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Official RCT3 Help Thread

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I have rct3 on mac, and I have two problems.


Firstly, sometimes CS I download works fine, and sometimes hovering my mouse over them crashes the entire game. I can still get quite a lot of CS and most of the essentials (Steelworx etc.), but is there any way I could fix this issue so I can get everything??


Also, at night, everything seems fine watching over the park, but the second I go on POV, all roller coasters appear in white, whether I'm on a flat ride or the coaster itself. You can see from the second screenshot that it's only nearby pieces of track that appear in white, as well as the cars on the track and certain nearby scenery. I think it has something to do with the lights, even though I'm using the in-game lights mostly.


1) Everything seems nice and normal


2) Nearby track/scenery appears white, even water bodies (not included in picture)


p.s. it's the App Store version if that helps...


This is an issue with the App Store version only, I believe. It is mentioned numerous times in the reviews of the app. Aspyr may fix it in the future (it does get quite irritating) but no worries, it's the app, not your computer. All of us Mac users have to suffer with it

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I have a Windows 7 hp laptop and have never understood how to download supports, coasters, and flats.

Can Someone Help?

While it is usually best to read the Readme file if it comes with one, downloading custom content in RCT3 is very easy.


Custom supports (like Moby's Steel Jungle) are items called Csutom Scenery, or CS. Simply go to C:\\Program Files (x86)\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\Style\Themed\. Then, simply drag the CS set you downloaded into this directory. It's as simple as that!


Custom tracked rides (CTR) and custom flat rides (CFR) work differently. Just make sure that you refer to the Readme file included with your custom content.

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Whenever I build a roller coaster of any kind (regular or CTR), the game just crashes. I've tried reinstalling RCT3 Platinum and removing all my CS and CTR's, but none of those options worked. I have RCT3 Platinum on a disc, and I'm also not that much of a tech geek so please explain this in the simplest way possible. Thanks!

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You can place walls and roofs around the station segments. Holding the Shift key will allow you to place objects above one another (another wall above a base wall, a roof over the track, etc).


There's no real difference between using custom scenery or not. It's the same process of placing objects.

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