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Thrill Point Park [RCT2]

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Hi everyone I've go some more pictures of the 4D Wing-Rider and some other stuff


We here at Thrill Point Park have always made it our top priority to bring our visitors top notch thrills that are second to none, this year we will be adding another rollercoaster to our already quite impressive collection we have already up and running in the park. Today we are anouncing 3rollercoaster of wich 2 will open at the start of the new season, and 1 later on in the year. The first 2 coasters that will open are Soul Eater and Mean Mouse. Soul Eater is 4D Wing-Rider that takes you on a crazy flight that will rock your world as it takes you through its action packed layout. Mean Mouse is a small familly wild mouse coaster with steep drops and sharp turns. The 3rd Coaster to open this year is the replacement for Hurricane, it still needs a name so TPP is organising a contest for the best name for this Blue Intamin Megalite, So all give it a try and you can win a sneak preview of this coaster!!!!


PR manager Thrill Point Park


This was the official article released today in the local newspaper and it contained some pictures as well.



Other thing i'd like to ask you people, the last screen is a work in porgress for the year after this one I'll be showing next with the 4D and the Megalite. The problem is I can't merge track with 8cars and I need some help to do it, so if anyone can merge tracks and has Wacky Worlds expansion pack plz pm me and I'll give a DL so you can merge the tracks for me, the benefit of doing this is that you can see way more than I post in the topic of whats to come because there's tons you guys don't know about. PLZ HELP ME ON THIS ONE!!!





I'll need some help with this one so plz pm or post if you can help me


Mean Mouse


The chance Chaostic thats new in the park, named chaos


Inverted turnaround before the Raven turn


Center part of the layout


The station and the last and first part of Soul Eater

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^^Yes, you literally merge the tracks together. It's pretty cool when you get them merged, but it is very hard to do! I've seen someone do it before, and the result was amazing! They made an Intamin Freefall ride from it! The only way you can do it is by having the "8-cars per trainer."


^Yeah, I know what you mean. I'll play around with the trainer and see if I can come up with a way to do it.

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I've merged tracks before, I don't know what problem your having though. Is it the merging, or the "epic" white glitch? To solve the white glitch you need to rebuild the track over it or it won't ever go away. As far as merging, go to nedesigns.com or something. They have better tutorials then I could give.

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Its actually the merging I can't seem to do, I've read numerous tutorials about it for 8cars but it just won't work, about the white glitch I'll get it redone or if someone can do it for me I'll be very gratefull


You want me to pm the park?


if you have wacky worlds that is

You'll have the privelige of seeing the next 3-4 updates in advance if you are able to merge my coaster.


Also to everyone who reads this thread, There is a contest for the blue megalite's name!!! Post ideas plz because I want this one to be interactive with you people. The person who's name is picked will get previews of the next years in exchange




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Hi everyone

We've got a winner!!!!


The megalite is going to be named Typhoon!

Good news is we got more testing screens of Typhoon

Bad news is I still haven't been able to merge the pretzel-loop of the flying coaster so untill that is done there won't be any updates I guess, I've tried every possible tutorial and even other trainers than 8cars but it just won't work


Still if anybody is able to do this for me I'd be very thankfull because otherwise it'll be a dummy-coaster and I don't want that.


PM me if you can help me out with this problem because its really needed


I still hope you guys like the new screens

I've posted some teasers of the flying coaster as well so you guys have an idea and can start guessing its name, I might throw something in the thread this weekend.





Un-merged Pretzel-Loop



Waiting line of the Flyer


The brake-run before the station of the Flying coaster


Can it be a megalite if it doesn't have any of these hills?


First turnaround of Typhoon


The first drop of Typhoon

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From the look of the flying coaster I'd say it's something oriental, only because of the colour scheme.


Maybe something like ninja.


Looking good so far, I'm amazed at how the big the park is.


Soul Eater is the best, looks awesome!!

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^ I thought there was another contest to name the flyer. The person above me posted a suggested name so I thought I might contribute as well.


"Flying" Daggars because it's a flying coaster

"Fire" Dragon because it's red and yellow(and it shares Iron Dragon's colors)

"Red" Kunai because the track is red and a Kunai is a Japanese (Asian) weapon.

Mc Donald's: The Ride because the coaster is red and yellow like McDonald's.

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