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Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

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Great White and that entire pier never opened this year. Word on the island is it did receive some track work this year and the new trains are still coming, but I can't get anything more solid than maybe 2021, maybe 2022.

And in case people don't know what we're referencing: https://www.moreyspiers.com/buying-a-coaster

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  • 3 months later...

Down in Wildwood for Spring Car Show weekened....hopefully it doesn't become a complete wash out haha.  Anyway, Morey's is scheduled to open Mariner's Pier tomorrow, but I did get to see them testing Sea Serpent on my stroll of the boardwalk earlier.  Some early pictures...

I'm not sure how disassembled these Go-Karts (behind the aquarium, across the boards from Splash Zone water park) normally get the during the off season, but this looks kinda like they won't be opening this year.


Sadly it does not appear that Flow House, and their awesome bar, will be open this weekend...


...But Crazy Randy's retro arcade and Fascination was up and running!


More to come!

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42 minutes ago, Mike240SX said:

I'm not sure how disassembled these Go-Karts (behind the aquarium, across the boards from Splash Zone water park) normally get the during the off season, but this looks kinda like they won't be opening this year.

I haven't been down to Wildwood since August of 2019, but even then, I don't remember those go-karts being open. I remember it looking exactly the same as the photo above.

Glad to hear Randy's arcade is up and running. I know he's had trouble with his leases in the past and it's nice to see that he's managed to hold onto that location even through the pandemic.

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Alright, back home from the weekend in Wildwood, and time to wrap up this TR.

First things first, @Zand, I did ask at Guest Relations and it is true - daily wristbands for rides are not happening this year.  Your options are a ticket card, which I have, or season pass.

Second things first, my reason for being here...the annual Spring Car Show!  Unfortunately, due to COVID, neither the Spring nor Fall car shows happened last year, and doubly unfortunately, this years turn out was abysmal.  Despite allowing in any-age cars (typically the spring show is limited to 10 years old or older; the fall to 25 years old or older), there was maybe 50 cars.  Typically, it spans the entire length of the boardwalk....from the steps down to Wildwood Crest all the way to the north end where the boardwalk goes to ground level in North Wildwood.  That said, there weren't that many cars that appealed to me, except...

This nice 2nd generation Chevy Corvair:




And this, JDM-import, right-hand-drive, Fairlady Z (83-85).  The US got these as well, but not with the 2.0L motor, no turbocharged engines on the 2+2 models, nor were US models available as hardtops.  Very nice indeed.


Anyway, on to what you all really care about: Morey's Piers.  This was opening weekend for them, and the only pier open was Mariner's (the one with Sea Serpent and the Ferris Wheel).  They opened right on time (noon), but seemed to be having some trouble getting Sea Serpent going, and weren't sending it with riders even by 12:45.


So, I decided to go back to my hotel and take a nap, and headed back to the boardwalk around 8.  This time, it was a go...and here's where the queue was backed up to upon my arrival: IMG_20210508_201245269.thumb.jpg.0f04d9f215e826855619fc5434c167a1.jpg

Eeesh...I've never waited this long for it in all my years coming here.   15 minutes later (they were still skipping rows), I was on.  Oh well, it's got new trains with vest restraints, and magnetic breaks, so how is it?



Even better than before!  This boomerang has always been the best of them all that I've been on, and these trains just make it all that much better.  Easily #2 coaster in the Wildwoods.

I didn't go on anything else, but did wander around taking some more pictures.

Musik Express' light package was looking a little worse for wear, but they were still running it at max speed.

Same kinda situation with the light package on the Ferris Wheel and Moby Dick.IMG_20210508_203156043.thumb.jpg.c560f1cb6f6d96e54852485b57597207.jpg


Nope, no headache for me tonight, thanks.IMG_20210508_203134661.thumb.jpg.319d396633a30e7d3381b4ad17bafbec.jpg

Farewell, my ever-cherished smoking zone.  Drunken days at PigDog this summer will not be the same.IMG_20210508_203223122.thumb.jpg.695345d670154345d5a5762cf5f60ba3.jpg

At least the bumper cars got some some new cool LED strips on the power poles:

So long for now, Morey's! (Yes the fluorescent tube around the M was out).


