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New Tibidabo coaster

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The whole thing is almost finished.


The layout was completed about three weeks ago, the trains were delivered at the beginning of November but the thing that is taking longer to build is the station building. The queueline is going to be an upward triple helix to reach the highest level of the building which is actually carved into the mountain. The entrance tunnel is being themed to a cave.


This week the chain was finally installed and tested. The layout was wired and the ride panel (Allan-Bradley, for the panel geeks like me ) was delivered and is now ready to be connected to the system.


Today the trains have been put on the transfer shed and I expect testing to start this week or next week at the latest.


I leave you with a link from a Spanish forum where you can see pictures of the trains from today (pics by Devilcry, at the end of the page):



Oriol "These have to be ugliest trains ever found on a coaster" Monroig

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  • 3 weeks later...

Yay! Testing! TibidaboFans has posted a video.






It looks fun without actually being that exciting. I mean, yeah, helix helix, S-turn, etc. I hope it rides good and smooth.


BTW, isn't it really quite? Except for the lift hill, you wouldn't notice the train.


Despite the video, the coaster took its first test run on Monday night, 20 minutes before the park closed its gates.

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OK. Here you have a video from a test run.




You can notice the loud noise from the lift hill but when it disengages the chain lift it runs smoothly and quietly.


Despite the lenght of the video you can appreciate it really keeps the speed going through the S-turns.


Hope you enjoy it!


Video by Escal, from UMWebsite

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  • 2 weeks later...

That looks like a pretty fun coaster. I normally miss out small, familly rides unless I desparately need a credit (which I do), but I feel I could ride this anytime, regardless! Neat coaster although it has butt-ugly trains. They remind me of the Magnum trains.

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Well the drop isn't as steep as I pictured it to be...but it looks like a fun ride, nonetheless!


But how is the coaster experience? Is the ride smooth? Any airtime? (Hard to tell from the video...)

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"Muntanya russa" is a generic name, as in, not permanent, that translates into English as "Roller coaster".


But, according to the park, they will throw some sort of poll or name contest to let people choose the final name for the ride. Let's just hope it doesn't end being called "Mountain on a mountain" or something along these lines...

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^Hows that naming poll coming along? Totally agree, as exciting as Muntanya Russa/ Russian Mountain is, I'm sure it'll be something a bit more catchy


The cool thing is, the park's Galaxi they're getting rid of at the end of this year is called Muntanya Russa too!


But, I wouldn't hold your breath for a too exciting name, the rest of the park's rides are basically called "Pendulum", "Tibidabo Express" and "Airplane"... naming isn't Tibidabo's strong point, lol.

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