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The Brochure/Map Trade Topic

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Order form for Missouri park brochures... WOF should be on the next page.



Order form for Texas park brochures


Again, I read nothing about shipping and handling, so I'm guessing its free, but I'm not really sure...


I just PMed a few people with offers and I'm still waiting for the donation...

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For me, it's hard to believe that your parents are destroying your collection. Are you sure that they really are? Or do you just want us to give you some brochures?

But if they are, then they have some serious issues and maybe you should start collecting something else that doesn't go to waste since most of them get destroyed anyways.



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He could just find some some doubles and tear one up and take a picture of it.


I'm sorry if I sound suspicious, but why would, out of everything, your parents just go tear up your brochures? Maybe you bug them so much asking them to take you to theme parks?

I'll gladly get you some brochures and send them to you for free, but not because I feel bad that your parents are tearing them up, just because I understand you collect them.



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For me, it's hard to believe that your parents are destroying your collection.


But if they are, then they have some serious issues --James


I'm not so sure it is the parents who have serious issues.


Didn't this kid already state that his parents are doing this because he is a poor student?

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1. If you feel bad for me because my parents tore up my brochures and you want to donate, please feel free.


2. If you don't feel bad and you're willing to donate anyway, GREAT!


3. If you feel bad (or not) and you're willing to trade with me. Excellent.


4. If you don't believe the story and you don't want to donate or trade, then don't. I'm not stopping you...


As long as I get new brochures/maps that I don't have (or that I lost before) I'll be fine. I love collecting maps/brochures. I've done it since I was really young and I don't really wanna stop now. Even if my parents are anti-brochure...


PS: I wouldn't be asking people to donate brochures that I already have.


Not pictured

2006 BGT

2004 SWO


EDIT: Note, I did state that my parents have been doing this since before I started school (which was quite a few years ago).


These are some of the brochures/maps I need...


And just for the record, I DON'T live in Omaha...


Wanna trade?


The PCW ones are already reserved.


You can still reserve your spot for the Centre Island one... The Terminator and Sea World ones are not for offer because they belong to my sister.


What's left of my collection


WDW 2005


CP Getaway Guide


Universal Orlando 2006


I tried to fix this one with tape, but I ran out...


Cypress Gardens

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I see my maps and brochures I traded you! But you need more BGE maps if you want to trade.


I think I have a Cypress Gardens one but I only have 1.


I wouldn't think you would rip them up to show us, because that is a lot that you would have ripped up.


But for now, I keep mine safely stored and organized.

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I just picked up a few more BGW brochures today at the outlet mall... I'm gonna try to head down to BGW on Monday if it's not too hot and pick up some maps if anybody's interested.


So far my collection stands at...


2009 BGW x 12

2008 Ocean Breeze Waterpark x1



2009 BGW Event Schedule x1


EDIT: I've been considering asking parks to send me their 2009 brochures/maps. Do I have to pay for shipping and handling? I checked their websites and nothing was mentioned and I'm unable to pay for S&H at the time...

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Cedar Point: 2006, 2008

Kings Island 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008

Geauga Lake (any year before 2007)



I can trade:


- Gardaland 2005 x1

- Gardaland 2006 x1

- Gardaland 2008 x2

- Alton Towers 2008 x3

- Thorpe Park 2008 x1

- Parque Worner Madrid 2006 x1 (they don't update park maps)

- Attracciones Madrid 2008 x1

- Holiday World 2007 x1

- Beech Bend 2007 x1 (best map ever!)

- Kennywood 2007 x1

- SF Kentucky Kingdom BIG (poster size) x2


LOTS OF Mirabilandia and Europa Park 2009!!!


Let me know if you are interested!

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I finally got something other than SFGAm maps. I have a bunch of Cedar Point 2009 brochures, Hersheypark 2009 brochures, and 1 Kalahari brochure. The only thing I really want is 2008 Cedar Point map but i'm up for anything. If you want, I can even send out doubles if you give me 2 maps/brochures in return. PM me if you want something.

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Hello everyone...


I'm currently overloaded with BGW 2009 brochures and would like to trade. I'm also willing to donate some if anyone needs to get their collection running.


Aside from the brochures I really need (click the third link in my sig to find out), I'm really interested in...


2000 Cedar Point brochure/map

2009 Universal Orlando/Islands of Adventure brochure/map

2009 Sea World Orlando brochure/map

2007 Cedar Point brochure

2001 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure/map

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