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The Brochure/Map Trade Topic

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I'm in the process of cleaning out the coaster closet and am selling all park maps that are unique, keychains, and patches rather than tossing everything. I'd like to see everything end up with people who will enjoy these items rather than throw them away, since I no longer have the room. I'm not going to spam Robb and Elisa's site with links to ebay pages, but I wanted to spread the word that I am selling items. You can do ebay searches for maps, keychains, and patches to find most of my items or just PM me if there is something specific that you are looking for that I may not have posted on ebay yet. I literally have rubbermaids full of park maps and other merchandise that I will be selling over the next two months.


Short sampling of maps:

-Geauga Lake closing year map

-mid 90's Disney maps

-Pretty much any midwest park from 2007-2009

-A lot of SFGAM maps

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I'm a big collector of the Disneyland Resort guide maps. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a TON of the recent stuff to trade. I'm mainly looking for maps from the 1994-2002 range when they did the weekly guide maps.


I'm into it so much, I made a blog for Disneyland Resort guide map collectors. I don't make any money off it, just looking to connect to other collectors.


Check it out:


You can see mostly all the covers from opening until now and I'm working on getting scans of the insides uploaded as well.


Here are a list of the maps I'm missing:



I'm also looking for Six Flags Magic Mountain maps from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Have a bunch of their recent ones for trade as well.

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Hey! I'm not entirely sure what exactly the acceptable time is before it's a bump, or if there's a newer thread for this, so I'm sorry in advance. Ivery been trying to expand my collection for a while now. I have normal and chirstmas candylane maps for hersheypark going back to '08 and a few other assorted ones. If you have literally any map that you want to trade, pm me! Thanks!

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