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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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In case anyone didn't hear, KI was on Ghost Hunters on SyFy tonight. I don't know if any west-coasters can still catch it if they care to. It'll be online eventually, I'm sure.


I might not watch it, but it's a good thing I have a DVR to record it for me!! I wonder what place of KI they will investigate.. hmmm...

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The new website is up. Few things of note:


- Opening day is April 28th

- The park is open from 10 to 10 on the Fridays before daily operation starts

- The Crypt is not listed on any of the rides pages

- Three new shows for 2012 (British Invasion, Charlie Brown's All-Stars, and Yesterday Once More: The 70s)



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NEW Entrance« Go Back





Welcome to Soak City, the largest water park in the region. We invite you to step into a world of more than 50 water activities, including 30 thrilling and chilling water slides and new, interactive fun for the whole family. Step inside and you’ll see that no other water park around can compare to the all-new Soak City.


Our new entrance is part of the big makeover to Soak City. The outside plaza area will feature a new walkway, new fencing, trees and grass. A new façade will welcome you as you enter the water park.


Lazy River has been transformed into an Action River

New interactive area for spectators and river guests

New cascading rock wall waterfall features

Rain curtain, tipping buckets, spray hoses, spray units

New turbulent water effects




Oh yeah, I forgot about how dissapointed I am that they didn't add any new slides/attractions. 4 lane mat racers and Proslide Tornado are the biggest highlights, with low capacity. More people will be coming into the park and the only 'new' offer is the Action River, lines will be godawful. Avoiding. They park has done a nice job since Diamondback improving the park and its image in general, so I'm confident the new stuff added to the waterpark will look nice and improve the image.


Crypt? What? Yeah, HUSS isn't looking too good right now.

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The Crypt was good back when it was TombRaider the Ride. But since it's a prototype by Huss, a massive top spin indoors; the downtime was terrible. It was being run too intense, and not only was the ride wearing itself down, the effects and the building were being affected by heavy gusts that were being blown around from the huge gondola.


The ride program the past couple years has been on "Softer than a chocolate eclaire"


I'm going to keep dreaming for a US Scooby's Spooky Amazing Mack Custom/Dark Ride/Coaster

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Such a shame about the Crypt, back in it's prime that ride was one of the best themed thrill rides outside of a Disney or Universal park. Since it switched over to Crypt though it's really become a shadow of it's for ER self- the theming hasn't been maintained, no more preshow, no more storyline, and to too it off a really weak ride program.


It's sad if this isn't going to operate anymore, but I can't say that I'm surprised.

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I am in LOVE with their new website re-design!

I REALLY hope other Cedar Fair parks go with that design, or a similar one. It's defiantly a MUCH needed upgrade to many of their sites. As they look very "old" and useless. I am happy to see switches.

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I love the Crypt when it was Tomb Raider. After I rode it when it was renamed The Crypt, I thought to myself what has happen to one of the best thrill rides in the park. Yes I know it ran on a crazy program that was hard on the ride. Cedar Fair though could maybe run the ride on a more thrilling program that wasn't to hard on the ride at the time they were changing everything to CF ownership. Although if it gets taken out hopefully CF can replace it with something better.

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