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Thrill Point Park [RCT2]

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Download any park that has those and you schould load automatically


Other problem on hand is that I need a Objdata file because someone is looking into the mergeing issue for me but he needs a OBJdata file wich I haven't got myself


The file required is:




If anyone has it plz post it up for DL here so we can have an up and running RYU for the final Park



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try and search the file at the rctobject list.

I have played locomotion alot and it gives you the same error if you miss something so i can tell you that the letters and numbers after the / have no meaning at all. its only the name before the / that is used for anything

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I've found the missing file so on to some progress on the park


Today I can bring you some more teasers of the white coaster you saw a part of earlier. Also a bit further I've spotted a sign, I bet its a hint for the next coaster





today I close the pics with the idea it doesn't have to be big to have a big impact, you can all start guessing with what I have in store for you guys


Something is just not right I think


Hmmmmmm, what could this monster be?


I've done some work on the station of Vertical Terror and I think it was best to keep the building and just add some trees and shrubs

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I'll tell you since the name can't lie its a woodie but I've got much more in store even with that and the crazy white coaster I've made, Still something old thats here from the beginning will get redone soon so hold your eyes open!!!




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It is a floorless, I'm positive about that.


Or is it a stand-up?


Nah it has got to be a sit-down.


I'm going with a stand-up, as there is already two floorless coasters in the park.


Park is looking really good.

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