In other saddening Wildwood news, from speaking with the bartender and other customers at Jersey Girl, it would appear that both Shamrock and Cattle n' Clover (the latter of which was probably my favorite bar in Wildwood proper), have gone awry of the Governor's COVID restrictions are are not being allowed to operate all summer.  Wow.  I hope that isn't true, and if so they can make some kind of appeal process.  I don't know how a restaurant/bar could handle being closed for basically two consecutive summers.  I didn't make it up to North Wildwood to check out the scenes at Keenan's, Angelesea Pub, or Flip Flopz, but did stop in Good Night Irene's for a few tasty adult beverages and they were as hopping as could be.

On another note, anyone wanna buy a beat up old strip club (Hurricane Bikini Club, on Schellenger, also still closed)?  Only $850k, including the liquor license, which is probably 85% of that price.IMG_20210507_211833453.thumb.jpg.b05cf54087e1f998d5a6dc906d7c11ba.jpg

EDIT: Totally forgot the ride counter:

1x Sea Serpent
1x Slices of Mack's Pizza
1x Cup of Kohr's Bros Orange Custard (with rainbow sprinkles!)
4x White Russians @ Jersey Girl
2x Cherry Vodka RedBulls @ Good Night Irene's.
1x Cheesesteak at White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City on the way home.

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Suppose I could get one of the 4 packs of wristbands for $170. Not sure I'd use them all but buying tickets for one night would probably be almost as expensive.

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Are you talking about the 4-Visit Wild Pass?  Don't forget, you can split it up to be two rides wristbands and two waterpark bands, so if you're coming down for a weekend, you could use both rides- and water-parks both days and have nothing left.

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1 hour ago, Mike240SX said:

Are you talking about the 4-Visit Wild Pass?  Don't forget, you can split it up to be two rides wristbands and two waterpark bands, so if you're coming down for a weekend, you could use both rides- and water-parks both days and have nothing left.

Yeah that's the one. And that might not be a bad idea! 

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Heading down for a couple days on Sunday. Noticed this morning that Morey's now has wristbands for $39 good through 7pm. Unfortunately it's Mariners only till 5, but it's still a good deal IMO.

Has pretty much everything been open lately or have there been some holdouts? Also planning on stopping in Ocean City to check out Gillians for the first time and also grab a Gale Force ride or two. Any important news from either of those places?

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I was down Saturday and everything noteworthy seemed to be running but they are clearly short staffed with minimal crews on most rides and a few of the kiddie/family rides closed. Pirates of WW and Ghost Ship will not operate at all this season.

Also, the flume has been closed all season so far but I'm told its been cleared by the state to operate and its just a staffing issue at this point since it takes 6+ people to staff it. They seemed to be training people on Saturday as people were in logs but the "closed" sign was still up, though the chain was lowered. I was not able to ride as I was with my nephew who wasn't into it. Otherwise, all the coasters, IT, Atmosfear, the upcharges (Slingshot, Skyscraper, Screaming Swing, etc), Giant Wheel, waveswinger, etc were all running. Kong was up but then it went down.


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Few notes from my annual shore trip...

Popped into Ocean City on the way down Sunday night. I was planning on hitting both Castaway Cove and Gillians but I was way behind due to traffic being awful most of the way. Only had time for 1 lap each on Gale Force and Wild Waves, both of which had 15 minute waits as the place was jam packed. Gale Force was running great, nice and smooth and as close to an RMC as you'll get on the shore. Wild Waves was a hoot as usual. Gillians will have to wait till next year as I didnt have time before they closed.

Monday was Wildwood day. Had a wristband good through 7 pm. After drinking the midday away, hit Mariners around 3:30. Pretty dead over there and hit everything open in an hour or so. Pirates and Ghost Ship closed, but I think everything else was running. Sea Serpent was great with the new vest restraints! 

Made my way down to Surfside at 5 for opening and was surprised to see a mad rush of people show up. Still got a good amount of riding in but had to wait in a couple decent lines. Flume was running the water but never opened. Nor'Easter was testing but never opened (before 7 anyway). Kangaroos and Gravitron were closed as well. Rode Runaway Tram for the first time. Great family coaster and even carries some surprising speed. Atmosfear was great as usual. Kong had some stricter ride ops and even has a prerecorded "if riders continue to allow the cables to loosen, we will stop the ride" that they played twice during the ride. "It" was running great...kind of 2 cycles in 1.

