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New Tibidabo coaster

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Moose, the oldest roller coaster of the park 'Ghetto-Galaxy' will eventually be removed because it's *really* old, is a nightmare to mantain and it's really loud and not that comfortable (although I find it pretty smooth).


Ikari, the Zamperla Super Express is not going to be removed as far as I know (I work at the park). Why? The ride is popular with the GP and has no noise issues or whatsoever.


I hope the Vekoma coaster is finished on time because the park desperately needs a flagship ride, and this coaster would be the best way to bring more people in.

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It's been quite a long time since the last update.


The park received the first pieces of track on Wednesday and they are being stored in the parking lot awating to be placed. Vertical construction is expected to start on Monday, so this shouldn't take TOO long... after all, the park is DESPERATE to open this coaster (and it will, because the deadline is December).


So, here come the pictures:







Pics by Calle and Devilcry.


Since the pictures were taken (about two days ago) the parking lot has been filled with like another 10 pieces of track. The lift hill should be the first part to go up followed by the station and first drop. Expect another update by next week.


BTW, today there were two huge trailers with some containers. I have heard the trains could be on site already yay!

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Mid-December, at the latest.


The park is almost *forced* to open the coaster in 2008 since they marketed it for this season, it appeared on the media... They are doing their best considering they have had green activists trying to cancel the project along with annoying locals...

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Vertical construction began this past week. Some supports have been lifted up (mainly for the lift hill and first drop) but I have seen many of them sitting by their footers (I guess it won't take long until they bolt them). Here you have some pictures:





I won't be going to the park until Saturday but hopefully I'll bring you a new update with much more track done


Side view of this sexy piece.


Yeah yeah, through the trees...well, technically, above them :D


Lonely piece of lift already up. You can spot other supports for the lift hill. We see you crane, too!


Yummy! For you lift hill enthusiasts:


Some new and shiny Vekoma track waiting to be lifted.

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New update!


Quite a bit has been done since last week. From what I have seen around 40-45% of the track is now up and I have to say it looks quite good. It was quite funny seeing the faces of people passing by the construction area and seeing the park is building a new coaster (remember the last one was Tibidabo Express in 1989).


Works on the station have also progressed and some walls of concrete have been poured. I have no photos since these walls are fenced off. I guess when they have completed the building they will place the track from this section.


The log flume is closed and will remain like this until the first drop / first helix section is completed.


It is rumoured that the trains are already on site (why so early?) and their colour will be GREEN for one train and ORANGE for the other one. I haven't seen them by myself but I don't really see how green and orange match bright red... *sighs*


Onto the photos:


Last photo of this update and my favourite one. The "dueling" helixes. I love how the inner helix is nestled in the outer one. That is right after first drop.




Here you can see a series of photos showing how construction on the rest of the track has progressed. Note the closed log flume.


First drop goodness again. This is the view you'll gate on entering the park from the lower area. This first drop was designed so that when you drop the last thing you see is Barcelona.


First drop closeup. 'Cause I know you love it despite it being like 40º steep LOL


First drop. I really like the fact it stands out so much and then it just disappears. If you look on the right hand side of the photo you can spot half of a airtime(less) hill.


It's growing bigger! Compare the pic with last's week and you will see... I think that now there are only 2 pieces missing from the lift hill (from the lower section).


Close up. If you look carefully you can see an evacuation platform on the turn after the lift hill. There's a piece of railing missing on the crest of the lift though.


So, I went to the park before it opened gates and snapped some photos. Here you can see the upper section of the lift hill and turn leading to the main drop.

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Thanks for the awesome pictures Orio, would love to see this puppy in action soon.


It is rumoured that the trains are already on site (why so early?) and their colour will be GREEN for one train and ORANGE for the other one.

My guess is because the ride was supposed to open last year, most of the coaster were already manufactured, so they might have decided to ship it all to the park.


But yeah, green and orange might not be the best looking colours for this coaster.

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^I thought that too but apparently the final colours for the cars will be different. We shall see in some days/weeks...

The track also appeared to be blue in the first renderings and it is finally red.

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Just came from the park and it seems that the coaster is coming along nicely. At this time, the only parts of the layout yet to be placed are:


- Lower part of the lift hill (2 pieces of track)

- Turn from the station to lift hill (2 pieces of track)

- Station

- Final brakes

- Transfer track

- The lower part of the ‘airtime’(less) hill

- A piece of an S-turn that leads to a helix (the one right before the airtime hill).

- Transition from first drop to the first helix

- Another small piece from a helix that goes over the log flume


So, to my surprise, I arrived at the park and went straight to see what was new from last time I saw the construction site (Wednesday) and then I saw it: The Helix of Death (at least that’s how we call it). It’s a new element that has been built over the last two days and it’s an 80 degrees banked helix which looks it will deliver some good G forces. There’s even a support that holds two pieces of the same helix that looks it wouldn’t pass the side clearance test. I mean, the pieces of track are literally like 2 feet away from each other.


Tomorrow, pics of the helix of death

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Photos from today (28th Sep). I hope you like them


A sexy closeup.


Overall view of The Helix of Death. It has some track missing that shall be put this week, I guess.


And now, what you have been waiting for... The Helix of Death!

(BTW, it's not the helix before the brake run)


The final helix, just before the brake run. I couldn't fit the whole element. It's not meant to be really intense but it's a good way to end a ride (besides, it's built under the airtime-less hill, so bonus for that!).


Behind this fence is the soon-to-be station :) The entrance to the ride will have an underground tunnel to connect the main path to the queueline.


Much better :) Sad that they haven't completed it yet.


Let's have a closer look at it...


What is that I see in the distance? Uh yeah, a hill ;)

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  • 1 month later...

^The coaster has been completed, wiring has began (I think), the queue line, entrance and station are being constructed, the trains are on site and supposedly were put on the track yesterday (though I've not got it confirmed that happened), and I think the lift hill motor and chain have been tested.


... I think. That's all from memory so may not be 100% I'll poke Oriolat and get him to confirm and add whatever he's told me and I've forgotten and what I've got wrong, lol.

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