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Chuck's Busch Gardens Williamsburg Thread

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May 10, 2009--Bud and BBQ


First off, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. Did you remember to call your mother? If so, what exactly did you call her?


Mother's Day aside, last weekend was the first of two Bud and BBQ festivals at Euroburg. Being as we have no idea how long BGW will be a Busch park, this may be the last one. Who can say? So, I decided I should check out the BBQ action, if not the .38 Special concert (next weekend is the Oak Ridge Boys).


I hit the park around 3:00, and they were using the auxillary parking lots, which is usually a bad sign. But despite all the cars, the only ride with a fairly long line was the Big Bad Wolf--I guess a lot of people were there for the food and the show.


Think of Bud and BBQ as Busch's micro mini-version of the Epcot Wine and Food Festival. Everything (that is, three BBQ tents) is in Germany, and the concert is over where Drachen Fire used to be. It works like this: you can buy a "sampler" or a "platter" (includes beans, cornbread, and coleslaw) at each tent (one for sandwiches, ribs, or wings), or for $30 you can can sample something from each tent. (You're only allowed one entree and side dish per tent. It inlcudes three nonalcoholic beverages, too.) For $40, you can watch the concert from a "sky box" and enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of ribs, sandwiches, wings, and various desserts and sides (beer costs extra).


I decided to just try out the wings, because I've never had wings at Busch and they only offer them during this festival, I think.


Here's a quick look at Bud and BBQ. (You can get your BBQ fix next weekend, too--Oak Ridge Boys optional.)


One last look at Griffon from the England parking lot--thanks for reading.


Yes, we still have some of our official Anheuser Busch benches.


What? A two-train wait for Nessie's front seat? Works for me.




I hit Griffon's single-rider line on the way out, but the regular line was only 15 minutes.


I grabbed some Vanilla Bean Mousse at the Festhouse Kaffee for dessert--it was pretty good.


And here they are. The verdict: the Hot 'n' Spicy sauce was pretty good, as was the Roasted Garlic and Honey. The Mild was "meh." The beans and cornbread were surprisingly good, and a Bud Lime went pretty well with the meal. No threat to Buffalo Wild Wings, but decent. Cost with a season pass discount: $14.01.


I went for the sampler platter.


But I was interested in wings.


. . . and the rib prices.


Here's the rib tent . . .


OK, here's Heather. They were actually pretty good (a southern-rock cover band).


OK, I'm willing to bet that not one of you guys is named "Heather."


Here's what the sandwiches and drinks will set you back.


Bring on the grub! This is the sandwich tent.


OK, I'm not here for .38 Special.


As is this--Happy Index Updating!


This is for you, Larry.


"Torture, torture, it pleasures me!"


. . . the single-rider line was open again! (They haven't used this line for two years.)


Despite the good-sized crowd, Apollo's Chariot had no line at all--plus . . .


Yay! It's Daisy Day at BGW! I have no idea what this means--maybe free beer if your name is "Daisy"?

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Was there last October. I love this park. You mentioned the benches, are other AB things going away such as the Clyesdales. I think my daughter liked the horses as much as the coasters, every time we were close by, we had to stop. Last year I was able to use retired AB employee tickets, hopefully will get them again this year as well, but do not know if that will happen.


Great TR, like seeing and hearing about this beautiful park.

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Thanks for the update, Chuck. Man, Busch Gardens The Old Europe Williamsburg looks to be having an amazing year attendance-wise. Surely season pass sales had a healthy bump with the lowered prices (we got them for the first time ever despite living 4 hours to the north).


It's simple, really. Offer a good value with the season pass, and then include a nominal (but appreciated) discount on high quality grub (and not just overpriced mall chain food that has its price doubled to cover the concession split), and you've got both happy guests and a happy accounting dept.


With the nosedive Florida parks are taking this year, BGW may prove to be the system's shining star this year. This in spite of the most poorly designed/thought out new attraction since Gladiator's Gauntlet or Drachen Fire.

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^Let's say that it apparently has a single-rider line again. BG opened this line on AC a few years back, but two seasons ago, they closed it. (They even posted a sign in the queue saying that there was no more single-rider line.)


Not sure why it's back, but I hope it stays.

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Ohhhhh man...Bud and BBQ looks soooooooo good. I'd love to see what their ribs are like especially.


I've been to BGE before, but it was in 2004 before Griffon was added. I absolutely adored the place, and I'd love to go back. But it was such hell driving down there, especially going through DC.

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^Let's say that it apparently has a single-rider line again. BG opened this line on AC a few years back, but two seasons ago, they closed it. (They even posted a sign in the queue saying that there was no more single-rider line.)


Not sure why it's back, but I hope it stays.

I wonder if Alpengeist will be (re?)adding one anytime soon...

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Hmm--I have been rather remiss with this thread. It's been awhile since I've added anything, but what with getting ready for the Scandi trip and all . . .


