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The Brochure/Map Trade Topic

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You can see why I traded alot away...


I got a lot of my maps from road trips since 2001. I always went to theme parks and somehow in 1st grade, I grabbed one from St. Louis, then the next year in 2002, I grabbed some from SFMM and six flags marine world and it just grew and grew. And this year, I am going to 14 theme parks on the east coast and my collection will probably double...my 8th year of collecting maps/brochures...

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^ I wish my parents would let me keep all my maps/brochures. If they hadn't thrown any of them away, I'd have tons of brochures/maps dating back to 1992.


Now all I have is a Space Mountain picture from 1988, a DL's 40th toy from 1995, some postcards from 1997-1998, and about 14 brochures that I've gotten in trades.(1999-2009)

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^ You wouldn't happen to want to donate some of those would you?


I have about six envelopes left so I can do about six more trades before quitting. I'm thinking about delaying my trade hiatus because of all these awesome offers going around...


Dan - The moment I stop trading is the moment everybody puts up offers. There's gotta be something wrong about that - Nguyen

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I agree, would you be willing to part with a couple of those?


If you would like to trade, just PM me. I trade for just about anything theme park related.


Heck, at Coaster mania i bought 37 pins. They were selling them 2 for $1. Amazingly, they had pins from Knotts, Worlds of Fun, Dorney and Valleyfair. Only CP coaster not to have one was Maverick, yet the ride has a patch.

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I'm preparing to move soon and have been cleaning my house a good bit. I have a collection of a few hundred maps obtained over the years and would love to send the whole lot to someone who will appreciate them. I'm not looking for anything in return. The maps are from all across the world, some are duplicates (so you could trade to other map nerds) and some have multiple "vintages". There are collector type maps in there as well, like the big souvenir maps Six Flags gave out in 06. I'd prefer to keep these in America just because it will have to be fedex'd in a decent sized box, unless you want to paypal me for the international shipping.


Just send me a message if you're interested.


disclaimer: I'm not sending these to some 14 year old kid who's parents doesn't want him or her sharing their name/address with strangers over the internet. Listen to your parents, kids

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^Trust me. I have done many trades before and my mom encourages me too. Who do you think supplies me with stamps? Haha.


I sent you the PM. I would appreciate it very much and don't worry, I take care of my maps very well. I never leave them lying around the house. I have a special place in my room just for them.


And since I am moving to a bigger house, (bigger room) I could fill it up with more maps. Thanks you soo much, unless you already sending them to someone else.




PS I will even pay for shipping cost if you wanted to.

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Thanks for the responses, I'm sending them out on a first come first serve basis. I know someone asked me to split them up, but I'm sorry, that's just anti-productive to what I'm trying to achieve. However, if yall want to trade them among each other, that wouldn't bother me a bit

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1. I just PMed a bunch of people. Please reply...


- Three people have reserved their spots for the PCW postcards as of today. I'm still looking for one person to make their offer on them... If you're interested in the PCW Wonder Mountain postcard and/or the PCW Top Gun postcard, you'll have to wait behind three other people.


- I'm still looking for donations for the brochures I lost on Monday. Does anybody have extras they're willing to give up for a cause?


- I've really reconsidered this hiatus and I'll probably push it back because so many people are making offers right now. I have enough envelopes for six trades.


I have...


2009 BGW x6

2008 Ocean Breeze Waterpark x2



2009 BGW Event x1


Reserve your spot...

1997-1998 PCW Wonder Mountain postcard**

1997-1998 PCW Top Gun postcard***

1997-1998 Toronto's Centre Island postcard*

1999-2000 New York New York postcard

Jan 1988 Space Mountain picture


* = number of already reserved spots...

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Hey guys,


I've updated my list in the first post again. I've been getting a few more brochures and maps to trade, and of course I'm always interested in ones that I might now have for my collection and ParkBrochures.com.


Send me a PM if you're interested in trading!



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I am sorry that I ruined your trading business^

I had to give off my maps somehow....


Is anyone interested in Liseberg or Grona Lund maps? I am going to those parks in 2 weeks so maybe you guys want some. Claim them now so I know how many to take. Private messaging is the best way but on here is fine.


I think I have a CP 2008 map on my stack here somewhere....

