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Track Spottings!

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^ They just got a B&M (that's yellow), but with their recent trend in building a major ride every other year, it may happen.


Unless it were a prototype, if it went to KD, it would definately be a sitdown.


^^ I remember reading about the clearing a long time ago. I think it was for fireworks. Considering the red track is clearly hyper track, it will probably go to Carowinds as the long-rumored B&M Hyper.


PS: Does KD have enough room for a full-sized hypercoaster?

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First off, what does MC stand for?


You have your pick:


MC MasterCard

MC Motorcycle Club

MC Master of Ceremonies

MC Master Chief (US Navy)

MC Megacycle (now megahertz)

MC Memory Clear (calculator button)

MC Monaco (ISO Country Identifier)

MC Motorcycle

MC Marginal Cost

MC Monte Carlo

MC Mariah Carey (singer)

MC Most Common

MC Macao

MC McCormick (spice company)

MC Miley Cyrus (singer)

MC Methodist Church

MC Movie Clip

MC Marine Corps

MC Midnight Commander (GNU software project)

MC Memory Card

MC Merry Christmas

MC Middle Class

MC Motley Crue (band)

MC Menstrual Cycle

MC Mayo Clinic

MC Maintenance Check

MC Mill Creek (Washington)

MC Menstrual Cramps

MC Motor Control (International Society of Motor Control journal)

MC Mind Control (video game, World of Warcraft)

MC Multiple Choice

MC Message Center

MC Multi Channel

MC Mind Control

MC Michigan City (Indiana)

MC Microchip

MC Mini Cooper (car)

MC Manchester City

MC Microcontroller

MC Mission Critical

MC Main Character (writing)

MC Mint Condition

MC Mail Client

MC Marvel Comics

MC Management Consultant

MC Mad Cow

MC Management Committee

MC Committee Member (Boy Scouts of America)

MC Magna Carta

MC Missile Command (gaming)

MC Mississippi College (Clinton, Mississippi)

MC Mast Cells

MC Motor Car

MC Moisture Content

MC Montgomery College

MC Molten Core (gaming, World of Warcraft)

MC Mitsubishi Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)

MC Mad Catz (game accessory maker)

MC Mandaluyong City (Philippines)

MC Main Campus

MC Major Component

MC Marriage Counselor

MC Market Capitalization

MC Memory Controller

MC Monmouth College (Illinois)

MC Medical Corps

MC Master Control

MC Manufacturing Cost

MC Moving Coil

MC Member of Congress

MC Mission Control

MC Manchester College (North Manchester, Indiana)

MC Micro Cassette

MC Motion Compensation

MC Markov Chain

MC Master Cylinder (automotive)

MC Mentally Challenged

MC Management Control

MC Meningococcal

MC Messiah College (Grantham, Pennsylvania)

MC Minish Cap (Legend of Zelda game)

MC Multicarrier

MC Michael Crawford (musician)

MC Midland College (Midland, TX)

MC Michael Collins (Irish rebel)

MC Management Council

MC Metrocard (MTA New York City Transit bus/subway fare card)

MC Moving Center

MC Maryville College (Tennessee)

MC Military Cross (British)

MC Marketing Center

MC Management Code

MC Microphone Control

MC Middlebury College (Middlebury, VT)

MC Maltese Cross

MC Master Clock

MC Manual Control

MC Metal Case (full metal jacket)

MC Measurement and Control

MC Multi-Coated (camera lenses)

MC Movement Control

MC Medical Certificate

MC Message Code

MC Move the Crowd

MC Makati City (Philippines)

MC Maintenance Cost

MC Marietta College (Marietta, Ohio, USA)

MC Montgomery County Community College

MC Mini Clip (games and entertainment website)

MC Millsaps College (Jackson, MS)

MC Measurement Canada

MC medicine chest

MC Market Committee

MC Metal Clad

MC Macaroni Cheese

MC Macerata, Marche (Italian province)

MC Magistrates' Courts (UK)

MC Mechanical Contractor

MC Ministerial Conference

MC Micro Channel

MC Mission Complete

MC Minister of Culture

MC Military Committee (NATO)

MC Model Citizen (gaming)

MC Medium Coeli

MC Marin Catholic (school)

MC Monitoring Center

MC Memory Cell

MC Maintenance Console

MC Millennium Challenge (US Armed Forces joint field experiment)

MC Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA)

MC George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

MC Multicurrency

MC Methyl Cellulose

MC Multi-Cell

MC Medicare Choice

MC Mobile Crane

MC Mutualité Chrétienne

MC Military Capability

MC Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd (Stock Symbol)

MC Marcus Camby (NBA player)

MC Mission Computer

MC Maurits Cornelis (Escher's initials)

MC María Celeste (entertainer)

MC Missionaries of Charity (religious order)

MC Midcourse

MC Magnetic Core

MC Maintenance Center

MC Multipoint Controller (Cisco)

MC Maritime Center

MC Middle Chinese (language of around 600AD)

MC Medium Capacity

MC Making Cash

MC MacDonald Cartier (trans-Canada Highway 401)

MC Menninger Clinic (Houston, TX)

MC Mission Commander

MC Marching Cubes (visualization algorithm)

MC Monitor Call (instruction)

MC Message Compiler (windows programming)

