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  1. Thanks. What is the theming and landscaping like at BGT? Is it quite plain?
  2. Which is better - BG Tampa or Williamsburg, in terms of rides, landscaping and theming?
  3. Lol. That google sites awesome. The google search brings up both amusement parks and theme parks.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to gather a list of "theme parks" in the US, particularly the North East. I know many amusement parks but not many theme parks. As someone quoted on another board "If you take the rides out of a theme park, it's still a theme park. If you take the rides out of an amusement parks, it's a parking lot." Theme parks put just as much emphasis on theming and landscaping as well as their rides.
  5. I better start this discussion in another forum, I'm going off topic from kings Island. Thanks for all the info.
  6. So other than Universal and Disney, are there any theme parks in America?
  7. Is kings island a theme park or an amusement park? I define an amusement park as a place with rides on concrete, with not much landscaping or theming. Somewhere like Cedar Point. I define a theme park with a place which puts just as much importance on the way the park looks and feels as they do on the rides. Places like Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures, with movie theming and great landscaping. Which of these is Kings Island?
  8. Which parks have the best theming in the US?
  9. I've heard people saying they don't check restraints at Europa Park but they do on the big rides from my experience. They don't pull it like at many Merlin parks but they'll push it down so there's no gaps between you and the restraint. What's everyone else's experiences?
  10. Is it just me or is furius baco a really rough ride. It was one of the very few rides I've been on where I actually felt as of the train was out of control.
  11. Partly the fact that they don't have any over the shoulder restraints and the fact that the thrill factor is only 4 stars on the ratings page makes me think that. Some other European parks like Port Aventura or Alton Towers have 4.5 stars for it.
  12. I heard the rides here are less adrenaline/thrills and more family oriented. Is this true?
  13. Can anyone recommend any good places to stay for Europa Park for 2 friends? Either one of the hotels in Europa Park or outside it in nearby towns?
  14. Thanks. I've read that Europa Park caters more for families so I assumed they would have less thrilling rides compared to parks such as Alton Towers, Port Aventura etc. is this an incorrect assumption?
  15. Hi, can anyone tell me if Europa Park is good for thrills?
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