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I actually got a great interview with him last fall where he talks about a number of things including Arrow's failed Flying Turns and taking over Big Bad Wolf for our other pal, Anton.




Where can I find that interview? I would love to know more about how Big Bad Wolf fell out of Schwarzkopf hands and into Arrows.

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So much win in just one little video. The slow motion, the porn music, the Arrow propaganda. It's wonderful.


I have a feeling this will turn into a Ron Toomer love/apology thread. I wanted to BE Ron Toomer when I was growing up. Well, not the not-riding-his-own-rides part, but the wire-bending, coaster-designing part. Arrows beat the hell out of me these days, but I still love 'em. Their design is so quintessentially late '70s/early '80s. Those rides stand as monuments to a leap in design technology. While B&Ms and Intamins are smoother, I don't think there's anything cooler-looking than an old-school Arrow.


As always, thank you, Shane!

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I actually got a great interview with him last fall where he talks about a number of things including Arrow's failed Flying Turns and taking over Big Bad Wolf for our other pal, Anton.


Where can I find that interview?


Old Rose in Titanic: "He exists now only in my memory ..."


...Actually, I taped the whole thing. Ron and I talked about a potential book about Arrow Development and its later incarnations (Huss/Dynamics). We discussed that and many other things. He really is a living encyclopedia of industry info as well as a true gentleman. Quite amazing. I hope one day to see this project come to fruition.



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Wow great video of Loch Ness Monster, thanks!! I love seeing footage and photos of older rides in their "glory" days. This ride is one that has appealed to me ever since i was younger seeing it in a television program on coasters. That all kinda fueled my fascination of roller coasters.


And you're right, nothing beats the look of an old-school arrow coaster. I love them!! There's just something about them i like.


I still have yet to ride it though!! One of these days i will get over to BGE and ride it.


Cant wait to see the stuff for Big Bad Wolf.

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Shane that's pure GOLD right there. LNM's first drop is still to this day one of my favs anywhere. I forget exactly what used to be in the lair back when I rode it as a youngster, but I seem to remember strobes, fog and a LNM character that would light up. I was sadly disappointed riding it again 3 years ago when the lair was just a dark helix. Why did they take that cool stuff out?

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I actually got a great interview with him last fall where he talks about a number of things including Arrow's failed Flying Turns and taking over Big Bad Wolf for our other pal, Anton.




Where can I find that interview? I would love to know more about how Big Bad Wolf fell out of Schwarzkopf hands and into Arrows.


The reason why Arrow took over the coaster started by Schwarzkopf was that Busch Gardens originally ordered a Schwarzkopf Flugbahn, and had the design work and footers poured. Unfortunately, Schwarzkopf went bankrupt (see this page, about half-way down about why the company went bankrupt: http://schwarzkopf.coaster.net/unternehmenGF.htm ) and couldn't finish building the coaster. Busch then went to Arrow who had already built a suspended coaster to finish the job.

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I did tell you that. I knew that was the basic story, but since Scott had actually talked with Ron, I was hoping to get all the juicy details.


I actually did the interview because of a piece I'm working on -- Flying Turns history -- and wanted to know what went down with Arrow's version. We ended up talking about a LOT of stuff, including KI's Bat and the BBW/Anton connection. Part of the latter showed up in a story that appeared in First Drop about the short-lived AlpenFlug suspended coaster at Oktoberfest 1975 (that'll be coming out The Closet soon ...). I need to transcribe the whole interview, which is in digital form at the moment. I'll see what else he said and share later.

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Arrow Dynamics presents:

"The Big Bad Wolf"


As promised here is the second promotional video from Arrow, "The Big Bad Wolf". While this one is not as good as the

(no narraration, no slo-mo porn money shots and no 70's style soundtrack) there are some pretty good shots of the ride in action. One thing to notice is how fast the train cruises thru the brakes and up the second lift.



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Very cool vid, Shane.


This is one of the suspended coasters I have always wanted to ride, ever since I knew about it, many years ago. One of these years...


Thanks for posting it.

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Great videos Shane!


Loch Ness Monster is a very underrated coaster. The terrain and landscaping definitely added to the ride experience, and I regret not riding it more than once when I was there. It was better than most other Arrow loopers I've ridden such as KD's Anaconda and much better than CGA's Demon.


In the video, it looks like it's running faster than it did when I rode it on the east coast trip. Still, it was a great ride, and that final drop was amazing!

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Knott's Berry Farm

Old Time Adventures


Alright, you ready for some GOOD stuff? This is one of my favorite posts of this season. It has to do with a little southern California theme park called Knott's Berry Farm. It used to have the tag line "Old Time Adventures".

Every day this week I will take a look back at this great park as it was back in the late 70's and early 80's, back when the park was full of charm, history and great themed sections. This look back will contain, post cards, brochures, articles, park history facts, photos and video from my personal collection, souvenir books, maps and just random momentos.


