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  1. Hey guys I'm going to great adventure some time this year for the first time. I'll be going for 3 days. When would you guys recommend to go? What rides develop longer lines then others? Is flash lane worth it? And is there any good resturants near the park?
  2. Lol I have some weird rollercoaster dreams. 1. I sometimes I have dreams that I have these like roller skates that hook on rollercoasters, lol in my dreams I rode mean streak and millennium with just roller skates. Kinda weird. 2. Just a few nights ago I had a dream were a random dude followed me around the park, riding each ride with me then on some ride he pushed me out of the ride. I know I have more but I can't remember them!
  3. Shoot the rapids rarely has a line, and gatekeeper does still rattle. I don't think it takes away from the ride but when you first ride gatekeeper ride in the back, it changed my whole opinion about gatekeeper. My favorite seat is back left, try it out! Have fun!
  4. You think it will be crowded then? Is it worth a fast lane pass??
  5. I'm going to kings dominion next Friday. I want to ride everything to make sure I do what do you guys recommended that have been to the park to go on first and so on??
  6. Anyone know if dragster is running yet? If not when do you think its going to be up?
  7. Right now I'm playing Dead Rising 3 on Xbox one, Mario Kart 8 on Wii u and a terrible game called Aliens vs Predator on 360
  8. Question.. What rides have a on ride photo? And where is each camera located at? I'm going to Kings Dominion for the first time in June and wanted to get some on ride photos.
  9. Yeah go to the back of the park first and ride maverick... Later in the day mavericks line gets long and i would get millennium out of the way earlier in the morning too since most of crowds will be at gatekeeper.. Make your way to the front at like 1-2 if you want shorter lines up front..... Btw if its your first time riding gatekeeper ride it in the back left.... Its the best experience on that ride...hopefully everything is working and also get dragster out of the way quick too since it tends to brake down a ton for wind or mechanical promblems.
  10. For me its.... NEW 1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2. Kings Dominion 3. Hershey Park 4. Dorney Park REVISITING 5. Cedar Point 6. Kings Island POSSIBILITY 7. Holiday World 8. Six Flags Great America
  11. For me its 1. Mantas Pretzel loop 2. Afterburns batwing 3. Millennium Forces over banked turn, I always Grey out!
  12. Hey guys I was just wondering when Skyhawk will be up and what even happened to it! It hasn't ran the whole year??
  13. Oh wow thanks.... Wasn't expecting that. I live right by CP so I normally think every place has long lines.....
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