Had dinner and more drinks once wristband time was over, then made my way over to Adventure Pier around 10:00. My goal was to buy enough tickets to ride Great White once and then head out, but I broke down and spent $50 to get Skyscraper, Screamin Swing, and Great White. Just couldn't help myself. Love the location of Skyscraper and the Swing. As for Great White, it's been a few years but I forgot how good it is. Has some fantastic laterals and a couple decent airtime moments. A little short but carries a tremendous pace the whole way and is pretty smooth throughout. Waited almost 20 minutes which is crazy as I used to walk on and sometimes ride it alone in the past. Good to see Moreys getting some business this year.

Had a good time as usual and hoping next year they're back to normal with the wristband situation. Glad they at least had a partial day option this year, much better than nothing.

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Apparently even Morey's isn't immune from the "everywhere is packed every day of the week" that is affecting all parks this summer.

Despite pretty much every ride running (notable exceptions being Ghost Ship, Zoom Flume, and the Graviton) without any capacity restrictions, almost every single one of them had lines spilling out of the established queues, on a *Wednesday*  night. Thus, no rides for me tonight. 

Full "report" and plenty of pictures of the massive lines when I get back to a computer.

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The last two weeks of July into the first two weeks of August are historically the most crowded four weeks of the entire summer season in Wildwood. And this year, I know both through work (real estate, we're licensed in NJ) and through my mother (who worked for North Wildwood Fire Dept and maintains close friendships with both realtors and city employees), practically every potential hotel/house/condo/room available to rent on the island has been booked solid for these four weeks since early spring.

I'm honestly not shocked its that kind of busy on a Wednesday night, we're in the peak of peak season this week. I'll be down every weekend for the foreseeable future, yay.

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Really? I booked this room like 2 weeks ago and plenty of places have their vacancy signs lit.  I have no doubt about the weekends being booked up, but there's definitely space to be had on this Wednesday. 

Either way, in all my years of coming down here I've never seen it this bad, even on a weekend, except for like 4th of July or Memorial/Labor Day weekends.

On a side note, as my hotel is literally one block away from Adventure Pier, I decided to go back right at closing to see if the line for Great White had died down. It had... I had a two train wait for row 4 (front would have been like 10 trains). Eh...it's better, but still quite headache inducing. Those Millennium Flyers or Timberliners can't come soon enough.



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^ Yes, really. You just got some mid-week luck, I guess.

Three weeks ago my sister started looking for a room - any room - for last Thursday-Sunday and literally the only thing she could find for a family of four that wasn't double/triple the normal going rate was a shitty cabin w/o a bathroom 15 minutes off the island on Route 9. Also, I don't think I saw one single vacancy sign when we were out and about on Saturday.

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On 7/28/2021 at 11:17 PM, Mike240SX said:

On a side note, as my hotel is literally one block away from Adventure Pier, I decided to go back right at closing to see if the line for Great White had died down. It had... I had a two train wait for row 4 (front would have been like 10 trains). Eh...it's better, but still quite headache inducing. Those Millennium Flyers or Timberliners can't come soon enough.



I thought Great White was running well a few weeks ago.  I wouldn't mind Millennium Flyers or Timberliners though since I prefer those trains.

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Photo TR:  Wildwood, July 28th

In the aftermath of the failed co-worker trip to Wildwood that resulted instead in going to the Delaware State Fair (TR here), I made a solo excursion there on Wednesday the 28th into Thursday the 29th.

Upon arrival, after check in, I headed straight to the Ocean Oasis water park at the end of Surfside Pier.  While I think Raging Waters on Mariner's definitely has the better slide collection, this water park has one distinct advantage:  Swim-up Hot Tub Bar.


I'm sure plenty of you at skeezed out by such a concept, but I love it...guess it's the Jersey in me.  My standard operating procedure here is get a drink, chill in the hot tub and finish it, then to a lap on the lazy river, and repeat.  That held true on this day, with me swapping out one of the laps for trips down their tube slides, which are awesome since they were designed in the 80s...super fast, tight turns, overall great experience.  After three hours at the water park, I stopped by Macks on my way back to the hotel for a delicious slice...


