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Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

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^ Yeah Barcade is legit, its in my hood and I love it there (just dont go Friday and Saturday nights when its MOBBED). They have 30 taps and killer selection.


Gateway is my fave because for one its HUGE, and mostly because I am and have always been a fan of crane games, and they have dozens and dozens of them, still mostly for only 25 cents, which is unheard of at any arcade in Wildwood. The icing on the cake is its one of the few businesses on the Wildwood boardwalk that stay open all year.

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And finally, the retro arcade in the basement of the Boardwalk Mall is no more...


Sad to see that place go. I really hope he can find another place because it's so refreshing to have an arcade not named Dave & Buster's.

Dave & Buster's just makes me wish I was at a classic arcade.

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^ The only good thing I can say about Dave and Buster's is that they have good prizes and I can come out almost even. After $20, I can usually win 2-3 appetizers.


That being said it's a crime to have an arcade that large without a single pinball machine.

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Just guessing, but probably Memorial Day? Maybe this coming weekend? At the rate they're moving I wouldn't be surprised.


Here's a few more pics thanks to Samuel in the Moreys FB group.




The weather looks crap for Saturday but I'm heading down regardless. If I can't ride stuff due to rain I plan to check out Wildwood's new brewery Mud Hen, which happens to be within stumbling distance from my folks.



Sunday might be nicer, I'll try to get photos of some things.

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^ Enjoy it, when it opens. It's a fun family coaster, gives you a bit of a thrill, and...it's cute, too!


Here's ours at Playland. It replaced Mini-Autopia. The kids don't seem to miss it, with this. (o;

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^ After the success of Cape May Brewery, I'm surprised someone hadn't opened one in Wildwood sooner. Mudhen is in a great location right on Rio Grande Ave, one of the only two ways to get on and off the island. They have a big outdoor seating area right on the street with firepits, etc. My folks have been by and said the food was very good.


Photos from their FB, place looks great:







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Yep, they know what they're doing. Place looks tight. Cape May Brewing is really good. You probably don't remember, but I had a couple of those on the piers and was very impressed. That and Yards were the best ones on the trip. Love how many of these microbreweries are springing up everywhere.

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Well, that's not a surprise. Didn't look anywhere near ready last weekend.


Seaport Pier won't be ready for Memorial Day Weekend; soft opening planned for June 1st


Seaport Pier announced today via Facebook that its planned Memorial Day Weekend opening has been pushed back due to weather-related construction delays.


A "soft opening" is now planned for Friday, June 1.


The pier's grand opening is set for the weekend of June 22-24.


Seaport Pier is located at 22nd & Boardwalk in North Wildwood, on the former site of the Seaport Village shopping mall.


The year-round, multi-purpose venue will feature Philadelphia's Green Eggs Cafe, the Dive Bar, Sand Bar, Starboard Swim Club, concert and public gathering space and more.

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This has been kinda quietly coming together, but not to be outdone by the new Seaport Pier (which is STILL not open), Moreys is extending the back of Mariners Pier with a new bar right on the beach (behind the water park) called Pig Dog. Opens next weekend!








Grand Opening June 2018!

Made so you can drink up and pig out! The new barefoot beach bar is a dog friendly, bbq spot on the beach behind Raging Waters. Bring the whole family and enjoy brews and chews with ocean views.

Live Entertainment, Saturday, June 16th: 4pm - 9:30pm - Late Last Night Band


Here are some construction photos Moreys shared via their Instagram:






Color me stoked. In other Moreys news, Wild Whizzer opened over the weekend.

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^ I knew you'd like that!


And even more news out of Wildwood today:

City approves Randy Senna to open retro pinball arcade on E. Wildwood Avenue



Well, surprise... SURPRISE!


This evening, the City of Wildwood's Planning & Zoning Board approved a new location for Randy Senna to operate his retro arcade.


Senna can now open a space for his retro arcade and pinball machines on the first floor of 141 E. Wildwood Avenue. This is a newer building on the former site of Staller's Hardware.


It is located behind "Randyland" at Pacific & Wildwood Avenues (pictured above), where Senna has long stored a large portion of his massive collection.


"He has to remain in compliance," Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano told Wildwood 365. "But he is now allowed to operate and begin welcoming in guests at the E. Wildwood Avenue location.


"Randy has a tendency to be a hoarder, so he has to play by the rules like everyone else. But this is a great opportunity for him and for people to relive their childhoods enjoying the games in his collection."


In recent years, Senna has operated the Remember When Retro Arcade at the Boardwalk Mall. He departed that location this past offseason after the mall changed ownership/management.


He recently announced that he had moved a portion of his collection to 141 E. Wildwood Avenue, and hoped to open in that location.


More details to follow...

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That's great news! I doubt there's another classic arcade collection like that anywhere. I'm glad he gets to keep sharing it, and the rest of us get to enjoy it. I hope he's able to get the new place up and running soon!

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