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  1. I have voted for the Golden Ticket Awards and have never been instructed to vote for any specific ride or park, etc. Contrary to popular belief here, that is not how the Golden Tickets work.
  2. They have already GCI'ed roughly seventy percent of Timber Wolf. The only parts of the ride which haven't been done are the hill after the new turn which replaced the helix (this hill still has a lot of airtime), the hill just before the mostly flat 180 degree turn, the 180 degree turn to the brakes. The worst part of the ride at the moment is the section that leads to the brakes after the right hand 90 degree turn. That section has been bouncing and jack-hammering really badly lately. The last I heard the work was to take two more seasons. As for Prowler, the valley in the turnaround
  3. Just curious if this was just a joke or you didn't think Prowler had a major malfunction.
  4. Prowler's roughness has been very strange in that it can be rough in one seat or maybe row and then not so in another. It often seems to be related to the trains, more than the track. And I am not really sure what the issue is that can cause it to feel the way it can feel. It feels like there are flat spots on the wheels or like the wheels aren't spinning freely, maybe an issue with wheel bearings? And it seems like the roughness can vary from somewhat mild to really unpleasant. This is something I only feel on GCI trains and not on PTC trains. I recently rode Invadr at Busch Garden
  5. And just to clarify, I was referring to the original version of Texas Giant when I mentioned the incident, but the new one has a brake run pretty similar to the original I believe.
  6. I am just stating observations I've made after nearly forty years of riding roller coasters and seeing things that didn't always work out for one reason or another. I don't claim be an engineer or to know more than engineers, but sometimes my guesses play out as I suspected. One of the most obvious mistakes I have seen and knew it wouldn't work was on Viper at Magic Mountain. I saw photos of the ride being built and the 180 degree turn after the first loop only had vertical supports. It looked really nice, but I knew from looking at it, it wasn't going to be enough. And it wasn't as they
  7. I thought the brake run to the station looked awfully short/tight to have all three trains on and give them some breathing room. I've wondered if extending the brake run a bit might happen down the road/during the off season if they feel the need for it. Timber Wolf's accident wasn't because it had a short brake run. A train stopped in the first set of brakes and wouldn't move. The lift didn't stop the second train from going over the lift, so there was nothing to stop the train after it left the chain. One coaster that had a minor collision early in its life was Texas Giant. It wa
  8. And that is basically my point. How comfortable can they do three train operation? Those blocks look pretty short or tight. I would think the drive tires were there to help expedite the trains moving forward to keep things moving quickly. Now that those are gone, it appears things will move more slowly. Realistically, I think the brake run needs to be longer to make it completely "comfortable". .
  9. As I see the before and after video of the brake run changes and other POV footage, I am wondering if the brake run is long enough for three train operation if the trains have to stop completely in the first brake. If that train hasn't cleared that brake before another gets to the mid-course brake, the mid-course would have to stop the train there. I guess they can slow the chain to remedy this to some extent, but that brake run looks pretty short. And what if all three trains have to be at the station at the same time?
  10. And this is a big problem, as some people are getting good rides on Prowler and some are getting bad rides. It seems that certain seats or rows or cars are having problems that cause a rough ride, but it's hard to say exactly what is causing it. I have tried bringing it to the park's attention for the last several years, but the roughness continues to happen. I have seen a growing number of comments about Prowler being rough and people not wanting to ride it, after getting some pretty awful rides and the roughness tends to fluctuate in severity. And I have experienced really good rides an
  11. It appears they are only replacing the helix and not retracking the rest of the ride after that. You can see where the new track meets the old track on the small hill after the old helix. I am surprised they aren't finishing the ride as there are a few areas late in the ride that need some love, especially the last few hills before the brakes. Maybe they will do the rest of the ride next year? We shall see.
  12. All of the track from the top of the first drop to just before the helix was replaced in 2015 and 2016. The ride was also re-engineered, so it is much smoother, but also much tamer.
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