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Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

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I didn't find Great White rough, but I definitely prefer Timberliners to the PTCs.


The only thing I wonder is if it would impact the ride's speed. Maybe it's just Mt. Olympus, but Hades 360 had a hill shortened and requires a full train to be dispatched.

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Maintenance on the Move!


While the maintenance employees of Morey’s Piers are big and strong and — in some cases — hairy, the grizzly-bear comparisons end there.


“A lot of people think we hibernate all winter,” says Pat Smith, head honcho of the department. “But we are actually busier now than during the summer months.” (And that’s saying something, because our maintenance team is pretty busy during peak season, too, when they start doing daily ride-safety inspections as early as 6am.)


In October, things kick into hyperdrive, because with the parks closed, we’re “really able to look into the guts of every ride,” Pat says. We’ve already given you the skinny on our off season drone-inspection program, but that’s just the tip of the Curly Fry.


As soon as the final patron of the season has tilted her last whirl or wopped his last doo, 34 technicians on our maintenance crew begin working together in small teams to examine the mechanical and structural components of all 64 rides. The track of the Great Nor’Easter? That takes two guys about two weeks to inspect (while hooked into harnesses, naturally) so that no weld goes unprobed.


Our rides also need to be disassembled for further inspection, which means individual pieces are moved, sometimes by forklift, to a warehouse on the central maintenance pier, located on the beach between Juniper and Poplar Avenues. (This takes some doing, considering the carts of the Great Nor’Easter alone — i.e., the things in which you sit — each weigh approximately 1,200 pounds, or the equivalent of nearly six baby elephants.)


Inside the warehouse as we type this, three technicians are busy lifting the 44 steel wheel carriers of these carts —one at a time — onto a hydraulic press, a machine that will remove the spindle in order to replace their bearings. (The new ones will come from a parts room where we store 7,200 backup parts at any given time, each of them barcoded so we know if we’re running low.) The techs will also measure every wheel-carrying apparatus to make sure it hasn’t been worn down (even by a millimeter) over the summer. Each one weighs upwards of 150 pounds.


“We don’t need to go to the gym,” jokes technician Alberto Gerena. “At least not this time of year.”


If the guys spot anything in need of fixing, they’ll put in a work order so that an in-house team of ride technicians and welders can work their magic. But if the parts pass this phase of quality control (or, as we like to say in the biz, “QC”), they’ll be passed onto a third-party team for non-destructive testing. In other words: the super sci-fi procedures that identify wear-and-tear undetectable to the naked eye.


In some cases, this means employing roller coaster x-ray technology. In other cases, it involves magnetic particle testing, or applying a special liquid to a piece of metal before hitting that metal with a magnet. This move draws the metal particles in the liquid into any hairline or subsurface cracks. Translation: The invisible becomes visible.


These disembodied ride pieces also need power washing (we can’t have any Jumbo’s pizza grease seeping into our lap bars over the winter). And some will be sandblasted (with various materials, including crushed walnut shell, depending on the desired finish) and repainted.


It’s a job that Pat calls “voluminous,” both in workload and responsibility. These rides, after all, need to be 100-percent safe, which means our forensic offseason inspections have to be exacting.


“I sleep soundly at night, because I know we’ve followed every procedure to a T,” Pat says. “This is not a company that cuts corners.”


And the view isn't so bad, either, he adds: “I try never to forget I can look at the ocean every day I come to work.”












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Morey's has announced that Sea Serpent will be getting a bunch of upgrades, most notably a new second lift, new brakes and the new vest restraints!


I already thought that this ride ran better than 99% of the Boomerangs out there but the new restraints should make it even better.



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This is great news, but no surprise since Moreys loves to dump money into their existing rides.


It'll be strange at first for me to not hear the banging and clicking of that second lift, but I welcome it.

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Via their Twitter page, Moreys has added solar panels to the roof of the Runaway Tram station.


[attachment=0]moreys solar.jpg[/attachment]


Very cool. Makes you wonder when more of this will be done at parks with all that sun beating down on the parks during summer.

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Here's something to kill a half hour of your quarantine. Not Morey's related per say, but no where else to put it and it is Wildwood/amusement related.



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Nice find! It's awesome to see how many businesses are still around, even if it's just the sign out front.

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Wildwood opened some of the beaches so we made a quick trip down on Saturday. There are a bunch of other beaches that opened last weekend but Wildwood's beach is HUGE so if you want to go to the beach but are worried about social distancing then Wildwood is your beach.


