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Thrill Point Park [RCT2]

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Awesome park.

I think the second Pioneer looks better simply because the colours match with the landscape.

When I tryed to download though it said that I was missing objdata

SEROULET with a bunch of numbers behind it.

I was wondering if you could put that objdata along with the park download.


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Well I'm not going to put on a DL anytime soon I think because I have some new stuff I'm working on. And I'm currently experimenting to build the coaster from the park wich I'm planning to build in NoLimits, the hypercoaster i'm planning to come out next schould also get a onride in NL so I'm working on it because I'm not that good in NL for the moment and I need to practise a little more before I'd throw it on the forum

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Were did you get some of the custom flats? I know that AE went into retirement quite a while ago so he couldn't have made some of them such as the rainbow.I saw some custom flats on another forum in one guy's park that looked to be a sort of tumble bug ride & am wondering where I can download it from any ideas?

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Good news The park has another year in the books and the construction of a new ride has been completed during the first half of the off season


The new addition is called Disco Dance

Its located in the free spot right before the entrance of woodcutters village


Here's the picture I was able to take when I was over at the park for a preview of the new stuff(its the only picture I took but rest assured there's more).





Here's the new ride Disco Dance

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Hello everybody!!!

Today I've been over at the park for another look at the new stuff thats being added this year and they were testing one of the new coasters(the other one is still under construction). But I was lucky enough to take some pictures of the testruns today. The names of the coasters are not yet known but I think they'll be released soon.


Also the Blue arrow looper has been retracked and has recieved the name: Hurricane


Here are the pictures




The new track of Hurricane


Another fine helix


Going through the first section of the coaster


The new coasters station

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Sorry for the long wait but was on snowboard vacation for a week.


The building on the newest section continues and there has been a press release:


"We here at Thrill Point have always done our best to give our customers a series of top notch thrills, as of lately because these type of investements are very expensive and we need more money to be able to keep up with other big thrill parks. Thats why we decided to make the new section more family friendly and we are proud to confirm that the parks first water rides are being build as we speak, It'll feature a small kids slide an a big flume. But thats not all since we've already have another few coaster planned for the next year(s)."



This sure looks interesting!

Well here are the photo's I was able to take during the press release.




Here's another station for something I didn't really see that well, but sure looks interesting to me


The drop during test runs


The station for the flume ride


Another flat being added to the park

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Well the park looks a bit like my old work, heres a few tips and things that may help you in the future.

(These go back to the first screen jtluk)

-Spread out your trees a bit, you know make it seem natural. It looks more like a wild forest, which in some cases could be considered bad.

-Try to not make every wall have a window. Theres not too much blockyness, but if you give a few more details then it would look great. (look over at New Element for some examples)

-I saw that you had supports, try to support your whole ride with custom supports. If you need help just go on rcdb and find a picture similar to your coasters and copy the supports.

-Try to involve terrain with the pathways.

-Some of the coasters I found un-realistic and bad. Try to space them out and make elements go together easily. I saw the corkscrew and the elements on that were messed up. I would change the order of inversions to (Loop, Batwing, Corkscrews) I would space out the track a bit on some of them, an I would also try to make the speed match the track. Yes, I did notice that there were sometimes on a coaster that looked like it went at bizarre speeds or something that would reach 2mph. Also, try to make your coasters go over and maybe under pathways. Why? It looks cool in my eyes! Not the worst in the world, but not the greatest.

-Going back to the buildings, try using more than two colors in a certain area. The colors on the coasters though are outstanding though.

-Try to add more fences that are not a picked fence or a cheap fence. Try the one with the brick on the bottom and the fence on top.

-The disco looks like a half pipe, but red.

My favorite area is with the water attractions


I hope you use these tips to help repair, work, and create your park.




EDIT: sorry posted before update. The Aquatrax looks ok. The terrain looks a bit bad, I would say just make it look less spiked.

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Well the park looks a bit like my old work, heres a few tips and things that may help you in the future.


I'm sorry dude, I think you are WAY too self centered...


I really really like this park. I've been following it from day one and it's getting better and better. I love the Aqua Trax, and the name is pretty dandy too.



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@TLM: thanks for the advice but as far as the windows and the foliage go thats just my style so I won't change that.


@Team Thriller: Thanks for showing interest for this project and I can promise you I'm not planning on dropping this park for a long time.


@Monkeyoverlord71: Your moment is to come but the new section isn't complete yet so I'll only post progress on the Aquatrax


@Bob!: Thanks



So here is another construction update for the Aquatrax named TSUNAMI

The trackwork is complete and they are doing testruns as we speak!!!


For the new section in its whole there's still a lot to be done because the suspended still needs theming, the other coaster that has been on preview still needs some work too and I still need to build another restaurant and restroom to complete the new section and add some landscaping and foliage. Maybe on the foliage I'll trim down and use some different type of trees and colours for the buildings.


Hope to show you more soon




Picture of the test-runs of tsunami with a part of the scenery completed

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