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SATURDAY March 20, 2010

West Coast Bash

DAY 1 : Six Flags Magic Mountain



It’s finally here! The Bebes missed WCB 2009 due to a poorly timed surgical procedure and were eager to participate in the 2010 festivities! Two long days with a very short turnaround lie ahead, but The Bebes tread on.





Time to get up and get ready. Season Pass. Check. TPR shirt. Check. Camera. Check. And we’re on our way!



We hit the freeway with our Starbucks.

Mr Bebe: “Should we get Robb a Cinnamon Dolce Latte?”

Lady Bebe “Do you know how many of those things he’s gonna get!!!??”

We would later find out the answer was ONE. Sorry Robb. :-(



We meet Justin in the parking lot.


Justin says that some guy in the parking lot found a wallet and is looking for the owner. Justin suggests that The Bebes claim it so we can all party on somebody else’s dime. Of course, The Bebes would never do such a thing, and we head into the park.


After going through the metal detector, Justin realizes that he is missing his wallet.


“Yeah, it was MY wallet.”


The TPR gang shows off the WCB T-shirts. I can’t wait to get mine!!!


“Here’s your T-Shirt!”


We met Chuck “CFC” at the check in. He had a really nice orange marker. Where can The Bebes get a really nice orange marker like that?


“Here’s a really nice orange marker!”



Magic Mountain Director of Operations, Neal Thurman, welcomes the crowd and announces that for one day only, during WCB, the over-the-shoulder restraints will be removed from Revolution. HOLY CRAP!!!! Then he says “Just Kidding.” GRRRRRR! Neal!!!!


Just to clarify: Lady Bebe has boobs. Mr. Bebe does not.



Since Magic Mountain is our home park and X2 and Déjà vu are the ONLY rides that ALWAYS have a line, we headed straight for X2 for our morning ERT. We spent the entire 2 hours there, logging a lucky 13 rides.


Is this supposed to come undone?


This is the 2nd straight TPR event at Magic Mountain where one of our very own “Enthusiasts” puked on the platform (see Termination Day trip report).


How could such a calm, peaceful ride like X2 elicit vomit?


Ahhh, memories of our 2009 summer Theme Park Tour: Part Deux.



Justin wasn’t feeling too well after 13 laps on X2, so he sat out while The Bebes grabbed a quick ride on Tatsu before heading to our morning excursion tour, a walk behind the scenes from Déjà vu to Batman.


Justin claimed he was at 3% functionality. Later he would admit that he puked somewhere near the X2 photo booth while The Bebes purchased that Zen Photo. And then again just before lunch!



Dan took pictures of dirt. If YOU also took pictures of dirt, email…


Lady Bebe took a picture of herself in the road safety mirror behind Déjà vu.


Justin took a picture of Mr. Bebe taking a picture of Robb taking a picture of Mr. Six Dance Coaster Track.


Robb and Mr. Bebe stood side-by-side waiting for Batman and Riddler to line up for a great photo. Robb’s shot is on the left, Mr. Bebe’s on the right. Darn camera delay!


“Me love you long time. ”


We met up with “ILoveRides” David and his girlfriend, Hillary Duff. David and the gang show off the MANLY POSE.



Time for lunch! Nom nom nom. I hope we have enough napkins.


“Here are napkins!” Jeff’s been in such a giving mood today. What will he give us next?


Time for the scavenger hunt, and we are team #36.

Here’s the team: The Bebes, JustinJJ, “IloveRides” David and “Hillary Duff” Brittany, “PackfanLV” Shawn, young Austin (didn’t get his screen name) and his dad Jim (ditto). Despite the rantings of team #38, team #36 ruled! We finished 6th.



After the Scavenger hunt, it was time for our Super Secret Afternoon Excursion. What would it be?!


The Metro Rail Graveyard! Sweet!!! These old trains haven’t run in like 8 years. And they never will again. :-(


If this lady has an accident, by no means should the doctors operate!


The Bebes chill UNDER the metro.


Our tour group converges in the old Flashback queue building. Our guide informs us of many things including:


The proper manner in which water dummies should be stored: 69.