I know a lot of you our there have great passion for this park, as do I. This is the park I grew up going to and if contains one of my favorite coasters (and my TPR screen namesake) MonteZOOMa's Revenge. I sure great memories will be sparked as you see pictures of the Corkscrew, Sky Jump, Flying Machine, Propeller Spin, Motor Cycle Chase and of course Knott's Berry Tales.


Lets start with some random bits and pieces from the park as it looked in the 70's.


"Knott's Old Time Adventures"


To me, this map shows Knott's at its greatest time!


So many shows, so many things to do...so many great Knott's memories. Don't miss El Cinema Grande.


What a celebrity line up: Pat & Debby Boone. Also the park prepares for a new event called "Halloween Haunt"


an early park map and show guide from 1978.





Early MonteZOOMa's Revenge.



Knott's was such a beautiful park back then.



Maybe these postcards should be posted over in Mark's Postcard Paradise, but they are not Scary...


great attraction artwork on these group flyers.


Mormon night at Knott's. I bet beer sales where really low during this event.


They used this as a marketing. Today this would be marketing suicide!


This is a find. OJ simpson visits Knott's. Go figure, he is holding a gun, who knew he would end up with more knife skills...


The rendering of what the Soap Box Racers would look like.


The Grapevine was an employee newsletter. This edition is such a find not only because it announces the transition of the Cycle Chase to Soap Box Racer, but take a look at the last page...How scary is that?


The Old Time Adventure Logo. Three simple and well done theme areas. Ghost Town, Fiesta Village & Roaring 20's. Life was simple back then...


Special event at Knotts. I love the Montezooma's artwork


D ticket attractions. I guess Disney owned the market on "E tickets"


C ticket attractions. I had completely forgotten about the Tijuana Taxi


B ticket attractions


A ticket attractions


Knotts used to operate on a ticket system similar to Disneyland.



all the great attractions in the Roarin 20's area and the Airfield section have been completely erased from the park.


Adventurers' Club was a way to get discout admission. But who needs a discount off $5.00?

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Knott's Berry Farm

Brochures & Park Maps


Here are some early brochures and park maps. Because Knott's is not a seasonal park and operates year round they did not print up new brochures each year. So it is hard to say what year of these brochures comes from.


I'll leave all my comments to the captions. Please discuss them demise of Knott's





on this map you can see another one of Knott's bad additions, the XK-1. Also notice that Mystery Lodge has not been added. This map comes from 1991





Even though I am not a fan of the addition of the Boomerang, I do like this color much better than the eyesore it is today.


Knott's really goes off course with this ride and the re-theme of the airfield section. The Sky Jump looks like a big roll of Life-Savers.


Hammerhead was a well themed flat ride that was soon replaced once Cedar Fair took over.


Grand Slammer, Dolphin Show...R.I.P. Welcome dumb new theme areas: Wild Water Wilderness & Indian Trails


This map is from the year that Mystery Lodge opened...anyone know what year that was?



Tampico Tumbler, un-pierced Loop...R.I.P.


Big Foot Rapids must have been new this year. I never really got the connection with Big Foot. I think they could have don something better and tied it into Ghost Town


Corkscrew, Sky Jump, Kingdom of the Dinosaurs...R.I.P. I do love the shot of the Corkscrew and Sky Jump!


This brochure cover is coaster porn for me!


more History. Shame a park with so much history is now nothing more than a strip mall amusement park.


Archery, Mexican Whip, Tijuanna Taxi, Propellar Spin...R.I.P. Hey where is Knott's Berry Tales?


Yum, boysenberry pie. and they had the BEST mexican food in Fiesta Village.


It really was a quaint little park, full of atmosphere & charm.


Corkscrew, Cycle Chase, Sky Jump...R.I.P. Park Map from 1979


WOW imagine that. They take credit cars and the offer plenty of FREE parking. what a concept.


the History. Knott's was full of history at one time. Seems like all that has been lost with the corporatization. Is that a word?


Knott's great themed sections! Each shown here with their attractions. I have to say Montezooma's Revenge is my favorite.


great park map. The parachute tower was quite an icon for the surrounding area. The neutered version sucks!


1979 brochure. I love the cover of this brochure. It really captures Knott's in its best years


This is the back of one of the maps. I am still not sure what to make of this attraction????? I think Knott's went through a eco-friendly phase that left us with some really strange attractions and themed areas.

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An employee of Cedar Point didn't understand how the late 70s/early 80s could have been the best time for Knott's since it was comparatively lacking in coasters, but we know why! Great stuff, as usual, and I'm looking forward to more Knott's stuff. That O.J. Simpson ad was too much!


PS: This might be a good time to repost your Knott's video with the Heaven 17 song.

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You are going to post updates every day????


How is The Big Mike Road Show ever going to pass you when you show this much dedication???





Peace, Big Mike


Oh Big Mike...this is not a competition...it is all about sharing the love.


Yes everyday this week I will be sharing a treasure trove of goodies from Knott's. This will be a big week for the Attic, you may want to hold off on your updates until next week when I will be running something from Intamin. Oh wait, that may be huge too!


Anyways, Good Luck! -GAME ON!

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