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The 2015-16 NBA Season

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Oh basketball gods, please let the Celtics dispose of the most overhyped player in professional sports history tonight.

"Most overhyped player in pro sports history?" I'm not so sure about that. Is he promoted like crazy by the league? Sure. Is it justified? Actually, I still say yes. The guy is the real deal.


Honestly, I don't think he's anymore overhyped than Wade or Kobe.


The problem is that most people look at the Cavs' playoff failure and base their opinion on James off of that. Truthfully, that's a bit unfair. Strangely enough, I'm gonna defend King James here. For starters, the man is all class, even in defeat, and I tip my hat to that (and don't get me started on how he "walked out on Dwight Howard" after losing last year. He did NOTHING wrong).


Now for the meat of the argument. In the last 30 years, only 8 different teams have won the NBA Championship (30 frickin' years and 8 Teams!!. Of those teams, every single one of them had a solid "number two guy" to back up their superstar, or a strong supporting cast....

80's Celtics: Bird/take your pick

80's Lakers: Magic/take your pic

80's Pistons: Isiah/solid supporting crew all around

Philly: Moses/Doc/Cheeks

Chicago: MJ/Pippen

San Antonio: Timmy/Parker/Ginobili

Miami: Wade/closer to his prime Shaq/a group of experienced veterans hungry for a title

Houston: The dream/Horry/Cassell/Thorpe

2004 Pistons: Billups/Prince/Rip/Wallace/Wallace

2000s Lakers: Kobe/Shaq/Gasol/Fisher/Kardashian/etc.

2008 Celts: KG/Allen/Truth/Rondo


Cavs: Lebron James/????? An older Shaq? Mo Williams? Jamison? Anderson Varejao?



The fact of the matter is that Lebron can dominate a regular season, compile the stats, and feel like he has to carry this team.....which he does. Come playoff time, he's tired, and better TEAMS will always win out. It's pretty simple really, and none of it is really Bron's fault. The only way he'll win is when he's surrounded by quality talent. He doesn't necessarily need a Pippen to help carry the load, but two or three solid role players who'll let him learn how to sacrifice some numbers in preparation for the long haul of the playoffs. Even God would struggle with the team he has right now.


Basically, what I'm getting at is, if/when he gets a ring, does it then, and only then, begin justify the hype? I say it shouldn't matter because of the above argument.


I like Lebron. Talent, class (as of right now - we all know how Tiger turned out), personality, and a pretty strong will to win. I don't mind a league "overhyping" a player like that.

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LeBron and the Cavs are like Jordan and the Bulls in the late eighties. Until Pippen was drafted, and Grant/Cartwright/Paxson arrived, he didn't have anyone except Charles Oakley to depend on.


That poor franchise is a mess. Ferry really screwed the pooch with all the deals to bring in over paid vets.

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I personally don't like Lebron James from what I see of him. But that aside, he is an amazing talent. Do I wish he worked some more basketball fundmentals into his game? Absolutely. But he is a beast of an athlete.


It would be a shame for Cleveland to lose him, because without him on that roster, they will immediately turn into one of the bottom 3 franchises in the NBA again. I am a Bulls fan, and wouldn't mind the Central thinning out, but I really would feel for the Cleveland fans if he does decide to leave. I would actually kind of feel even worse for them if he decides to hop to Chicago, as weird as that might sound.

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I've been a huge fan of the Lakers since the "glory" days of ten years ago (I even have a personalized gold jersey with my last name on it), but I didn't pay very much attention to the last time the Lakers and Celtics duked it out in June. I'm predicting it'll be the Lakers in seven, both teams have really capable, even underrated players, and whatever's left of this series is sure to be a spectacle for any b-ball fan.

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The guy rebuilds a team in less than two years.. He gets a team that was SUPPOSED TO MISS THE PLAYOFFS deep into the Western Conference Finals. You know what happens when you own an NBA team that makes it deep into the playoffs? You make boatloads of EXTRA money. So when the end of the year comes around, that GM that built this great team for you deserves a payCUT? ? ?


WHAT THE FU&K!?!?!?!?


So guess what.. Kerr is gone. Amare is gone. Frye is gone. What do you have now, you cheap piece of shit?


First, not signing JJ.


Second, selling Rondo for 200,000 in cold hard cash.


Third, dumping Kurt to the Sonics for NOTHING, but don't forget you threw in two 1st round draft picks just to make the deal extra sweet for Seattle.


Later this week, arguably the league's best talent evaluator will jump ship as well because of the way you run your operation.

Honestly, I don't know how you made enough money to purchase the Suns in the first place. However, I am happy to hear that you have recently lost a great deal of it due to the down market in PHX. Here's to hoping you loose every dime you have and are forced to sell the team.


Burn in hell,


Suns Fans


PS. Nice PR move claiming that the Suns Uniform change on May 5th was a protest of a law that the overwhelming majority of the people that go to your games support. Hmm, but that's weird, the Suns announced they were going to wear them initially /before/ the law was passed in celebration of Cinco De Mayo(the stupidest 'holiday' ever).. then re-announced that they going to be worn in protest. *sighs* Douche.

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I hate how people who hate sports are so disrespectful when it's actually them that are in the wrong for not liking sports to begin with.


Anyway, Sarver is precisely why I'm no longer a Suns fan. He ruined any chance they had of winning a championship (they should have at least 1) because he was treating the team as an investment and could care less about results (Donald Sterling comes to mind). It's disgraceful how he's traded so many players and 1st rounders for cash, especially the Deng and Rondo picks. Their 04-05 team was amazing as constructed, but he blew it apart before they could even do anything together. I really hated dumping Q Richardson at the time. I had enough of that and moved on from the NBA altogether. Not only was my favorite team in shambles, but the league itself is corrupt.

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^ +1 for league corruption. Can't wait till Stern & Stu quit/retire/get fired/whatever



Tho I'm not sure you can blame Deng on Sarver, as he took control of Suns after Deng was drafted and traded. He may have had some insight to the move, but it wasn't as much of a 'dump' as the other circumstances because they got a late first guy (never made it) and another 1st round pick for him.



*Edit* Sorry if this is misplaced, btw. I did look for an NBA thread, but there seems to only be a NBA Playoff thread, and I figured I'd get yelled at for the same thing if I went off topic on the Laker/Celts talk.

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