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The Brochure/Map Trade Topic

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Are you headed to Doswell VA within the next month? I have three $15 off Admission KD passes that I will be willing to trade for any old or new maps/brochures. Good for up to 6 people, the pases expire (I think) June 28th. I'll give the exact expiration date later.



2009 BGW x6

2008 Ocean Breeze Waterpark x2



2009 BGW Event brochure x1

2009 BGW Adults at Kids Price coupons expires June 14th x3


Reserve your spot for...

1997-1998 PCW Top Gun postcard

1997-1998 PCW Wonder Mountain postcard

1997-1998 Toronto Centre Island postcard

1999-2000 NY NY Postcard

Jan 1988 DL Space Mountain photograph

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I'm gonna be taking a short break from trading. I'm starting to run low on envelopes and stamps and I'm gonna be busy for the rest of the summer. On top of that, my anti-brochure parents are really pissed that I'm collecting brochures and will proceed to take and tear up any brochures that I recieve. They even managed to get ahold of a recent trade of mine and tear up everything.


I'm gonna wait until my parents mellow out before trading again. Any offers that I have right now will continue though. During this time I'll try to protect the brochures I still have from the wrath of my parents.


Everyone can still reserve a spot for the postcards, but I'm gonna take everything else off the table for now...

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They are pissed you are collecting brochures???? WTF!


There are worse things out there to be collecting....geez.


Take care,


(who must be lucky to have parents that also collect brochures and trade back and forth with them)

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^ Funny thing is, my parents actually got me started collecting brochures at an early age, but as I grew older, my parents take my brochures and tear them up when I misbehaved, etc.


It eventually grew to, every time I collected brochures, and my parents found them, they would tear them up and throw them away.


Then they got really pissed off when they found out I was trading brochures, claiming it was a waste of money for the other person because it costs money for stamps.


My dad claims that collecting brochures is cutting into my schoolwork and bringing my grades down, but I guess he forgot that I've been collecting them (and losing them) ever since I was 2. He then went on to say that if I get an A in both my summer classes, he will attempt to get me as many brochures as I want. I hope he keeps his word but he has a tendency to back down on his word all the time.


I've managed to salvage what's left of the current pile of ripped up brochures and I'm gonna try to tape whatever I can back together again.

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Omg, if your parents would come over to my room...they would go gorilla on me. I have brochures hung on my door stacked all over my room. ( I have about 600 maps/brochures) I would never want them to come over...


My mom honestly is happy I have a hobby because I do nothing else...

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^ I've always wondered how you manage to get so many trades? I'm lucky to get two trades a month let alone enough trades to fill my room with 600+ brochures/maps..


This is what I lost...



2006 BGT - Torn beyond repair

2005 WDW - Heavily damaged, might be able to fix, but unsure

2004 SWO - Damaged beyond repair

2005 USO/IOA - Heavily damaged, might be able to fix, but unsure

2006 Cypress Gardens - Heavily damaged, possibly unable to fix


2006 WOF - Tried repairing, but missing some pieces


2006 CP Getaway Guide - Heavily damaged possibly beyond repair

2005 Florida Roadmap w/ Universal Orlando - Heavily damaged, might be able to fix

2006 BGT SheiKra promotion - Slightly damaged, easy fix (if I can find the missing piece)


If you're really willing to donate some of your brochures/maps please respond to this message or PM me... I would greatly appreciate it. I won't be putting anything up for trade for the time being.

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My dad thinks I'm nuts, my mom though thinks it is cool that I collect brochures. I have most of them in one place.


1.) A shoe box full of maybe 200

2.) A suite case with maybe 300

3.) A binder with maybe about 50

4.) Another extra binder with maybe 80

5.) Many just scattered around my floor and house = 40


That is what 8 to 9 years of hard core collecting does to your room. I cannot imagine if they where all over the place.


ANYWAYS, I'll be heading up to Heide Park next week, if anyone wants a park map for free, please just ask and I'll be happy to get one for you.



