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The Brochure/Map Trade Topic

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This topic doesn't seem to have the same activity it used to, but I know there are still collectors out there. I have been cleaning out my closet this weekend, listing a bunch of my amusement park collection on ebay since I'm not really into parks and coasters these days and I could use the storage space current occupied. However, in the case of maps, I don't really feel its appropriate to sell them since they are mostly free of charge (and heck I didn't even pick up all of them myself). I have parks from all over the US, Europe, and even some from Asia that Robb and Elissa generously hooked me up with back in the day. I'd reckon there are easily 100+ parks represented, some with multiple "vintages", if you will. There are lots of multiples, so you could further trade those for even more maps. I just want to clean out my house and will ship these within the lower 48 for free.


I think I posted this before, but only got interest from 13 year olds, whom I don't feel comfortable asking for personal information from, so 18+ please. Preference will be given to those I personally know, and if there is enough interest I may just split up the lot and mail to a couple people. Just shoot me a message




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Hello everyone,


I have some brochures and park maps to trade.

park county year

Dinosaurier park Germany 2013

Disneyland Paris France 2007

Disneyland Paris France 2012

Dreamworld Australia unknown

Legoland Windsor England 2005

Movie land- Italy 2009

caneva world

Paultons park England 2008

Potts freizeit park Germany 2013

Rasti land Germany 2013

Wicksteed park England 2008

Zoo safaripark- Germany 2013


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Sorry for a slightly off-topic post... I could never figure out what to do with all the park maps and brochures that I picked up. I ended up making a divider wall in my 'theme park-themed man cave' and I use Mod Podge to adhere them to the wood. I am currently working on covering the TV stand in the foreground with maps and brochures with places we've been.



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Hello everyone,


I've updated my list of tradable park maps.


If anyone is interested contact me about the maps that you would like to have.

The only thing with me is that if someone would like to trade maps is that those folders need to be sent to the Netherlands.

I dont have any problem of sending things to the USA or somewhere else.


Roy Leinenga

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Glad to see this topic revived!


Here is my current want list:

  • 2005 Knott's Haunt map
    Universal HHN map from any year prior to 2011
    Universal Studios Hollywood map with Creature From the Black Lagoon
    Universal Studios Hollywood map from any year prior to 2011
    Disneyland Park map from 2007 with Finding Nemo on cover
    SFMM Fright Fest map from 2012
    SFMM Fright Fest map from any year prior to 2009


As for my tradables, I'll try to put together a list this weekend, but off hand I know I have extra Disneyland Resort maps and times guides from almost every year since 2000, including a few special events like:

  • Pirates 4 premiere (map + guide)
    One More Disney Day (note that only the guide was printed special for this event, but I will include a park map as well)
    Monsterous Summer (again, only the guide was special for this event, so don't expect the map to look different from the regular one!).


I also have Knott's maps from almost every year since 2002, including a few extra maps from 2011 (featuring the soon-to-be-removed Windseeker on the front), extra Universal Studios Hollywood maps from 2011-2013 (including HHN maps!), Six Flags maps (SFMM, SFOT, and possible SFFT), and SeaWorld San Diego maps from 2008, 2012, and 2013.


This is stretching a bit from maps, but I also have extras of every single issue of The Buena Vista Bugle (the newspaper-style newsletter from Disney California Adventure)!


If you are looking for anything in particular from me, just ask! If you can't tell already, almost all of my extras are from SoCal parks. Sadly I can't really help much with destinations outside of SoCal (unless you're a fan of one of the few "tourist destinations" in Arizona...). But I will try to have my list of traders (hopefully with pictures!) up sometime over the weekend!

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Okay, so it only took me 3 weeks, but I finally got my list up. I actually don't have a whole lot of older stuff like I thought I did (and it's been traded already), but I do have a quite a few different maps available from the SoCal parks from over the past couple of years.


I just got maps from this year's Haunt (Knott's Scary Farm) and USH HHN (featuring the now-cancelled Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure).


Take a look at what I have here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuBVggYaFgNkdF9aUTg0bUczcFYtNFpQSTBEd0pmTnc#gid=0



PM or email me if you're interested in anything, and I'll try to respond ASAP. My want list is also on that document, and I'd really appreciate it if you were able to trade me something from my want list! I may even throw in an extra map or two for you if you can do it!

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Bump. With the Christmas season in full swing, why not bring this thread back from the dead?



x1 Six Flags Great America map

x1 Six Flags St. Louis map

x1 Six Flags Over Texas map

x7 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure

x4 La Ronde brochure

x1 Cedar Point map

x1 Camelbeach brochure

x1 Knoebel's brochure

x1 Knoebel's map

x2 Hersheypark map

x6 Hersheypark brochure

x4 Great Escape brochure

x1 Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival map

x5 Busch Gardens Williamsburg map (regular season)

x3 BGW Howl O Scream map

x5 BGW Christmas Town map

x1 Sea World San Antonio map

x1 Kennywood map

x1 Waldameer map



x3 Cedar Point brochure

x5 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure

x2 Splish Splash Long Island brochure

x1 Six Flags Great America map

x1 KIngs Dominion map

x6 Busch Gardens Williamsburg map

x2 BGW summer map

x2 Busch Gardens Tampa map

x1 LEGOLAND Billund brochure (make me an offer)



x6 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure

x2 Busch Gardens Williamsburg map (summer)



x1 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure (make me an offer)


You know the drill. PM me if you're interested in anything. I have a few random BGW press releases around if you're interested in that stuff too.


Stuff I'm looking for

Anything LEGOLAND Malaysia

2013 California's Great America brochure/map

2012 Thorpe Park brochure/map

Anything I don't have

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Not to take this thread off topic, but I have some SFDK merchandise I'd like to give away. The first item is from SFDK's Superman Ultimate Flight media day. It's a backpack, comic book, cape, and cup. The second set is from Sky Screamer's media day. It's just a hat and Skyscreamer bag. I'd be willing to ship them if someone pays postage or meetup if someone is in San Francisco.





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^ I would love to claim this if no one has claimed it yet, It would be great to nab some of these.


Someone else PMed me before you posted. I'll let you know if they end up not wanting them.


Well at least I tried! Glad your were able to find a buyer.

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