Mr. Bebe tries taking Lady Bebe on his own Special Secret Excursion.


The Bebes are such rule Breakers.





Everyone gathers for a group photo in front of the Magic Moments Theater and then the afternoon presentation.



Justin and The Bebes leave campus for a cheap meal at Wahoos Fish Tacos.



After wasting tons of time at Wahoos, we return to Magic Mountain. We decided to get a ride on Goliath. NOPE. The line was like 2hrs long. So we headed to Scream, where there is never a line. The Bebes ride with “Top Thrill Dragster” Ryan and strike the MANLY POSE for “ILoveRides” David.



It’s time for evening ERT. And first thing on the agenda: Collossus. Racing. Only for WCB ERT! Amazing! The Bebes grabbed the newly tracked red train while Justin, Shawn, David and Brittany challenged us from the black train. They had their eyes on US!


In case you didn’t get over there, zombies with glowing eyes raced on Collossus at West Coast Bash.


Evil Alvey, secret leader of the Colossus zombies was stalking us, so we headed toward Terminator: Salvation: The Ride.


Justin is a cock licker.


We stopped off at Goldrusher on our way to Terminator: Salvation: The Ride.


Lady Bebe has been assimilated, and Shawn can’t believe it.


William was Super Duper Excited to see The Bebes and Friends at Terminator: Salvation: The Ride.


Robb wasn’t.


Magic Mountain replaced the on-board audio with a custom TPR soundtrack that referenced the Scavenger Hunt quiz, Christian Bale’s movie set tirade, and tons of “Take the Tunnel”. Because “That’s how West Coast Bash rolls. We take the tunnel.”

Usually. Sometimes “We took the silence!!!”



Magic Mountain staff was on hand at the exit to high five WCB attendees as they exited. What a great day!!! Thanks TPR, RideWorld, and Magic Mountain for a seriously awesome day!!!

Now, off to bed for 4hours so we can do it all over again at Knott’s Berry Farm!

To Be Continued……

Edited by The Bebes
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Wow, Colossus had nearly full trains when you were riding? What time were you there during ERT? When we were there, there were maybe 4 people on each train max. Still an awesome time, but it would've been much more fun with full trains.

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^^^ Sue,

We lined up at Colossus just before 10pm. When they opened the RED side, it was ALL TPR people against the last GP train of the night. Then we rode twice more, TPR against TPR. The second ride was the best, with both trains jockeying back and forth for position! The third ride, with The Bebes taking on their friends was weird. They let the black train loose like 10 full seconds before us. They were half way up the lift before we ever left. They were so far ahead for the entire ride that I couldn't even see them anymore. Then, as we rounded in toward the station, they braked hard and we coasted in in front of them! WTF!? By 10:20, we were headed toward Terminator.



Thanks. Maybe if the timing works out, we can meet you at SFMM during your upcoming trip.


^^Big Mike,

We Miss you too!!!! Hope you are doing better.

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That would be great! I have only met Big Mike and a couple others from TPR. It would be nice to meet some more.


Right now I am leaning towards Tuesday June 22 for SFMM. But I will be doing Disneyland, Knotts and other surrounding LA parks from that Saturday 19th to the 24th, leaving LA to San Francisco on the morning of the 25th.

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  • 9 months later...
After battling a serious case of lazy Bebe syndrome, The Bebes will be posting Day 2 of WCB 2010 tonight.




This is STUPENDOUS news!


I can't wait... Bebes TRs are always fun. Maybe this will inspire me to finish the much-delayed Gertrude Bay Area Bash trip reports!

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SUNDAY March 21, 2010

West Coast Bash

DAY 2 : Knotts Berry Farm






So after only about 3hrs of sleep, we were up and on our way to Knotts Berry Farm with JustinJJ for West Coast Bash Day 2.


West Coast Bash attendees were warmly welcomed upon arrival at the park. Thanks Knotts!!!




Barely able to keep our eyes open, we got our morning backstage tour pass and headed to the Calico Mine Ride.


Close-up of the tour pass (duh!).


We were escorted underground where Lady Bebe got up close and personal with this miner.


Hmmmmm, What’s down that hole????


