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Worlds of Fun (WOF) Discussion Thread

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I went to Worlds of Fun for the day. I left Valleyfair on Tuesday this week at 11am for a day trip. It was a nice drive on 35W south. I got to Worlds of Fun about 6:15pm check in the motel 6. I stayed at the Motel 6 Kansas City North in Randolph guess you get what you pay for short drive from WOF next year I’m going to stay at Worlds of Fun Village on sight. Once I check in I went to the park for a few hours in the evening light crowds. My first ride was on Patriot nice quite B&M not as forceful but definitely was the highlight of the trip next went over to Timber Wolf nice first drop kind of shaky and loved the over bank turn. After Timber Wolf went over to Prowler it wasn’t as bad as I thought had few rough spots before the lift. After Prowler went to Boomerang that was my first Boomerang I sat in the front row had a 5 minute wait. I walked over to Mamba did a few laps sat on the left side got a nice view of Kansas City sky line then I rode Steel Hawk at night only got to ride it once because it was down most of the time I was there. On Wednesday I did Oceans of Fun in the morning few hours then in the afternoon I did some more rides and they do have a nice selection of flat rides one thing to help there coaster line up would be a launch. Also the park could add some AC buildings specially when it gets hot. This was my second visit to WOF almost everything was a walk on I did buy a fast lane plus the only thing with that was not one person check? Next time I going Im planning to stay on sight and I was very impressed with the park. I left at 7pm in the evening and got back to Minnesota around 1:30 am thumbs up with Worlds of Fun!













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Glad you had a good time, but staying in Randolph? Ooh. Those hotels... don't look great. I usually stay in Liberty, about 5 miles north of the park in a nice suburb. There's a Hampton and a Comfort Suites there that are both good.


It's also pretty awesome that you bought a Fast Lane Plus. That brings the total number of those that the park has sold to one.

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^ Thanks Bill!


As many know, it's been a horrible past couple of years with losing Michael to cancer.


This is a fresh start and a much-needed new lease on life.


It's exciting, scary and sad all at the same time!

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Oh man, this looks fantastic!




KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Known for its immersive celebrations like Halloween Haunt and WinterFest, Worlds of Fun is ramping up to introduce Grand Carnivale.


The new international festival is the largest summer event in park history, featuring an elaborate parade, authentic global cuisine, entertainment and interactive festivities.

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Grand Carnivale!!! Loved it!! I wasn’t sure what it was going to be at first, but now I get it!

It’s a little bit of Epcot with food from around the world, Disney parade with fireworks at the end. Small scale though. But Awesome!!! Dance party after the parade. Kids and I enjoyed it. Thankful that Worlds of fun was chosen to be a host park

for it. I was impressed.














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The food festival begins at 5 and a lot of that is pretty ok stuff. Otherwise I'd recommend the burrito place by the train or the barbecue place near Patriot.



Did the Bar-b-Que place

Funny it’s identical to the one at Kings Island



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The food festival begins at 5 and a lot of that is pretty ok stuff. Otherwise I'd recommend the burrito place by the train or the barbecue place near Patriot.


Hopefully they had the food stalls ready before 6:00, unlike last Sunday when we were there! LOL!

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Visited today for the first time in 3 years. WoF is geographically my home park but SDC is spiritually my home park. With that in mind...


The park looked awesome, as good as it has since the hunt days.


First went to Prowler, it was closed. Did a nice hour or so marathon on Mamba, as good as ever. It was hauling and the midcourse was fairly light. Some of my best rides ever on it.


Skipped over to Patriot, was fun, I'm not a big invert guy so whatever.


Did steelhawk for the first time, terrible ops but a decent ride.


Jumped over to Timber Wolf. Through the new turn, was fantastic. But my God the last turnaround and everything after was absolutely brutal. Unrideable IMO. I love the ride but it was baaaaad.


Did another few laps after that on Mamba again. Not the most intense ride but running like it was today, I can't refuse airtime.


Made it back to Prowler and did 5 or so laps. It's my favorite ride in the park, with some RMC level intensity on a GCI ride but the helix turnaround makes TW feel like Millennium Force. Just some awful jackhammering. Front seat, back, no matter the train it's awful. The first half is top 10 worthy, the rest needs some TLC. Plus the stacking meant if you were in the first half of the train you baked on the brake run for 5 mins.


Wrapped up with 2 laps on Patriot and the GOAT flat ride Cyclone Sam's.


All in all, a good day. Park is beautiful. But damn they need a top level coaster. I dream of a mini Cheetah Hunt on forum hill, and as sacreligious as it is, just RMC Timber Wolf. If you aren't GCIing the whole thing you just need to give up. Also every single beer stand was closed.



Ops were not great but most people were in OOF so it was manageable. I am just bummed at how much potential this park has but I'd much rather drive the 3.5 hours to SDC (where I have a SP) than the 45 mins to this place.

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No use GCI'ing Timber Wolf if it sounds like WoF can't even maintain their current GCI.


They have already GCI'ed roughly seventy percent of Timber Wolf. The only parts of the ride which haven't been done are the hill after the new turn which replaced the helix (this hill still has a lot of airtime), the hill just before the mostly flat 180 degree turn, the 180 degree turn to the brakes. The worst part of the ride at the moment is the section that leads to the brakes after the right hand 90 degree turn. That section has been bouncing and jack-hammering really badly lately. The last I heard the work was to take two more seasons.


As for Prowler, the valley in the turnaround is probably the worst spot and the two right hand turns shortly after that are probably needing some work too. I hope they will be working on those sections soon.


I think one problem is they do accelerometer testing at least once a year, if not more, but the rides don't always perform the same all the time. The last hills on Timber Wolf were fine at the beginning of last season, but shortly after they were awful again. It's as if the structure and track were more solid early on, but as the train and the heat worked on it, it softened up and it was bad again. So if they tested it early, they wouldn't have the readings from the rougher rides.


Prowler got IPE wood on the outside of the first drop this year and I think the turns in the back would benefit from that wood as well.

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Not trying to change subject but it’s confirmed that Oceans will be getting something new for 2020.

They are removing the diamond head water slides that launched with the park in 1982.

Not sure what Oceans is getting yet. Probably something from KCK Schlitterbahn, hopefully the slide tower with the mat slide and the tube slides with good air time.

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