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Custom models of Sheikra, TTD, Insane and now Manta!

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Boulder, Colorado. (September 18, 2009) – The most exciting model to ever be built in Jordan’s marvelous collection shall be constructed this winter debuting in summer 2010. It will be themed to the famed Riddler of the Batman series.


Riddler’s Revenge will be the second B&M constructed by Mr. Jordan and will be his most intricate, accurate and realistic model to date. Standing roughly 15 inches tall and being nearly 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, it will have a footprint of nearly 1/3 of his room!


“Riddler’s Revenge will be the most costly investment in park history being constructed with a new material turned on to me by a gentlemen named mcjaco. You will have to see it to believe it!” stated park owner Jordan Darrington.


This model is of the famed stand up coaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain. This coaster is one of Jordan’s personal favorites and should be motivation to represent it perfectly. Those who cannot wait to see this coaster are welcome to check back in the spring! Exclusive pictures, videos and ride progress can be found on themeparkreview.com in the games forum. represent!


Bolliger and Mabillard of Switzerland are renowned as industry leaders in roller coaster development and have designed the real coaster in 1998 and are known for glass smooth coasters and thrilling layouts.


Jordan Darrington, 19, is a coaster modeler that has too much free time on his hands and since he cannot own a real coaster (for now) will have to tolerate with scale models for the time being. Key word, for now. “Enjoy this project as much as I will!” says the man himself!



So please, enjoy with me this project as it is my most ambitiuos project to date. I cannot wait to start working with styrene as I believe it is going to make a miraculously accurate model! I will post pictures as soon as there is something to report on, since I just ordered over a hundred bucks worth of plastic today. I am looking forward to these comments, they are the best.


"Are those OTSR's? Oh man, this ride is going to suck! I hate OTSR's! I can't believe they are building this brand new, super cool, bound-to-be awesome coaster with OTSRs. I was going to go to this park, but those OTSRs made me hate the world. I am not going there next year!"


"Are the rings up yet?


Haha, I had to poke a little fun here. Sweet! I can't wait to start.


Look at that concept art! Woah! Wait, is the mavericks heartline roll I see?

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people say I'm obsessed since I play RCT2. Crazy press release man. Wonder what reputation this gives to you CU kids in Boulder? Who knows, maybe someday when they finally pave SFMM, you can own the real ride at your park.


You are obsessed with RCT2, don't kid yourself Sam. And I don't think many kids know about me at CU, I mean besides my friends and my residents (I force it on them). It would be pretty rad though to own the real one. I have to say the first thing I would do is climb all over it since it has the ladders on the spine of the track (my model will not have those, I don't care about detail that much.


Coasterlovernc-I only let myself work on it during the weekends or when I have a really slow week. I get in swings where if I am working on it, I will stay up all night doing it, and I can't let myself get in those swings during the school week due to classes. I really wanted to do an invert and I probably will in the future, but Riddler has always been a favorite of mine.


Atem- I can PM you my address, you can't have Riddler without Ecuador by Sash! playing. If you did you would tear the space time continuum. Thanks for the funds!




Just a small update. I had to scale the size of the board down by 10%, so not that noticeable but still slightly smaller. This is due to the parts I will be using and the overall difficulty of B&M track. I had to buy solid pieces of square plastic instead of tube squares, and the solid's only came so big. It'll still look awesome, and be way more manageable for my room. All in all, I spent $100 on plastic alone, and I still need the heat gun to melt the pieces into their shapes. I still want to thank mcjaco for turning me on to styrene, the stuff is awesome. But I really want to shout out to Evergreen Scale Models and their cooperation with me whilst I tried to find the rights parts. They helped me none stop with finding parts and even sending samples and testing melting the pieces for me. If you aspire to build coasters, go with them!


So parts are in the mail, should be here some time next week. Then its update season. Thanks for reading.



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TPR- I owe everyone an apology for playing mind games with you the past couple months. Yes it is true I originally wanted to do an invert after completing Insane. And then I went to FMP and wanted to do Time Machine since I really enjoyed the coaster and it was a reasonable size. Then due to lack of information about the coaster I went with another one that is deep to me in Riddlers Revenge. Riddler really did get traced out on my board and was ready for execution but yet another thing happened. I feel in love with Manta and literally can't stop thinking about her. So, the plans are set and manta is in motion.


Again, I ask for your forgiveness and getting everyone hyped about something and then not doing it. It boiled down to which coaster I loved the most, and Manta stole my heart.


With that, I ask that you support me and give me whatever feedback you have about Manta. This coaster is being built with styrene and styrene glue and already is giving me my most perfect model yet. Enjoy this experience with me, and Ride the Flying Ray!



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Latest Update 5/13-May 13, 2010


UPDATE #1- November 11, 2009


The station is about 90% complete having both sides complete and 1 of 2 switch tracks built. The other is about half done and requires rails and supports before it is complete. I will then move in to the lift, to which I ask, Does anyone know the lift angle? It appears to be roughly 45 degrees, as I think that is characteristic of the flyer, but I am not sure exactly.


As I said in my previous post, this model is being built with a kind of plastic called styrene. I use a heat gun to bend the pieces in the place, and then tact them using a styrene glue. The glue dries clear and is super adhesive in small quantities. This ultimately will yield my cleanest and most accurate model to date.


With that, enjoy the first update!




Much better. This is the middle of the station and you can definitely tell how much better this is in comparison to, say, SheiKra.


Stupid flash. You can kind of tell from this picture how much cleaner this model will be compared to the others. (don't know if you noticed yet, but that aspect of my models bugged me)


Station from the top view. The front of the station is located at the bottom of the picture. From this view you can see the incomplete switch, which I should have up by tomorrow.


The station in all her glory!

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KPWoCKAxX- First of all, it took me like 3.59 years to type your name and second thank you very much. This project is going to be awesome.


HCLcoasters- Thanks! What model are you building and why haven't I seen anything yet?


Vekoma Fan- I couldn't agree more. I mean, I am still satisfied with how the other three models turned out, but this one is going to be light years cleaner than the others. Something I really am taking seriously this time.


Dbru- It will be awhile before this one is done in comparison to, say, Insane. Follow with me though, this should be a fun one!


Flipdude- Thanks! The real manta is even cooler though, and pretty much is my lover.


Squid- The order I build my coasters is as follows. Track and supports in material color. Paint track and supports. Queue and other decor. Trains. So the queue is a long way off, but yes the plan is to make it. Thankfully I will not have to make the inside of the building haha, and the outside shouldn't be too awful. When you say complete the switch track, what do you mean? The piece is made and hanging, it was just at the time of the picture that it was not in place. Thanks for following this thread!


Atem122- You know I love riddler, so it is nothing personal. I ain't cheatin' on no body, just opening up to more lovin'. *que the fighting. "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" haha, get that?


Atem- we match! Which coaster is your wheel off of? I think it is pretty cool that it is arrow too.

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