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Thrill Point Park [RCT2]

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Hi I know its unusual to do this but I won't post screens of the park now because I still can't find the screens in my vista.


The park is located on a spot where there used to be an old village. But then the park bought the village and the surrounding land to start a themepark. the original buildings of the village weren't demolished but stayed in the boulevard entrance of the park.


Ever since they've added a few attractions Including 5 rollercoasters

-Rampage (out' n back woodie)

-Pioneer (launched vertical coaster)

-Boomerang (standard boomerang)

-Blastoff (shwarskopf shuttle)

-Silver Star (custom B&M floorless coaster)


There are a few restaurants, restrooms an information point and a couple of flats.








I hope you all enjoy what I've build so far

Everybody feel free to take screens and post them here

Also feel free to add stuff and show it off.

Wacky Worlds is required


Thrill Point.SV6

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^So then why make that post?


BelgianGuy, I'm glad to see we have another person join in the community of RCT2! Sadly, most of us don't use the expansion packs, so we can't open your parks...


Will you please consider only using the original RCT2 for your future parks, so everyone can help you out?

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Thanks to traincrossin I can now find my screens and here they are.

Again if you can open the file with wacky worlds feel free to add stuff and such change things how you would make it because I think I'm not the only person that schould enjoy building this park.


Today I won't post screens of the floorless B&M because it needs some work but I can proudly present the old village section of the park wich is completed.


Classic car club with a nice old bridge to cross over


Blastoff station right of the ride a restaurant and left top a restroom


Treetop Hopper, Buzzsaw and Tornado. You can also see the back spike of Blastoff


Station and Queu of Rampage


Station and Queu of Rampage


The turnaround of Rampage


Overview and layout of Pioneer


The Launch, queu, and station of Pioneer.


Again the boulevard with at the bottom the info building, in the top near Pioneer the restrooms, top left corner Jack Sparrow(pirate boat), Garden eagle(the swing set) and Boomerang


The entry of the park and the village boulevard, and the breilin orbiter balloon race named after the famous balloons that travelled the world

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Wonderful coasters; every one of the looks really really good. The only thing I want to criticize is the use of the brown path together with the brown buildings. The buildings kind of faint away, since they have almost the exact same colour as the path. The easiest thing would be to change the path style, and I also think that you should do that, since the buildings are very good looking.

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Wow, and you're just a beginner? This is AMAZING!


Your buildings are great, and your rides are really good as well... The only coaster I (really) don't like is Pioneer. The layout seems kind of bland, and the idea is way too unrealistic for a B&M...any B&M. I think if you replaced it with a more simple B&M, the park as a whole would be that much better.


Great start, and I can't wait to see what you do next!

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About Pioneer, it was never intended to be a dive machine. It was just an experiment for wich I needed that track type to build the thing in 1 time because I'm still learning to use 8cars and I can't merge track for the moment. And rest assured the next update will be about Silver Star, the Floorless B&M of the park. You can see some pieces of it in the screens I posted actually.


Thanks for all the comments so far

If there's anything you feel that should be different tell me because there's always room for improvement.




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Sorry for the double post but since nobody reacted I'll just post some new screens!!!


I've changed the type of path in the main village area because the colours where to much alike so I've recloured the paths and have some teasers for Silver Star and a fairground idea I'm working on


The village with the new paths wich I think look way better


Looks really cool if I say so myself.




An idea wich I'm working for a fairground.

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Most everything looks pretty good. I like the coasters that you have built so far. My only complaint is that your buildings look too similar. If you add a little bit more color, give more variation to the roofs, and put things on the building that give them more uniqueness then they would look much much better. I must admit though, I like the shape and feel of the buildings by the arrow much better though.


If you want more realism, then you may want to do some of the things I recommended. It shouldn't be too hard to do.


Overall, it looks pretty good. So keep up the good work!


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Pioneer doesn't really fit in with the theme and landscape of the park. It's hard to explain why, but a giant orange coaster doesn't seem to go well with trees. Seems more like something Knott's would do.


Otherwise - great job. Amazing work on the theming and the rest of the coasters!

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Thanks for the comments and I think I'll repaint Pioneer or demolish it, but thats a last resort because I really like it. Anyway I've build a complete new section wich I'll post teasers off tomorrow. Its not the section with the arrow because I'm stuck on that one for the moment I don't know wich theming to do with it so I've build a type ofold wooden village with a restaurant and 2 Flats.


But now I'll give You pics of Silver Star

Today I gave it a go and I have to say B&M knows how to get your hair standing without any gel

the 150ft lifthill was very promising since you can see whats gonna happen to you, The the first DROP

A giant banked turn into one of the biggest loops I've ever seen

Then we go steep up into a hyper type turnover into a giant cobra-roll

next thing I know I'm upside down

Another big turn later I'm hitting the mid brake Run, a another nice banked turn brings me into a typical B&M interlock corkscrew.

Another nice helix and the ride is over.


Its been a long time since I had this much of a blast in a coaster


Building up the tension


The Impressive first inversion


Exiting the giant Cobra-Roll


Headbanging imminent!!!


Going through the last turns

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I talked about a new section last post and its pretty much finished

The new section will be a village type area themed to old woodcutters villages as in the years 1800 and such.


It has a few flats and a Kiddie coaster

A restaurant and a Big restroom building.


I hope you like it








A view of the village city hall and one of its 2 plaza's


Coaster station


Only the coaster is for the kids :D



One of the buildings in the new area.

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I have mostly completed the new section of WOOD CUTTERS VILLAGE

The section now has 2 coasters, an intense one and a kiddie coaster plus a few flats wich also go in range from family to thrilling.


I've also did a retrackand recolouring of Pioneer


The rides are as followed

Wood Cutters Express (powered family coaster)

Lumberjack (Intamin mini accelerator)

Oil Spike (powered tower)

Whirler (tilt a whirl)

Chainsaw (enterprise)

Grande Axe (rainbow)

SawBlade (Ferris Wheel)





The main plaza in front of the city hall with a restaurant in the bottow right corner


Wood Cutters Express


Oil Spike


First Part of Wood Cutters Express and whirler, you can also see the tiny plaza behind the city hall, There's also one in front of it


LumberJack's station, SawBlade, Chainsaw, top of Oil Spike and Grande Axe


Here's Lumberjack's launch and part of the layout. You can also see the final helix of Wood Cutters Express


New Idea for pioneer

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I'm sorry to report I'll put this park on hold for some time because I'm working on some other stuff and I currently don't have the time and the inspiration to continue this park. I have my first period of examinations for the moment so it can take a while untill you guys hear and see more of this park.


I'll probably start something new within a shorter period of time and I'll try to combo RCT2 and NoLimits for my next park I'm planning. Currently I'm still testing if this can be pulled off because I'm new to NoLimits and I want to present something good.





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