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Thrill Point Park [RCT2]

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First official release of one of the new coasters in the park

The new section is nearing completion and I'll be posting several more of these during the week.


I know I copied rctfan123's method of presenting but I thought its a cool thing to do so here it is


Rollercoaster: TrailBlazer

Amusement park: Thrill Point Park

Classification: Rollercoaster

Type: Steel-Sitdown

Status: Opening next season

Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics / Custom hypercoaster

Height: 82ft

Lenght: 3612ft

Speed: 54Mph

Duration: 1m39s

Trains: The trains are 6cars long and each cars has three rows of of 2people across, There are 2 trains



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I'd argue that it is more of a 'giant mine train', rather than a hypercoaster, but I guess that doesn't really matter.


But it looks like a nice addition to the park, with a fun layout (from what I can see).

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Here's another one


Rollercoaster: Nano

Amusement ark: Thrill Point Park

Classification: Rollercoaster

Type: Steel-Inverted

Status: Opening next season

Manufacturer: B&M / Custom Inverted Rollercoaster


Lenght: 4108ft

Inversions: Loop, Immelman, Corkscrew

Duration: 1m36s

Speed: 62Mph

Trains: The trains are 5cars long and each car is a row of 4 people across


Nano is the coaster that used to be the suspended

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I'd argue that it is more of a 'giant mine train', rather than a hypercoaster, but I guess that doesn't really matter.


But it looks like a nice addition to the park, with a fun layout (from what I can see).

Well giant mine coasters aren't bad

Seriously it look really good

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone, its been a while since I posted any "real" progress on the park but I'm glad to tell you guys the new section is finally finished!!!


It took me a while because I started with the idea of just building another small addition but as I was building I got inspired and just couldn't stop putting in more stuff. Its my best work yet I think so feel free to comment and tell me what you think of the new section wich includes a lot of rides. To name a few: Tsunami, Nano, Trailblazer and splash are the biggest new things and then a few flats and a kiddie coaster.


The new section is called




I really hope you like it and comment on the new section





More of Nano and start guessing whats coming with the blue building where the path leads to


entrypoint from woodcutters village


overview with nano, splash and bumpercars


Aquatrax Tsunami




Layout of trailblazer pt1


The junior coaster(still needs a good name)


The new restroom building


A new infobuilding called Hour Tower because of the big clock

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New stuff on the way and its coming to the Boulevard

I'm really happy with the way the new stuff came out but I won't show it yet.


Since I have the feeling people don't reply that much on this park I'd like see some more opinions of you people because it helps me with building and inspiration to continue the park.


You can start guessing for names, type of coaster and more of that fun stuff.


Hope you guys like the trailers!!!




More of the new mysterie coaster


I know there isn't much to guess any more about the type of coaster but its still a suprise for the complete layout


We decided to add an observation tower to check out this huge park from a more appropriate point of view, "high in the sky"

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Hi and some bad news to start off with today


After years of solid duty the park says goodbye to a coaster: Hurricane

The parks small and compact arrow looper was getting rougher over the years to the point people wouldn't ride it anymore because of their heads banging like hell. Still the coaster was something the park was proud of and we are sorry that we had to remove it, as for replacing the now open space, rumor has it we are getting an Intamin Giga coaster of a B&M Flyer, nothing has yet been confirmed but plans are being made, while these plans are being made the park is making final adjustements to the testing blue 4D wing rider you guys saw in the last post.


This year there won't be anything to fill Hurricane's empty spot but a new section is being finished instead


Here is the last pic of Hurricane and an overview of the park so you have an idea of the size of the park and whats left to be filled up by many coasters and flat rides





Overview of the park and the black stuff classified for the moment, top black spot is where Hurricane used to be


Sad but true, its leaving after some nice years of operation

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More NEWS!!!


Here are some trailers to keep you guys speculating on what the newest things are going to be


Hope you like it


Feel free to make suggestions and comment on what you see


And its being build right now!!!!!


Its Bad...


Its Blue...


But that's not all thats coming to TPP


I really mean FUN!!!


and if I say fun...


This'll be fun...

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