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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Helix Blog Update - Track installation starts again!!

A new set of images have just been posted on the Helix Blog, to mark the re-start of the Helix installation.

Just enjoy!!


SOURCE: Projekthelix.se - Monteringen är igång igen


EDIT: found 2 more at: Liseberg FB


First piece of the re-start is being installed


Lovely curves :p


The second piece goes in here, the gap is however pretty hard to spot on this image, but now there are just three long sections of installed track, rather than five as it were early this morning


Lot's to do with the final footers. At least two have been poured today that I have seen.


Until Next time!!


Helix will need 136 rail pieces, ranging up to 13.6 meters in length. Each weigh 350-400 kg/meter of track


Really close to Lisebergbanan

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Good news.

Asked about the final fixation of the supports on the Helix blog, and the reply was that they have already started to do the final fixation of some supports, and as RCS get more sections done then more supports will be finalized. They need to leave about 3 sections of track on either end to be able to tweak the position correctly for the next segment, but if it's more than that then they can lock them in place and do the final pour. So there isn't as much pressure to get everything done as I thought.

This also means that much of what's done today will soon be put in it's final position.

This means that RCS have about 6-7 weeks before they need to be done so that the concrete they use to fixate the supports have enough time to harden before testing starts, so there is plenty of time until before we can worry about a delayed opening.


Small update on the build then, one wall section of the maintenance shed have been put into place and few pieces of track and supports have also been put into place. There is still time left today, so there is still time for something more on the layout to be installed.

Also there isn't really that much they can do from this location, my guess is that they will move to a location close to the top of the mountain on Monday to do the final turn around.


A web-cam image from today, 3 new section of track and one support installed today so far, 2 pieces of track and 2 more supports are available on the build site.

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^ More like 5 months away for you Also soon just 90 days until opening, so I'm pretty sure that I can you all a verdict at that point


I know I know! Enjoy the opening when it happens!

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^ ^^ Thanks for the comments and will do!!


Fresh Helix images from today!!

Had some things to do in Gothenburg today, which will only mean one thing. New Helix images for everyone!!

They have added some more pieces since yesterday, a bit more than I though that they would even, but it was really nice to see some progress of the site other than from the web-cams.

Also if you want to look closer on the building site then download the massive panorama I made of the whole mountain (the .zip file which is added below), it's a meaty file but it's really worth it in the end, since it gives you a lot better/detailed view of the whole mountainside compared to the official web-cam.




First we start with the Panorama, download, open and commence drooling :)


We start as always at the staging ground


They have lost quite a bit of pieces with the great pace that the RCS guys are having on site


Many pieces have been moved from here


They have already prepared for the coming workday


Loads of supports



It soon left and the guys inside was giving me the evil eye while I was walking around taking pictures


They even have had to extend the staging area since they have loads of stuff, can't wait to see more stuff coming in


Hardware for the switch-track


Another big piece for the switch-track


A bit closer on the work site where they are right now, the airtime-hill after the top-hat really looks to be a lot steeper and taller then I first thought, EPIC!!

For a more close up image, download the panorama at the top!!


Overview of the whole mountain


And we finish of this update with a progress report graphics, the status at 3 pm today. Pink = installed track.

Until next time!! :D

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Every single time I see a picture or a drawing of the whole layout I realise how I love the way it expands through a wide area and interacts with terrain and surrounding attractions. It will indeed be epic!

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Helix Blog Update - Massive Air-time hill installation!!

Another blog report with a new set of images of the massive air-time hill that is currently being installed.

Everything looks a lot larger than I have ever imagined after seeing the renderings. Can't wait to see all this in person


Source: Projekthelix.se - Airtime hump monteras




Did I say that the new hill is MASSIVE!!

Can't really wait for the inverted top-hat which will be about twice as tall :)


YAY airtime!!


They have been progressing good in the past few days

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They just put in the top bit of the big airtime hill, then just imagine the top-hat being put in on the left side on the S&S screaming swing, but it will be Twice!! as tall

Helix will change the look of Liseberg forever.


Argh, I really want to go back to Liseberg today, just to take a new panorama to drool at

Also, I would love to see a 4:th web-cam, from the top of the Space Shot, looking north, would have been epic!!


Seems like RCS is ditching the plan to start installing track in the station area, which they were supposed to do tomorrow, but instead work south and carry on with connecting up the airtime hill with the second launch, which will mean that the inverted top-hat is coming soon


It's in!!


The walls are flying in, so the station is in a real state of transformation.

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^ Thank you!! Then you will look forward towards Friday evening


Plenty of progress today. They continued onward towards the second launch, instead of starting work in the station, and they have managed to install a bunch of supports and several track pieces so far today (still 42 minutes of work left on the day). So the big air-time hill is completed and they are nearing the top-hat

So hopefully the top-hat will be installed this week!! Oh, I really hope so


Some images of the progress so far, Source: Projekthelix.se :


As you all can see, they have added plenty of track since last time


Completed air-time hill


You can see the air-time hill in the top left. Not much have happened in the station area today that I have seen


Soon they will be out of this shot, and start work on the big top hat :)

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Really love the mess of steel and track on that hill side. The airtime hill is certainly taller than I thought it would be. And just because it probably needs to be said again, Is it June yet?!



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^ I agree, I would have loved to see the top-hat done tomorrow , since they are going to start with the station area on Saturday. But they are currently working on the dive into the Pretzel loop at the moment, I guess that they need a bigger crane to do the rest of the top-hat which is why they decided to wait with it.

Also the Pretzel loop may be the last piece to go in, since there is still a lot of work to be done to finish of all the footers in that area, and they are still in the preparation phase on the whole concrete slab which will be poured under the pretzel.


Here are some more images that have been posted on the helix blog in the past days:


Finished airtime hill


Before and..


..after fixating the supports

Until next update!!

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^ I agree, I would have loved to see the top-hat done tomorrow , since they are going to start with the station area on Saturday. But they are currently working on the dive into the Pretzel loop at the moment


I must have missed that, I only saw the two cranes up behind the station this morning. Good to hear they are still putting up track for us to drool at

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