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The 2015-16 NBA Season

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Orlando let one slip away last night and the Lakers dodged a HUGE bullet. A bullet they didn't dodge against Houston and Denver.


I look for Orlando to win 1, maybe 2 games on their home-court. Remember, no team has ever won all 3 home games during the finals.


I'm going to say Lakers tomorrow, Magic in game 4 and Lakers in 5 to win it all.

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If Dwight Howard spent more time on the line rather than the weight room, this series would be tied. And realistically, this series should be 3-1 Orlando.


I don't think I've ever seen a team choke like this after such a great run through their own conference. Game over, series over. Way to go, O-town.

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^^Is that you just hating the Lakers? Even as a Laker fan myself, I feel this series should be 2-2 at best, but I'll take this W. Dwight Howard couldn't hit a freethrow at all, but He played a solid game. I think what Orlando is suffering from is their uber dependence on the 3 point shot. If Dwight doesn't have a monster game, the supplement his underplay with a blazing 3 point percentage, but if they can't get into rhythm, things like this happen. In the end, I don't look at things like experience vs. youth, conspiracies, luck, maybe prayer but it depends on who's praying. When it all comes down to it, it comes to which team wants it more. Right now it's L.A.

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^ Of course it's me hating the Lakers. I'm a Boston fan....it's what I do. Am I supposed to be happy they're one game away from a title, and the most overrated coach in history will be praised unnecessarily?


Sure, Orlando lives and dies from beyond the arc, but even with their inconsistency from downtown, it was missing 15 free throws last night that did them in.


Oh yeah, and not to mention a choke job missed layup in game two. I find it funny too that he's been cut some slack by certain journalists and fans over that. To me, his layup attempt was much easier than the one Dennis Johnson had following the steal Larry Bird made on Isiah Thomas. (I'd post a YouTube link of it, but I can't from here.)


Miracle notwithstanding, this one is done. All I know is that Orlando's gonna have a tough offseason. When they actually have free time to sit back and think about the missed opportunities they had to have control of this series, they might actually feel a bit sick to their stomachs.


In conclusion, a solid free throw percentage > bench press reps and dunk contests.



Scott "fundamentals, kids....fundamentals" B.



EDIT: That's not taking anything away from D Fish though. A clutch shot is a clutch shot. Hat's off to anyone who does their job.

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At the very least, I'm glad that Kobe proved he could win a title without Shaq.


I knew my Magic were gonna choke, just like the last time they were in the finals. I'm starting to think that they're a cursed franchise.


They didn't deserve to win that series with the way they were playing. I just pray to god that during the off season they can put together a bench that can adequately back Howard up.

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^^Hang on, chief. How is that relevant or even similar in any way, shape, or form? It was pretty obvious to most of us that the Celts were lucky to have won as much as they did to that point in the post season. Them losing to Orlando was NO big shock. In fact, considering the condition the team was in, I'd say it was more of a shock that Orlando didn't dismiss them earlier in the series.


If posting that brings you some simple pleasure to ease the pain of O-town choking away the Finals, then congrats, I guess.



Scott "did the Celts really have 'such a great run through their own conference' to that point to warrant that pointless comparison?" B.

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They had a 3-2 series lead. They had never lost a game 7 in Boston. They choked.


And if we're going to play the expectations game, then the Magic have no reason to make excuses for losing in the Finals. They weren't supposed to make it that far in the first place. Not a SINGLE person thought they would. Yet you make them sound like the heavy favorites who simply screwed up. Probably to make yourself feel better about the #2 seed getting bounced so early.

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They weren't supposed to make it that far in the first place. Not a SINGLE person thought they would.
"Not a single person" gave the number three seed a shot? Tough sell there, captain. Good try though.


Probably to make yourself feel better about the #2 seed getting bounced so early.
Not when my expectations were as low as they were to begin with. But hey, at least with them "choking" so early, I had plenty of time to keep 24/7 watch on HRRRRRR.




Scott "Done." B.

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