic wooden roller coaster formerly of Kiddieland Amusement Park and Glow in the Park

Parade, a new nighttime illuminated parade with Cirque Du Soleil-style music and more than 60 performers.

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They reveal quite a few things about the vamped up version of Terror Twister 2: A Turn For The Worse on that voting page. I picked Soundstorm, thought that one was pretty cool.




The hardware we use can only support 8 songs maximum, and we already have 7 songs selected, the song you vote for will be the 8th song in DJ Terror's remix list. The two "losing" songs that receive the least amount of votes will NOT be used at the ride at all! In 2009, we had five songs, this year we will use eight songs, or as DJ Terror likes to call them, "Remix Programs".





Unfortunately no, the only available options are what you have been provided on this page. We cannot and will not accept any song suggestions for a variety of reasons (song length, rights, hardware limitations, complexity of light show programming, etc.).





Of course! We have some serious upgrades planned (as if you didn't think 2009 was enough) - those details will be provided at a later date on the Six Flags Great America/Hurricane Harbor facebook page.





Seven songs out of eight have already been chosen. Four songs are returning from last year: REMIX1, REMIX2 (REMIX2 has been remixed even more for 2010), REMIX4, and REMIX5 (REMIX3 is not returning for 2010). We'll be using a new song called Rising Sun, plus two songs that we're keeping secret for now. Then finally, we'll use the song that's being voted on here! All remixes will have new or upgraded light shows to accommodate the new effects added in 2010.

Here's a cool video of REMIX4 from last year.


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