...and then took a shower and relaxed at the hotel for a while.

Around 8:00, I decided to venture back to the boardwalk and check out the piers for some rides.  I marveled at how busy the boardwalk was for a Wednesday.


The only adult coaster I've never been on here is Doo Wopper, and figured I'd try to hit that, but upon arrival, I found THIS....


Yes, that is the queue spilling out on to the pier from the designated queue area.  No thank you, sir.  Reminder, this is a Wednesday.  Anyway, I decided to wander the pier, and saw that Zoom Phloom was cycling empty logs, but had a sign at the entrance that said it it was closed.  Operator training maybe?


Great Nor'Easter also had the longest line I've ever seen...


...as did Atmosphere.  I stood at the end of line when I took this picture.


Even the Tilt-a-Whirl was overflowing the designated queue area...


...as was Kanga-feakin-Bounce.  Wild.


At least It's line was reasonable, unless it has some serpentine back behind the ride that I don't know about.IMG_20210728_203425199.thumb.jpg.e3e90678adc70ef52ea574cf36de0d59.jpg

I realized that I didn't have a hoodie from Morey's Piers (something I collect from every park I go to), so I stopped in the store underneath Kong to check out the offerings.  While I didn't find any hoodies that I liked, I did notice that they had a few retro-ride shirts, which was a nice touch.


Venturing back to the Boardwalk, I found a new business in the little cut-out set of shops just north of Surfside Pier:


It's Fascination without being called Fascination!


Complete with a "game master" calling out what shape you have to make next.


I checked out the prizes and saw a horrible ticket-to-value ratio, so didn't play, but it's good to see this kind of attraction still alive.

Walking along the boardwalk, I also found a semi-new stand that I first noticed last year that may be appealing to some...


Not being a pierogie fan myself (sacrilege, I know), I didn't sample their fare, but figured I'd offer this up for those who are.

I made my way back to Mariner's Peir, and also found some ridiculous waits.  Rollie's Coaster...


...and the Ferris Wheel (again, photo taken from where the line ended).


Every other ride here also had substantial queues, even if I didn't capture it in photos.  Hard pass here as well.

Continuing down to Adventure Pier, my mind was blown as I saw not only a line down the ramp for the 22-ticket ($25!) Skyscraper...IMG_20210728_211620763.thumb.jpg.5c6849e7036827e5de3d1d8e6a6f16a2.jpg

...But also an absolutely massive line for the 30 ticket ($33!) Slingshot.  Insanity.


Great White and the Go-Karts also has massive lines, so I decided to just call it a night and head back to my hotel, which was only a block away from Adventure Pier after grabbing another slice of Mack's.

After hanging out there for a while, I decided to go back to the pier to try to get a ride on Great White, hoping the lines had died down, and they did.  Two-train wait for row 4 (the front, where I usually ride this, was a 10-train wait).  Whatever track work they did in the closed-for-2020 triple-long off-season helped, but yeah it's still kinda a rough ride, particular around some of the turn-arounds and at the valleys of the hills. Whatever they did to the braking system to not jar you to an immediate halt right before the station was a big improvement, too.  I think with some Millennium Flyers this could be an awesome ride like it used to be, but as it stands now it's solidly in the middle of Morey's lineup (behind Nor'Easter and Sea Serpent, and ahead of all the others). 5/10.

And that was pretty much it for Wildwood.  On the way home, I of course stopped by Atlantic City for a cheesesteak from White House Sub Shop, which IMHO blows any of the legit Philly options out of the water.IMG_20210729_103544495.thumb.jpg.717f0153dfcfb1c17c56c6cb94113598.jpg

As my conversation with @boldikus indicated, I guess this is the busiest time of the year for Wildwood, but I cannot recall the lines for rides ever being this bad, including multiple trips on Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and the 4th of July in past years.

Sorry for the delay with getting these reports up, but I finally had some time to sit down and write them out.

Next major trip planned is next week, a ten-day trek out to Indiana for a work conference, with planned stops at Lakemont (to try to get on Leap the Dips), Kings Island, Indiana Beach (new to me!), Cedar Point, and Waldameer.

Thanks for reading!

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