I did visit BG on the Friday night following Scandi. So, here's a little interlude called "Reasons Why I Like Visiting BG on Friday Nights (Except for July 3, if It Happens to Fall on a Friday)."


An impromptu employee rave was going on as I left. Thanks for reading.


Reason #4: A two-train wait for the back row of Apollo's Chariot. (Reason #5 would've been a two-train wait for the front row of the Loch Ness Monster, but I didn't take a picture.)


Here's the concert lineup. So, my wayward son, if you see a woman who's built like a brickhouse, and that gets you to reminiscing about the days when you were hot blooded . . . sorry, can't think of any Loverboy tunes. (Might check out Kansas, though.)


. . . or Cousin Psycho Big Bad (complete with flashing red eyes and howling)?


. . . his Uncle Stoner Big Bad, . . .


It's BBW's 25th anniversay. Which plush member of the Big Bad family would you like: Darling Baby Big Bad, . . .


"Just a routine check, folks. Let's see--couple of dead birds, a dead raccoon, human arm . . . yeah, we're good to go."


Reason #3: A three-train wait for the Big Bad Wolf (front-row line was mobbed, though).


Not the "most intense B&M," but a good ride.


Reason #3: Just walk up the ramp to Alpengeist and wait one or two trains (more if you want the very front).


I think the woman on the far right is about to give birth.


Durn near looks like a TPR ERT session, doesn't it?


Reason #2: A five-minute wait for Griffon.


Boy, Busch has anniversaries out the wazoo this year--Water Country is 25 years old.


Objective achieved. This was actually the longest wait of the night, thanks to the large, clueless family ahead of me in line.




Short line + Lazy Chuck = take skyride. My objective?


Without a kid, you could be denied. Just a friendly reminder.


And speaking of Forest of Fun, here's a new sign. Would-be credit whores might want to take note.


Odd--wonder why they did that? You have to walk around the funnel-cake shop and up to the Forest of Fun to board the skyride now.


Hmm--here's something new since I left for Scandi. They've closed off this old path to the skyride.


Reason #1 of why I like Firday nights at BG: More people leaving than entering.

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^Hmm--I've let "all the good work" slip for too long, what with travel and work and all.


I did wander down to Busch this afternoon for a few hours. The park wasn't terribly busy when I got there around 1:00, but BBW was pulling a pretty big line, as it has ever since the fateful announcement. It's good to see so many people lining up for one last ride, and I give the park credit--they were running three trains and really kept Wolfie's line moving. But I've also heard from coworkers that the line has spilled out of the queue on on to the bridge toward Italy from time to time (usually on Saturday).


So, here's a look at BGW on a hot Sunday afternoon in August.


There, that's better. Do you hang drywall? That's all for tonight.


Er, dude?


Wait--it's just some painter on stilts?


Tonight, live, from Busch Gardens Williamsburg--Art Attack! Whistler's Mother meets Gainsborough's Blue Boy--in a STEEL CAGE! It's the war to settle the score! The Bash in the 'Burg!


Yep--pretty dang hot today. The Roman Rapids were mobbed, too.


Oh. He's over by his ride. Well, that makes sense.


OK, topiary Oscar the Grouch was here at media day. Where is he now? This is an outrage!


And there's always Howl-o-Scream to look forward to.


. . . but only until tomorrow to get a psychic reading.


Remember, you have until September 7 to ride the Wolf . . .


"Thank you for traveling at the Speed of Fright!"


. . . and end of its service life.


It is nice to see so many people lining up to celebrate BBW's 25th anniversary . . .


Well, just a few more weeks left.


From the facial expressions here, I'd say that the sloth just broke wind--or worse.


Hey, chicks dig the lederhosen.


Excuse me, but the "designated smoking area" is over by the restrooms. Please take you enormous pipes there. Thank you.

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Always a pleasure to see Busch Gardens. Thanks Chuck!


Tonight, live, from Busch Gardens Williamsburg--Art Attack! Whistler's Mother meets Gainsborough's Blue Boy--in a STEEL CAGE! It's the war to settle the score! The Bash in the 'Burg!

Awesome! If either tag teams with The Shock Master, I'm so there.

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that guy is good. He did the godfather painting when i was there earlier this year.



Yes, the guy does have talent, but it's just such as odd act. Quite a few people stopped to watch and had these hilarious "WTF" looks on their faces. Still, I'm glad that BGW is trying some different stuff, in addition to the usual Italian folk and pop music.


^Yes, the Shock Master makes anything better.

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The Trapper's Smokehouse in New France is quite popular, but I've found it to be a bit hit-or-miss the last few seasons. The cannelloni in the Italian restaurant in San Marco is pretty good (and you can watch Art Attack).


If you're into corn dogs, get them from Pigs in a Kilt (they fry them up fresh when you order).

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But I've also heard from coworkers that the line has spilled out of the queue on on to the bridge toward Italy from time to time (usually on Saturday).


That's bad news, I was going this Saturday to try to get the last ride in. I may try to push it to Sunday.

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