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Kings Island building a B&M Hyper Coaster

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No it aint! Dive machine Track has Flat ties, while the mystery track ties are bent.


Look. Flat Ties.


Their = Possessive. --> It's their dog.


They're = They are. --> They're flat ties.



Sorry, it's been really annoying seeing that in numerous posts lately...


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It'll be a hyper.


The track that was at the park can not support a wide train and all that weight on a small section (where the wheels are) as well as the flat ties can.


Those tracks in the other discussion are more then likely for another park, say SFGAdv or SFGAM, or something Six Flags I'm guessing. I've heard that Six Flags has ordered a few Dive Machines for their next coasters, and that is probably what that track is for. Especially if the rides are for 09, there has to be track already.




The End.

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Why would they have those if they don't even have supports up yet?


They are just getting everything there to set it up. Some parts may arrive earlier or later than other ones. It's like spreading out all the tools to build this thing.

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Why worry about the timing of the announcement? You're still not going to ride it until next year and you'll still have all winter to watch the animations.


There's a lot of things that the park probably wants to have in order before they make it public.


  • A website for the ride (construction gallery, blog, videos...)
    The videos, which are developed by an outside company and probably take some time.
    The media kit for the actual media.
    A plan for the advertising campaign


And in addition to doing all of this they still have to pull off their regular job.

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There actually could be track/supports in those crates. I know when Maverick's track/supports first arrived on site, they came in those kind of shipping crates, then each piece was pulled out by a crane. The pieces then sat in the field next to Breakers Express until they were hauled to the actual construction site on flatbeds. That field will probably be where you'll see all the pieces sitting pretty soon, as parks generally don't like to have all the parts at the construction site at one time.

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Who knows or cares what's in those crates. For all we know they could be loading up the old King Cobra cars in those to send off for scrap. Or it could be something for Great Wolf? Could be for the rest of the Monorail pieces. Who knows!! But I think it's a little ridiculous to start jumping to all kinds of conclusions and saying it has to be for the new coaster. From my contact in the park, he has said it might be around September when they make the official annoucement. Steelwork is supposed to start in late July, but that could just be for the station and such. I would doubt they will do much erection while the park is still open. They will have to position cranes and trucks in the pathways of the park to put the pieces together and they can't do that with people walking around.


I look for the station, brake run and splashdown to be finished, then when the season ends, they will start erecting the track and supports.

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There's live monkeys in those crates anyways.



I doubt there's nothing that deals with the coaster.



But seriously,

I hope they would make some sort of an announcement instead of building and just letting people speculating. Some people in the GP might start some rumor that a 400ft coaster is coming, and then be disappointed when it's only 200ft. Everyone has seen the teasers and us coaster enthusiasts all know what's coming, why won't they let anyone else know. It'd make more sense to tell the GP visiting the park on vacation right now about the new ride, show some artist sketches, and that will make people thing about coming back next year instead of leaving it a secret, because i'm sure 98% of people don't go online to see what parks have new rides.


Is there any reason for it to not be announced while work is being done.

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