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Kings Island building a B&M Hyper Coaster

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KI's new record:


The park with the most helixes!

-Beast: 2

-SoB: 2

-Backlot: 1

-Vortex: 1

-Reptar: 1

-Firehawk: 1

-FoF: At least 1

-2009: 3


KI will have 12 helixes in one park.....YAWN.


And only 4,200'? I wish it could be longer...seems like a 1:45-2 minute coaster. Hopefully there's something with the lift that will make it steep so it can get higher, faster...less track and time on the lift.


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Note that this says each train holds 32 people. That is exactly the same number of people a train on Behemoth holds (which is 4 less than the standard B&M train)


My guess is that it will be like Behemoth (and that is certainly NOT a bad thing!!!!)

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If you look at that drawing, notice that the 3 turn arounds look sort of like a teardrop loop turned on it's side. Maybe the origional drawings are still acurate, and thats what the article was talking about.

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That article from the ECC's first drop is still floating around. I posted that over 6 months ago.. The layout is probably what it will be. The length will be determaind by the overall height. If the news report is correct and they have gone with something more like 200 feet then that would make sense that its in the 4200 foot range. But if they go with more like the 225 then the length should get closer to 5000 feet..

I would guess that the park will do some kind of an annoucement toward the end of the summer like in late August.. Since the news stations are starting to creat a buzz about it.

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If this thing turns out anything like Goliath or Behemoth, it'll awesome to see it from all over the park.


In a weird way, it has a tinge of Wildfire about it, the way it uses the terrain.


Agreed on the 3 turnarounds being the "loops" referred to.


Very cool all around.

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Told you guys it was a hyper...


As far as the "loops" go, I'd assume you are all on the right track in thinking they are helices.


JZ scared me in saying that it might be an inverted he had heard from some people at the park, but this release makes it seem like the plans the reporter found are the same plans that I saw.


Behemoth-style trains are also a good idea....


It's so hard keeping my mouth shut, but it seems it won't be much longer before an announcement is made, either officially or not, as steel work will begin in a few short weeks from what I'm hearing from management.


One thing is sure, this ride will be hard to photograph, even from the Eiffel Tower...


-James Dillaman

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As for the length - it does say the coaster would be 4200' long "based on scale drawings..." which could possibly mean this is what the reporters gathered from looking at the overhead layout of the ride and comparing it to the scale. Then again, maybe it really is just 4200' long. If it's going to have a block and 3 trains (which considering this is one of the top 3 most attended seasonal parks in the US I would assume so) then I can't imagine it only being 4200' long.

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