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Heres mine again


Lake Winnepesaukah 2009 Brochure

King's island 2009 Brochure

World's of Fun 2009 Brochure

Dollywood 2009 Brochure

Dollywood 2009 Festival of Nations Brochure

Six Flags Over Georgia 2009 Brochure

Six Flags Over Georgia 2008 Brochure

Six Flags Over Georgia 2009 Park Maps (x10)

Six Flags Over Georgia 2008 park Map

Six Flags Over Georgia 2009 Show Guide

Disney Paris Guide and Map 2008

Universal Orlando 2008 park maps and Guide

Ghost Town in the Sky 2009 Brochures (x40)

Knoebels 2005 Map

Knoebels 2008 Map

King's Dominion 2009 Brochure (x20)

Parque Espana Guide Map

Holiday World 2009 Brochure

Martins Fantasy Island 2008 Map

Six Flags Great Adventure 2009 Brochure

Waldameer 2009 Brochure (x2)

Busch Gardens Africa 2008 Map

Parc D' Attractions 2008 Map

Idlewild 2008 Map

Darien Lake 2008 Entertainment Guide

Cedar Point 2009 Guide

Adventureland 2005 Map

Six Flags Great America Maps 2009 (x2)

Six Flags Great America Maps 2008 (x2)

Six Flags St. Louis 2009

Six Flags St. Louis 2008 (x2)

Daily Planet News Paper (Six Flags)

Six Flags Great America Maps 2008 (x2)

Six Flags St. Louis 2009

Six Flags St. Louis 2008 (x2)

Kings Island 2009 Maps (x20)

Knoebels 2009 Brochure "Very Nice like a comic Book" (x40)

Knoebels 2009 Maps (x40)

Knoebels 2008 Maps (x40)

Hershey 2009 Brochures (x40)

Hershey 2009 Maps (x20)

Dutch Wonderland 2009 Brochures (x20)

Knoebels Campground 2009 Brochure





Kings Island 2009 Maps (x20)

Knoebels 2009 Brochure "Very Nice like a comic Book" (x40)

Knoebels 2009 Maps (x40)

Knoebels 2008 Maps (x40)

Hershey 2009 Brochures (x40)

Hershey 2009 Maps (x20)

Dutch Wonderland 2009 Brochures (x20)

Knoebels Campground 2009 Brochure



Coming Soon


Silver Dollar City Maps /Brochures

Worlds Of Fun Maps/ Brochures

Six Flags St. Louis Maps/Brochures

Holiday World Maps/Brochures

Indiana Beach Items

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This thread deserves a bump right now.


I haven't been able to make many trades recently, so I decided to try my hand at requesting brochures from parks. I've tried searching through websites for major parks as well as third party brochure distributers, but I haven't had much luck in finding many parks that have request for brochure/map forms. So far, I've been able to find request forms for...


Cedar Point



Worlds of Fun



Oakwood (I'm not sure if Oakwood will ship internatioally)



Dorney Park



Hersheypark (I'm not 100% sure if this is specifically for HP brochures or if it's for Hershey in general)



Holiday World (You have to physically email them in order to make a request)



I'm not very sure if the parks are willing to pay for shipping/handling, but I found no info regarding that.


So if anybody's having trouble trading brochures and would like to request them instead, use some of the forms I managed to dig up.

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Finally decided to join this thread. I've been collecting brochures for years from every park I go to, but its really not that big a collection yet. Anyways...


Old brochures and such:

Holiday World 2008 Park Map & Show Guide

Dorney Park 2008 Fun Guide

Monsoon Lagoon Water Park and Family Fun Center 2007 brochure

Lochness Monster Post Card

Six Flags over Georgia 2008 Brochure

Cedar Point 2008 Brochure

Cedar Point 2003 Guide & Map to Fun

Kings Island 2007 Brochure

Carowinds 2007 Brochure

Six Flags Great America 2007 Park Map & Guide

Dollywood 2008 Brochure

Hershey Park 2005 Welcome Guide & Map

Islands of Adventure (unknown year) Adventure Guide (worn out but still in one piece)

Holiday World 2008 Park Map & Guide

Six Flags America 2007 Park Map & Guide

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom 2004 Park Map & Guide

Paramount's Kings Island 2006 Park Map & Guide

Cedar Point 2007 Brochure

Mt. Olympus 2006 Park Map & Guide

Big Chief Karts & Coasters (Year they got the kiddie rides) Park Map & Guide (drew in estimated Hades layout, and added it and Dive to Atlantis to attraction list)

Kennywood 2008 Park Map & Guide

Noah's Ark 2006 Park Map & Guide

Six Flags over Georgia 2007 Brochure

Busch Gardens Europe/ Water Country USA 2007 Park Map & Guide

Apollo's Chariot Postcard

Alpengeist Postcard


This years' Brochures I can easily get (aka parks I normally visit):

Kings Island

Coney Island Ohio (can also get 2008 brochures, since I found a pile of them in the ticket booth)

Cedar Point

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Holiday World

Indiana Beach


As for what I want, its pretty much whatever I can get, but I'd LOVE to get things from Knoebels, since it's my favorite park.

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^ Just PMed you...


Anyway, somebody decided to donate some of their brochures to me last week but they still haven't arrived yet. I PMed them a while ago, but that person hasn't logged on to TPR since Friday.



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