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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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Thats interesting, I just looked at the Google maps view of the area because I wanted to know where in the park this was going, and there appears to be houses right next to the spot they want to put the ride. I wonder if the neighbors have any say in this, lol. Could you imagine a show building right in your back yard? Haha.

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^From the concept work we've seen so far it looks like the outdoor portions of the powered coaster will be on the side facing the park, eliminating potential noise issues like those they were experiencing with Woodan. In terms of construction noise and such...who knows.


I didn't think noise would be the issue, the comment was about having a giant building butting up against your property. (And consequently possibly lowering property values)

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I hope I dont bump this thread up without a reason but I couldnt find any information about the 2013 improvements on TPR.


Nothing big but some cool thing are under construction right now.


1. Expansion Enchanted Forest:

6 new fairy tales including Rapunzel, Doctor Know-all and the Golden Goose. This is step two of the three level expansion. Step three will be the new darkride some of you talked about a few posts before.


2. Salon-carrousel “Eden Palladium”

Carrousel built in 1909 and newly restored. It will be located near the main entrance of Europa-Park.

source: http://www.europapark.de/lang-de/Park-und-Attraktionen/Neuheiten-2013/c1445.html


3.Renovation of the Magic Cinema 4D

New design of main entrance and the interior (described as Moulin Rouge-ish) and new more comfortable seats.

source: http://www.europapark.de/lang-de/Park-und-Attraktionen/Neuheiten-2013/c1445.html


4.Europa-Park Confertainment Center

New Confertainment Center at the main entrance. The “Palace of Dreams” and the salon-carrousel “Eden Palladium” will also find their place inside the new building.

source: http://www.europapark.de/lang-de/Park-und-Attraktionen/Neuheiten-2013/c1445.html


5.New exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Hall

The exhibition will be called SPEED!


Hope this is intersting for you

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I found this on the german TV, you can watch it for a few more days in the media store. It`s a documentary about Roland Mack and his way of managing Europa Park !


And although only little of you will understand what is said, there are soooo (!) many wonderful scenes of Europa Park...Day and Nighttime...there`s Wodan, theres Bell Rock, Dinner in the sky...just wonderful to look at IMHO


AND (!) theres a scene where the plans of Artur-The ride are shown...looks detailled and GOOD ...it`s at 22:12 minutes. And don`t forget to choose HQ Mode !


Have fun guys...and it there are concrete questions what was said in any scene...it will be a pleasure for me to translate !





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That artist rendition of the Europa-Park Confertainment Center looks way too detailed and nice.....unless you've been to Europa Park and know that it probably will look that amazing! Looks like so great stuff for Europa Park. Definitely one of the best parks in the world.

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Well it will be a powered coaster, but I know that Mack now can build those with multiple trains operating, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.


Hopefully we will see some really big inverted rides from Mack in the future, who can actually give those big B&M's a run for their money.

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New Advertisement concerning the new ride.




Information given:


The kingdom of the Minimoys (about the area):


1. Highest investment for an indoor-attraction in the history of EP

2. Floorspace: 3500 m²

3. Indoor capacity: 40000 m³

4. Store, Restaurant and two rides for kids

5. Large "Paradise of Slides"


Arthur - The ride (about the ride)


1. World first produced by MACK

2. Accessible for 4 year old kids with a minimum height of 100cm

3. Flight through 7 fantastic kingdoms

4. Numerous state of the art special effects

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