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The "Preview" Thread

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@Popcorn - That drop does look a bit too high for that type of ride. If you do it, I say you should put a wild mouse(or mini, doesn't matter) underneath it, that way it looks as if its connected to something.


@Ghost - Sounds like a name Brody came up with. It looks good, may want to give those interior of the buildings some floors.

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^ Yeah... I may change the name to Copper Creak or something... just corkscrew has a certain ring to it. I will do the floors though, thats good advice. I am actually doing this different then usual, for example I will need hackers and track mergers(I know how, but my 8 cars hates me) and stuff like that.

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Here's not necessarily a preview, but rather- a cross link from games to real life.


Introducing... Stengel's thingie.


Basically, a visual representation of a ride never built by Stengel, this four inversion tower coaster was built for the Patents thread:




The ride itself in the exchange is HERE




Overview of the ride


The tower... The Tower

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The technicality of everything is expectational, though, your color choices really are monotonous, in shading, too.


Don't be afraid to add some color other than a different shade of brown.


Yeah, I know exactly what your saying. The different angles of the buildings do have different shades, and a lot of different details. But the brown is there to keep to that area. Which that's the only area in the park with those color choices.


I was thinking maybe putting some light greens/pinks mixed in. But color choices, and names, always seem to be my downfall. I haven't thought of a single name, for a ride in the park, and it's almost finished. The park hasn't been named, and I've been running with building what comes to mind.


So this entire project has had zero planning behind it. Which I think makes it fun in some ways. But everything has been built to what I thought of at the time.


The hotel itself has been changed a lot. I had a 10 story parking garage that I destroyed just because I wanted to do something different. Had a perfectly fine, finished, and themed coaster, just tore that out three days ago and added a flyer. Once I create a thread I'll show everyone what I mean. This thing has been entirely around just "winging" it, and that's my style. So while it's different then planning out every detail, it's fun for me.


Oh, and sorry about the grainy image. When I resized it, it got all messed up in the process.


EDIT: I just realized that all the coasters in the pictures have brown in it. Which is another thing that could make someone think it's all one theme. That's just a bad example of the vibrant colors that are around the park. This part may actually mellow out the park, because I went with some BRIGHT colors on other rides/areas.

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There's nothing wrong with all the same colors... as just that one area, it works, vividly, but when you put that hotel into the mix, with some color tone reminiscing with the previous structures, it gets masked behind the large structure.



for a good splash of color, make all the awnings at least one color, like the yellow already being used. It would fit well I think.

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I kinda beat you to the punch. But I used a green/red variance with the ones. The one's going over the coaster I'm removing. I think there a bit ugly, and out of place.


I forgot about the hotel being brown. I think of it as white, but there is a lot of brown thrown into it. I'm still working on it though, and right now I'm going to finish all the rides, and save the hotel for last. I'd rather chop the hotel down some if I go over the object limit. But I do want all the details in the rides/areas.

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