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^^^ You wouldn't happen to have any of the brochures I lost and are willing to donate, do you? I'd love to have some Heide Park brochures and maps, but my parents are still a little pissed off because I'm collecting brochures. Unfortunately, I won't be able to trade until they cool down...


If the Mirabilandia post was aimed at me, I would love some, but I won't be able to exchange anything for now. If not, please disregard...


PS: If you're gonna trade with me in the future....


1. Try not to use oversized, fancy envelopes unless it is absolutely neccessary because they attract my parent's attention. Regular envelopes will do just fine.


2. There's a postage calculator online that you can use if you're unsure about postage. Try not to overuse stamps because the more stamps, you use, the angrier my parents get.



3. I probably won't be doing many midweek trades because when everything arrives on Saturdays, there's a higher chance that my parents will find out.


4. Please PM me when you send/receive the brochures/maps. That way I can keep track of the trade.


Again, if anybody's willing to donate, I would greatly accept it...

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They're still in my collection. My parents ripped up the brochures I received in a trade on Saturday. All the brochures I received before that are safe and sound, including the SFGAm maps and the brochure...

I am sorry if the trade we did caused a problem because I use big envelopes.


Amazing to think they get pissed about grades and choose to go after maps. I guess they would be happier if you were on crack mugging people?

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^ My dad DID get mad over our trade, but luckily those brochures are safe with the other ones.


And there are worse things I could be collecting, but my guess is that I've been collecting brochures for so long, that it makes my parents mad when I collect them anywhere I go. They think its a waste of money for the business that prints them, despite being free.


My parents often ask me to give them any brochures I collect on trips and then throw them away later. And normally I manage to hide them before they can do anything about it.



But nobody's willing to donate their brochures? Oh well...


These are the brochures I need in case somebody's interested...


2005 WDW

2004 SWO

2005 USO/IOA

2006 BGT

2006 Cypress Gardens



2006 WOF



2006 CP Getaway Guide

2005 Florida Roadmap w/ Universal Orlando

2006 BGT SheiKra promotion


If you want to donate, please PM me or reply to this post.

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When I got my TPR hoodie, Robb also sent me some cool park maps from a bunch of their trips (thanks Robb!) A small start to a collection, but it's a start nonetheless. I didn't pick up a park map from my trip to Cedar Point last year. Anyone willing to trade a 2008 Cedar Point map for a 2009 Six Flags Great America one?

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^ OMG! I'm really tempted to start trading again just for that offer.


I have an extra SFGAm 2009 map that I got earlier thanks to Jerry.




- Dan "Sorry Jerry, I just need some more brochures" - Nguyen

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^ Jerry has a whole stack of SFGAm maps/brochures that he's been trading to just about everybody who collects maps/brochures in this topic (and on Coaster-Net) so it would be extremely difficult to trade out any SFGAm maps/brochures from 2009 here...


Do you live close to the Dells? Can you get brochures/maps for any of the local hotel/waterparks, regular waterparks (Noah's Ark), Timber Falls, and Mount Olympus?


If so, I would be glad to step out of my trading hiatus to help you increase your brochure/map collection. I have a bunch of BGW 2009 brochures, 2 Ocean Breeze Waterpark brochures, and a BGW 2009 event calendar brochure that I'll be willing to offer you. I also have some coupons that I'll offer just in case you head down to Virginia within the next few weeks.


My collection isn't that big because of my anti-brochure parents, but I'll be glad to increse yours (and mine) if you're interested...

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I live closer to SFGAm so those are the primary maps that I will be offering to anyone who wants one. I'll probably be going to the Dells sometime during the summer so i'll be sure to pick up a bunch of extra maps for everyone along with other parks I visit this year. I don't think i'm going to Virginia anytime soon, but thanks for the offer.


With that said, i'll trade my SFGAm 2009 maps for anything else.

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Its gonna be difficult to trade any 08/09 SFGAm maps/brochures since a ton of people are putting them up for trade.


Are there any Wisconsin Welcome Centers near your house that you can stop by? Could you stop by one on any trips to SFGAm and pick up some brochures?


Dan - Need some brochures!!

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