MC Myotonia Congenita

MC Military Computer

MC Maintenance Control

MC Maximum Count (Indication)

MC Methyl Chloroform

MC Memorandum to Cabinet (Canada)

MC Missed Connection

MC Matter Creation (Anarchy Online gaming)

MC Momentary Contact

MC Microphone Controller

MC Marawi City (Philippines)

MC Main Controller

MC Mass Care (sheltering and feeding following a disaster)

MC Magic Candle (game)

MC Marikina City (Philippines)

MC Mon Calamari (Star Wars starship prefix)

MC Master's Degree in Counseling

MC Micro Cell

MC Muzio Clementi (classical composer)

MC Mountain Central

MC Mortar Carrier

MC Microelectronic Circuits

MC Mech Commander (video game)

MC Music Cue (theatre; point where music is to be inserted)

MC Mission Coordinator

MC Marginal Contribution (accounting)

MC Merocyanine

MC Minimum Cut

MC Mendeleev Communications

MC Magnetic Cartridge

MC Maintenance Concept

MC Multiple Cycle

MC Molecular Computation

MC Mechanical Completion (project stage)

MC Material Category

MC Mobile Charge (semiconductors)

MC Management Complex

MC Malaria Consortium

MC Mass Communication Specialist (US Navy)

MC Master Councilor (International Order of DeMolay)

MC Motor Challenge

MC Modification Center

MC Merchant Copy

MC Master Caution

MC Master Clear

MC Magnetic Course

MC Marianopolis College (Montreal, Qeubec, Canada)

MC Metallochaperone

MC Maneuver Control

MC Machine Cancel (philately)

MC Mario Camposeco (Guatemalan soccer team)

MC Midcourse Correction

MC Mercedes College (Adelaide, South Australia)

MC Microphone Checker

MC Magnetospheric Constellation

MC Moment Connection

MC Mother Confessor (Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series)

MC Minor Cycle

MC Mission Chaplain

MC Material Coordinator

MC Millennium Combination (Suriname)

MC Mining Certificate

MC Maternal Colostrum

MC Materiel Change

MC Matrix Connection

MC Makin' Cash

MC Municipal Consent (permission to begin proposed construction)

MC Message Controller

MC Mass Chromatography

MC Missile Compartment

MC Mark Chow (Models Agency; Singapore)

MC Main Crossconnect

MC Missionary Church, Inc. (established 1969)

MC Mylar City (cartoons and stories)

MC Movement Chamber (gaming)

MC Maple Conference

MC Myst Community

MC Mechanism Controller

MC Manuscript Cancel (philately)

MC Machine-Centered

MC Machine Congestion

MC Multiple Cyclone

MC MetaCard Corporation (maker of multimedia software tools)

MC Mild Chuckle

MC Mystery Credit (blogging)

MC Member of the Cosâ (parliament of Talossa microstate)

MC Military Air Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)

MC Magnus Colossus (roller-coaste,Terra Mítica, Spain)

MC Missile Canister

MC Military Characteristic(s)

MC Mensis Currentis (of Current Month)

MC Maintenance Connector

MC Maintenance Use Code

MC Management/Message Code

MC Mariacongregatie (Dutch)

MC Consolata Missionaries (Sisters) (religious order)

MC Mining and Cataloging (software re-use)

MC Mission Capable/Capability



Personally, I like the Mad Cow theme.

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^ They just got a B&M (that's yellow), but with their recent trend in building a major ride every other year, it may happen.


Unless it were a prototype, if it went to KD, it would definately be a sitdown.


^^ I remember reading about the clearing a long time ago. I think it was for fireworks. Considering the red track is clearly hyper track, it will probably go to Carowinds as the long-rumored B&M Hyper.


PS: Does KD have enough room for a full-sized hypercoaster?


Let's keep in mind that we now have two rides being built by B&M awaiting delivery to their final destinations,one yellow,the other red so there's a strong possibility that both KD & Carowinds(well Carowinds is confirmed to get a new coaster in 2010) could be looking at new coasters for the following season.


Let's also remember that the CF parks that got coasters in 09 can be ruled out for next year,those would be WOF & KI & other than CP I don't see KBF,CGA or VF getting coasters in 2010 & SF certainly can't afford any B&M's right now so that leaves KD,Carowinds & even CP as possible candidates for one of these two rides.

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MC obviously stands for...METAL CHURCH!


HAHAHA! Wow...that one definitely came from the retro depths!!


In watching the video, I was thinking that the lead singer had a screechier, much cooler voice and was a bit creepier looking (remember 'Start the Fire' and 'Ton of Bricks'? lol).


So...I had to do a Google search and found out that the original singer (David Wayne) died in 2005...guess I have been slacking in the heavy metal trivia department!


You heard it hear first folks...the new coasters are going to the Freestyle Music Park as dueling Metal Church (red) vs. Stryper (yellow) coasters.




Heaven versus...

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I think it is coming North to Canada's Wonderland. It their 30th next year. They got nothing new this year. CF likes installs every two years for major attractions. It just fits! Well, at least one can hope!


CF likes installs every other year at CP. At the other parks not so much.


CW's trend over the years has been a coaster more like every 5-6+ years. Course that was mostly Paramount, not CF. But still I would guess that CWs next big attraction will still be a couple years away.

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