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Official RCT3 Help Thread

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Hello all!

I recently got a new iMac and I am very happy with it, however when i installed Rct3 from Steam, i noticed that the 'Bloom' option wasn't available. I even looked in the options.txt file and i couldn't find it. Then after that, i loaded up a park I was working on and it had the water ride that you see below, and for some reason the water and objects near the water are completely white. As I said I can't find the Bloom option in the game, so can anyone help me solve this problem? This only occurs when it is night time in the game.


Could someone please help me with this?

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Can someone please explain to me how to export my photos to the game using Vista? It never works...


As in billboard usage?


Just Google "rct3 billboards vista", it isn't that hard.


If you are talking about pictures you took in the game, they are found here:



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I'm trying to install Steelworx for RCT3 Platinum Edition, but I keep getting lost trying to install it and it doesn't work. I have a few questions:


Can someone help me install it? I use a desktop mac and own Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum Edition for Mac.


Do the supports automatically go on the coasters once I turn off supports/use support killer, or is this something I have to build onto the rides?


Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

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Hi, I made a simple boat ride in RCT3, like I have done before and had no problems, and when it came into the station, the boat simply blew up. FOR NO REASON!!! Just BOOM! It was a reproduction of Tidal wave if that helps. Just routine testing, leading to it looking like something had been planted there.

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I found my old RCT2 disc a few days ago and have had fun playing, but I have realized that RCT3 really was much more versatile. I have the RCT3 disc and tried installing it, but I encountered an error, I suspect because I am running Windows 10. Apparently this is a known issue but not one that everyone on Windows 10 experiences.


There are some videos about how to get around this. They all link to downloads to fix something. That scares the hell out of me. Has anyone here had luck getting RCT3 to run on Windows 10? I do know that this computer ran the game fine before I upgraded from Windows 7, so there is not an issue with compatibility between old software and new hardware (whatever than means).




Edit: I have RCT3 Platinum, if that matters.

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