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Couple days at SFGAdv: Photo TR

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So I made my way back down to Great Adventure because my friend Tanya hadn't been in almost ten years. Accompanying us would be Christiana (herblackwings). From now on I (and hopefully everyone else from now on) will refer to her as Derry...well, because she is from Dur-ee New Hampshire.


Weather was great on Friday and most of Saturday. It rained for about an hour, in turn causing another hour or so in delays in opening the coasters. All in all, a good weekend. Good coasters, good people, good, uh, ice-cream.....yea, we'll go with ice-cream. More on that later.


I didn't take pictures of all the coasters, besides, y'all know what they look like. I only took pictures of the wicked awesome ones


BTW: The Dark Knight is a horrible attraction and addition to the Six Flags line up. The only odd thing about it was the lack of trims during the tight turning portion. Frickin thing flew through those. Basically it was Skull Mountain without the pumpkin and "Why so Serious?" being blasted every other second through the speakers.


Nitro, you only got one picture because you were closed on Friday....but we still love you.


Just prior to departing for home. Thanks Tanya, Christiana "Derry", Dave and Jay for a great time. TPR truly does bring people together. Sniff sniff.


I am so totally kidding Jay. LOL at the random guy in the front seat. Who the hell are you?


All the girls love El Toro.


Just prior to the OMFG Dodonpa like ejector air.


I got nothing.


Everything is blurry after it rains. Everything but the train.


So about an hour after the train stopped, we had to wait for the little yellow man to climb up, do a rain dance at the top of the lift, then climb back down before they opened again.




I say dirty because, well just look at it! All there needs to be are hand lotion pumps on the trees. And I hope those hungry men don't get what they want...at least not in the park.


But the dirty old men are what catch Derry's eye.


So we catch a weird thing occuring off the midway. Those are "living garden statues".


Derry gets stopped by security for bringing her pet raccoon into the park. Derry: "But ossifer, I brings me pet coon whereevers I go!"


The second day brought about a few guests to our party. Dave (Daveh80) and Mini-Jay (Eltoroextreme). I ended up taking pictures with everyone's camera here giving time for Batman to rub Tanya's back in a petting motion. Ewwww.


S'MORES DIPPIN DOTS RULE! I have never seen them at any other park. And they are so so yummy. And yes, that is bits of graham cracker in there.


That's more tolerable I suppose, unlike this stupid ride. It was horribly rough.


I totally ruined this photo trying to be funny. But its the only one I have of us two, so I am including it.


I had just ridden KK with Tanya. Derry was about to go solo. Tanya asked the ride op if she could sit in the empty seat. The look of victory on her face is priceless...as is Derry's, almost a look of disbelief.


Tanya liked it so much she opted for a trucker hat. She likes El Toro and Nitro better, don't worry.


They both loved it....and Derry wants everyone to stop bashing Kingda Ka....or she'll sick Casey on you.


Front row is the only place to ride this one. Tanya thinks she is riding Kingda Ka in Japan or something.


See? I warned you. You fed the beast twice now.


I had asked Larrygator and BigMike to join us...but we were dissed. Hope you won some money Larry. Big Mike had a "date". Ha....maybe with one of his million fanboys.


I am El Toro, I eat your sunglasses!


I hope T-Express is awesome like this.


But I finally got some front seat rides on this and say IMO, the front is where its at. You get a little floater air on the last few bunnies which I feel is lacking in the backseat.


She shuffles a bit more than she did last year...especially in the rear of the train.


See? El Toro bull agrees.


Hotness all around.


We make a B-line to El Toro. Even though they slow the train at the top of the lift, the ride is EXACTLY the same. Kidding. Seriously, it is still wicked good. Wicked ejector through the first half.


Our arrival at Great Adventure. Derry on the left, Tanya on the right.

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I did appreciate the invite Rich and sorry I couldn't make it. Also, I did not win money in the Poker Tournament. However, I did go to LaRonde on Sunday (because it was open) and stopped at Casino de Montreal and won some money there.

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Ugh - so you couldn't have waited a week so some of us Brits could meet up with hot chicks and all that hot chick goodness?????.


As ever, I am in awe of your sardonic captions, and very perturbed by your happy smiling face, it looked like you really had a good time. (unnerving )


Never been to this park so looking forward to all that it has to offer, including perhaps a Debbie Harry love in at the weekend.





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^Hey Mike - take a look at the Calendar thread under RCCGB mini tour


cheers and hope you can make something, (but I don't think on this list there will be anything to excite you just now) If not see you on the continent (as we Brits call it)


Steve -we Brits don't put a line through our sevens-C

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I liked your TR Rich. I wish Gyendolynne and I could get back to SFGAdv soon. I don't know if it is in the cards this year though.


Nice job! One question though, where is the pocket vest?


I brought it, but didn't have to take much into the park requiring it. Locker policies = pocket vest in many cases....deal with it!

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HAHA Derry... I had a blast with you guys! Tonya and Rich you guys are awesome. Derry of course i always have a blast with you! I'll be heading up to SFNE again soon! oh and just so you know i got 4 comp. tickets for GADV because of you guys! Anyways hope to see you guys again soon!


PS Rich what is with the "So Totally" are you from the valley or something? LOL

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HAHA Derry... I had a blast with you guys! Tonya and Rich you guys are awesome. Derry of course i always have a blast with you! I'll be heading up to SFNE again soon! oh and just so you know i got 4 comp. tickets for GADV because of you guys! Anyways hope to see you guys again soon!


PS Rich what is with the "So Totally" are you from the valley or something? LOL


Like for real! What's with the comp tickets???? And if its because of me...I want my cut beyotch.

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