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Disneyland Mark VII Monorail Discussion

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That's actually just a really well photoshopped picture of monorail red.


Good catch! The EXIF info on the image was a dead give-away. If you zoom in, (s)he didn't get all the red pixels.




Orientation - Top left
XResolution - 230.00
YResolution - 230.00
ResolutionUnit - Inch
Software - Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh  <<<<<-----
DateTime - 2007:12:28 10:46:13  <<<<<--------
Artist - Picasa 2.7


See, RED!

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Monorail Red should definately be running soon as they need to get purple (the one they're currently running) out to Vancouver to be rebuilt. I'll be hanging around Tomorrowland after work Thursday, hopefully the rumor is true that it will be running that day.

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According to the LA Times Monorail Red will begin a series of daytime rider-free test runs next week in the hopes of opening it by mid-May. Around this same time we may see night-time testing of the new Monorail Blue as well.

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Monorail red will take its first passengers at 6:45 am Monday morning.


Over the next few days, the new Mark VII monorail will be available for cast members to ride before the park opens and after the park closes. Me and Allison will be there tomorrow to take a ride and I'll definately be bringing the camera!

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So I take it they were able to resolve the clearance issue or whatever it was that was causing the trains to not be able clear the turns?


The trains look great, I wonder if there's any plans in the near future for WDW to get some updated trains, although it didn't seem they needed it the last time I visited the park.

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Took some photos of Disneyland's new Mark VII Monorail Red while in the park yesterday. Best part was I totally didn't expect to see it out there! Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I got the camera out!


What's THAT I see coming???


Very sleek! Welcome to Disneyland Monorail Mark VII!


Off behind the trees it goes!


Two aspects of Disneyland going in completely opposite directions!


This will look a lot better once it's unobstructed!


Mark VII Monorail Red soarin' past Soarin'...


I still see a lot of the Mark V in the contours, look, and movement of this new Mark VII, which is nice, since the Mark V is the only Disneyland monorail I've been alive to ride!


There ya go, hope you enjoyed 'em!


I was talking with a Disney technician yesterday, and according to him, the Mark VII's were designed for WDW's monorail beam and station geography (distance between platforms, platform to beam, etc). Since there were some subtle differences between WDW's beam & DLR's beam, as well as issues with the geography of the stations at DLR the new monorail didn't work properly (rubbing issues, etc). So imagineers were pulled off other projects and told simply to "fix it". They apparently have "fixed it", but not without some ugly costs. However, he said that ugly cost was preferable compared to the even uglier senario of altering the Disneyland Monorail stations to accomodate the new Monorail Mark VII.


I don't know if I want to take him at his word about the WDW aspect to the explanation, but it is an interesting theory as to why the new monorail failed initial tests. At this point I have no reason not to believe him.


Should be less than a week until park guests are allowed to ride if all goes well!


-- PMM

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I'm not sure why they would have designed trains to fit WDW's track when they were going to be used here in CA? Almost sounds like they tried to save money and ended up spending more to fix the problems.



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