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Beyond vertical drops

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I've ridden Maverick and Mystery Mine, and the drops are pretty fantastic. Maverick has the best conventional first drop (i.e. not X) I've ever been on, and it gives me a slight tickle in my stomach each time. Mystery Mine's drop isn't as good because there's less of a pull in the back as compared with Maverick.


But the drops are both pretty cool. Curling beyond 90 degrees is pretty cool. The pull down the drop from the back seat can't really be compared to a non-beyond-vertical drop.

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^That's EXACTLY how I feel! I thought I would be the only one who thought that. I thought El Toro's drop had more forceful airtime than Fahrenheit's drop even though its 21 degrees less steep. I have ridden both in the very last seat also.


It might have to do with the speed El Toro builds up going around the turn into the first drop, whereas Fahrenheit is coming off the lift.

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Mavericks first drop is SICK. Sit in the back row and you will get some SWEET air. IMO WAY better than TTD or MF first drop. Or any hyper for that matter.

Maverick is probably the best first drop on any coaster. Although I only rode El Toro after they slowed down the lift. That seemed like it would have been ridiculous.

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They are not much different to normal drops, I found Oakwood's "Speed" 97 degree drop quite a normal feeling


I kinda agree, It seems like a vertical drop. There's not much difference between Storm Runner's drop and Fahrenheits (other then length.) There is one point, the first time I rode Fahrenheit I could notice the beyond vertical (front row) just because you're like facing inward toward the train and track instead of straight at the ground. There isn't much difference tho. That occurs for like .5 seconds and if you blink you'll miss it.

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I've only been on Maverick, but I'll tell you my version


First off, by looking at the drop, it reall oesn't look like much at all. I had to squint to see the 95 deg part. But, when you go on it, it's so surprising. I always tell people it feels like when you're sitting on a horse, and it bucks forward. You get thrown into the the restraints and then ripped back into your seat. It is so awesome and has this crazy "Crap, I'm going to flyout of my seat" feeling. But yeah, then you hit the turn and ouch. Those restraints look nice, but they don't really help. The restraints kinda remind me of the Maurer Sohne Xtended coaster rerstraints, but with flimsy shoulder straps attached.


You just gotta experience the drop. Then you'll know exactly how it feels

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I have only been on one coaster with a beyond vertical drop, Typhoon at Bobbejaanland. Every single time we crested that lift hill, I couldn't help but scream during the drop. It was by far the best part of the coaster.

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I do wonder if the airtime is more intense on Steel Hawg's drop since it's considerably steeper than Eurofighters/Maverick/Fahrenheit... it was closed when I went Thursday


Sort of. The airtime is intense because, yeah, it's 120 degrees so you're really getting tossed out, but the tossing isn't quite as abrupt as, say, Maverick in the back seat or Mystery Mine over the first vertical drop in the back seat. I don't know if that makes sense or not. Either way, it's still a pretty intense feeling.

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I didn't know X2 was beyond vertical?

I thought it was just 90 degrees?


To be nerdy here for a second... its actually less than 90. I don't think its even 89.

And the thought of something BEYOND vertical is trippy man....mind blowing.




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I would expect you would fly over the hill like Behemoth in the back.


I've never been on Behemoth, but I have been on many B&M hypers. So I'm guessing it's similar. Beyond vertical drops. (Or at least on Eurofighters) are very sudden. You eject out of your seat for a quick but very sweet time.


X2's is probabably the most intense one out there. I can't remember exactly-since your going backwards up the lift hill I think you fall head first.


More face first, but trust me, it isn't the more intense out there. The best drop in the world IMO, way more intense than X, (Even though X was pretty intense. And yes, I'm saying X because it was X when I rode.)

is Ge Force.

The drop on Ge Force is WAY better than any beyond vertical drop, just because it gives you twice the amount of ejector airtime, for twice the time.


--James "I love beyond" Flint

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^ The trains are longer on Behemoth because of the stadium seating,

so the speed that you are whipped over the drop in the back seats is greater.

This is actually hard to experience because this never usually happens with a full train.

I've only experienced it during ERT.


^^ That's an awesome idea, I agree,

I could barely tell Maverick was beyond vertical when I saw a picture of the drop,

probably because the drop was so short.

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