It looks like Morey's is a few weeks away from opening even if they got the green light tomorrow. Lots of rides are still in pieces and a few coasters don't have trains on the tracks. It does look like all track work is finished on the boomerang though.


Also, I don't see it mentioned here but they sent an email out to passholders stating that they may (emphasis on may) not be able to open every pier this season. The consensus seems to be that Adventure Pier (with Great White) would be the one to get cut, which is definately the one I'll be pulling for too as it's really the only good ride on the pier that's not hilariously expensive (well... except the Screamin' Swing, moment of silence for Boldy).


The boardwalk is very slowly but surely coming alive though. Even a bunch of non-essential shops were preparing for when they'd be able to reopen. That said, Kohr Bros has been deemed essential and we can't agree more.



PS: I probably need a haircut but... you know

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God knows how they're going to staff rides but July 2nd for Moreys.


Statement from Will and Jack Morey, 2nd Generation Partners of Morey’s Piers


Following the Governor’s announcement of earlier today, we are excited to welcome families back onto the piers again when we reopen on July 2nd.


Morey’s has been crafting summer fun for over 50 years and while events of this year have certainly reshaped the way we work, live and value family all the more, our long-standing commitment to safety, service, and fun has not wavered.


We are working hard to redefine family fun this summer and are further expanding our commitment to safety and cleanliness starting with our Safe Play Promise. As modeled after Morey Resorts Safe Stay Promise, these strengthened procedures are designed to give our guests even greater confidence in visiting our facilities and to give our staff the protection they need during these times.


Upon reviewing operating guidance from the State of New Jersey, we will be releasing additional information pertaining to our Safe Play Promise, hours of operation, and operating procedures. This information will be available on our website. For a list of what is currently open and hours of operation please visit https://www.moreyspiers.com/info/park-hours.


As you expect, we will be operating under new “normal for now” guidelines and standards, therefore, a visit to the piers will be different this summer. Even so, our team is working diligently to prepare our facilities with a strong line-up of rides and attractions for the remainder of the 2020 season. Please know, when we welcome guests back on the piers on July 2nd, we’ll look to make it full of the family fun and cherished memories that come with a visit to Morey’s Piers.


Lastly, we acknowledge our dedicated staff and loyal guests who have helped us weather this storm and remain so committed to Morey’s Piers. We thank them all for their continued trust and look forward to opening “Safely Together” on July 2nd.

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Some updates: https://www.moreyspiers.com/park-status-temp


Cliff notes:


- Adventure Pier will not be opening (this was heavily rumored so no surprise)


- Mariners will open but no Sea Serpent (wtf), Super Skooters, Ghost Ship or Henekee (whatever that is).


- Surfside will open but the only attraction running will be Runaway Tram. Yep, that's right. No Zoom Phloom (what?) Nor'easter, Atmosfear, IT, Kong, etc etc etc. Food and games will be operational. Sounds like they're blaming this on staffing and the inability to complete winter maintenance on time for most of these rides.


- Raging Waters will operate but Ocean Oasis will remain closed for the season.


So the three major coasters, the excellent flume, and the three best flats they have will all remain closed. This pretty much has convinced me to just push my 2020 pass to next year. Ah well.

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^ Do keep in mind they state on that page "We are working to make as many attractions available to you as quickly as possible, and more rides will become available over time. We encourage you to check back often." So although I doubt that Adventure or OO will suddenly and miraculously open up, I'd be a bit surprised if they weren't able to get a little bit more of Surfside opened.


Also, the Henekee is that kiddie ride with all the different vehicles going around under an umbrella. The littlest ones will be crushed.

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Quick review of Wildwood/Morey's 4th of July:


-The entirety of Mariner's Pier except for Sea Serpent appeared to be operating, including the water park and PigDog.

-Surfside Pier was closed further back than Kong; everything "in front" of that appeared to be operating.

-I encountered 0 wait for either pier; Mariner's at 12:00 and Surfside at 5:00. Take their "We highly recommend you spend money to guarantee your spot on the pier!!!!1!1!" with a grain of salt.

-99% of boardwalk stands/business were open, at least between Mariner's and Surfside.

-On the piers, I'd say probably 95% mask wearing. On the boardwalk, less than 5%. Both of which I'm fine with.

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