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Dumbest things said on TPR


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2) This is entirely accurate if you rode it in row 1, on a warm day, in July, at exactly 2:36pm est, while pulling your back off the back seat exactly 3.6 inches, and only if all of this is done in train 2.


Fixed that for you.


It's really easy to make Mean Streak smooth! You just have to follow the simple trick.

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Asking for a friend: how are the road conditions in the Branson area in early March? Especially in the mountains/hills. They're potentially looking at going to SDC's opening weekend but don't trust the brakes on their car. Should they get the brakes looked at prior to their trip?
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In West Palm we have all of those except Raising Cane's, but Popeyes, Zaxby's, Church's, and Chick-fil-A do the best job overall. I never go to Church's often because its a little ways to drive.


But KFC is BAD. They have poor service, and the people are always giving me the wrong order and then they throw the food on the floor and then put bleach on it, and then give me it. I will never eat there EVER again. And I tell them that what their doing is wrong, but they say "Shove it up your a**", and then they ask me where im from, and I say Hawaii, and then they call me a Hawaiian racist name, like Pineapple Nigger, Lava Nigger, Moke, and Poi-belly. Then, they always tell me to "Stay the **** in Hawaii, where you belong"

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I had some spare time and I know some people here talked about Ride Of Steel being being repainted. I just calculated how much it would cost to repaint Ride Of Steel. It would take about 62 gallons of paint the track and about another 60 to paint the supports. So, assuming they are using Sherwin Williams brand paint, it is $45 per gallon. So, 45 multiplied by 122 is 5,490. Thus it will cost $5,490 to repaint Ride Of Steel. I simply put this here FYI (and I had the miracle of having that much spare time).
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Meanwhile, over in the SFOT thread:


Please fall asleep and do not say anything like this anymore. Get your words right.


Like.... wtf???




O.m.g... it just doesn't stop.


I would have also liked to have known what crowds would be like in general, because the park is open all week long, so there must be a demand somewhere that warrants that.


SFoT is open all week due to the spring break time in Texas. . but since Dallas and Ft. Worth (the largest cities close) are not on break until the week of March 13, I'd expect the park to be very manageable, tho expect operations to likely not be great (since they are just bringing back the majority of employees after the long break).


Other large Texas Cities that have schools on Spring Break the week before, typically wouldn't do a schlep to SFoT (Houston likely would go to Galveston for Pleasure Pier, or San Antonio for SFFT. . both much closer than a road trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth).


just my 2cents. .tho others who live in the SFoT area can give you a better idea.

Ok and what about the joker operators booth or control room progress??


Even being nice doesn't work.

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