Coaster Nerd photo.


Glory Hole or Pot Room??? How can I decide???


The Ghost Town really was at this hour. 9:30AM-ish.


We headed toward our next morning backstage tour. The train shop. Waaaaayyyy over there by Supreme Scream.


Hey, Dannerman!!!! Over here!!! It’s the Bebes!!!! Remember us from Dorney Park???!!!!


Choo Choo!!!! Time to learn all about the trains of Knotts Berry Farm.


“They go ‘Choo Choo!!!’, and if they don’t, then we fix ‘em”. Really? Tell us more.


“This is where we fix ‘em. Here’s some bits n parts.”




Oh No!!! Lady Bebe and Justin looked at the arc & went crazy!!!!


1 ½” NIPPLES!!! That’s hot.


The Bebes were soooo tired, and enjoyed the leisurely activities this morning.


But now, time to embark on our first bit of ERT. A spin on Jaguar, The Big Cat of Rollercoasters (NOT!).


How many hours of sleep did we get???


It was nearly time for the park to let the General Public in, so we headed toward Sierra Sidewinder.


The GP were there too. Just behind the rope. Ready to charge.


10:30AM. Go!!!!!!!


Of course, we beat the GP to Sierra Sidewinder. So did Austin and his special lady friend.


I guess Austin won’t be stroking his cock like Mr. Bebe is.


After a few rides, we headed toward lunch. We were one of the first people there.


ILoveRides, Hilary Duff, and Gertrude joined us for lunch.


Snoopy even came by and posed for a photo with Justin!!!


And Mr. Bebe!!!!


And Hilary Duff, too!!!!


Lady Bebe didn’t get a photo with Snoopy, though. She was in the bathroom (like usual).


After lunch, there were a bunch of games like this water balloon toss. Good luck Shawn Reece!!!


Justin tried to help Hilary out with a scavenger hunt, but she didn’t seem too grateful.




Still feeling the effects of WCB Day 1, the Charles Shulz Theater seemed like a great place for a nap. Take notes David, and tell us all about it when we wake up.


Is that POOP up there in the fountain????


Too Soon?


Justin LOVES Dippin Dots.


The park was quickly approaching closing time and we had a free photo on GhostRider to redeem.


Are we really gonna wait in this line with ERT coming up in just over an hour???


Nuttin’ Better to Do!!!


We saw Robb in line at the last second and asked him to ride with us. And lucky enough, we had our Robb masks in our pockets. Nice free pic, Knotts!!!!! Thanks!!!!!


ERT was upon us, but Hilary Duff decided to sit out because she wasn’t feeling so good.


Neither was Justin.


And soon, sadly, West Coast Bash 2010 was over and it was time to go home. We had a blast!!!! And thanks to Justin, David and Brittany (and Gertrude) for helping us stay awake!!!!!!!

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Based on the time, I'm guessing you chose the "Pot Room". So much more cleverness that I have yet to discover in all those pictures. Thank you Bebes for another awesome installment from some of my favorite TPR contributors.

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Yes, yes, yes!!! That was another amazing trip report. Go Bebes! I actually laughed out loud a bunch of times. Gertrude thanks you for getting a shot of her. She forgot her camera, so she's glad she has a picture now to remember the day.


My favorite photo was the Pink's manly pose photo, hilarious!


I also noticed you used some of my images. Next time I'll have to watermark them!


Keep up the great work Bebes.

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^^Nice Catch John!!! I was wondering if anyone would ever catch that. Yes, there are all kinds of little subtleties in or TR's. You should go back to the beginning and read them all over again!!!!


^Thx David!!!! I hope we can hang out again at this year's WCB. Although, The Bebes will likely only attend SFMM this year.


-Mr Bebe

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Is that POOP up there in the fountain????

Looks like a couple of logs to me


That was a hilarious report! So many funny captions, plus sweet backstage pictures! I too will guess that you favored the pot room over the glory hole (just typing that makes me giggle). Welcome back Bebes!


PS: What's up with the watermark comments? I seem to have missed the beginning of this inside joke on TPR.

EDIT: Never mind, found it. Thank you search box!

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