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  1. Should be a great event. Knott's keeps upping the event game every year. I know a lot of people are disappointed that the expansion isn't happening in 2020, but I feel like that was a longshot, anyway. It WOULD be cool to see a new dark ride, like a rebirth of Bear-y Tales or a Peanuts themed dark ride come, tho.
  2. What does Smoky Mountain inspired Mexican food taste like?
  3. You really hit the nail on the head with that review. Knott's is definitely more about it's atmosphere and events than any individual ride, yet they have some fantastic rides, too. Hangtime looks intense, but really isn't very intense at all. However, it manages to be extremely fun. And if you get a night ride, it's like a whole different coaster. And I could not agree with you more about Ghostrider. It is the crown jewel of Knott's. I'm loving seeing so many people go back and rediscover how truly great that woodie is. They made the right choice doing the retrack. How many woodies can still have two hour lines in this day and age??? My only complaint about Knotts is that Cedar Fair doesn't keep the park open late enough in the summer and on weekends. They used to stay open much later and the park is one of the most beautiful parks around at night. I've been there many times at 10 and the park was still pretty full as they were ushering people out of the gates.
  4. So, you think it'll be less crowded in a year or two? I don't see that happening at all. This is Star Wars we're talking about. I honestly don't think Disney even fully grasps what they've done here....especially if they deliver on providing the immersive experience they are going for....as far as IPs go, this is the royal flush. There's literally nothing bigger. Major changes in how that entire park operates are going to end up happening as a result of the onslaught of people headed their way for the foreseeable future. It's going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out.
  5. While I agree with your general statement and I can't speak to how Six Flags managed the rest of its chain during the Shapiro years, I can say that they weren't doing much to create a better environment at their flagship park...Magic Mountain. In fact, they focused so narrowly on becoming Cedar Point West that they actually neglected every other aspect of the park. They marketed MM as the eXtreme park. The result was it became known as the teenager park. Most families stayed away because there wasn't much to do when your kid was scared to go on Goliath. I think that all of the most successful parks worldwide build a balanced experience. Of course, you have to know your audience and not many parks have a food in their history that is unique and desirable like the Boysenberry. Cedar Fair in particular actually does own the rights to a very large IP that they barely take advantage of. The Peanuts. That last movie grossed over 200 million. Snoopy is a cultural icon that is timeless. They could do so much more with that to draw in visitors than they are.
  6. Hangtime got decent advertising, as well as a lot of very positive press from local papers, TV media and online with coaster enthusiast sites. Is it bringing people to the park, or just keeping coaster fans happy, tho? I tend to think it's more the latter. a LOT of people who go to knott's are the Disney family park types and they are scared of Hangtime. The Ghostrider retrack is probably the only ride addition or mod that actually really affected attendance in recent years....largely because it's freakin' GHOSTRIDER. The Boysenberrry Festival is the big attendance draw now. Scary Farm is, of course, the heart and soul of Knott's. Merry Farm is an always popular attendance driver. Ghost Town Alive is popular with passholders. See where I'm going here? People can ride coasters at any park. The legendary ones, like GR, cand rive attendance, but really in 2019.....people are looking for an experience more than a 2 hour line followed by 2 minutes of fun.
  7. My biggest pet peeve about Magic Mountain has always been their penchant to do this. I'll put up with removing beautiful scenery to put in new ride, but don't screw the ride up after a few years.
  8. prices just went up. Peak single day park hopper is now $149. Premier pass went up 23% to $1949. $1120 for California no blackout pass.
  9. So am I. I think this is right along the lines of what their next move needed to be.
  10. I'm guessing Knott's realized it was election day and postponed their announcement. They don't wanna compete with Dana Rohrabacher.
  11. I was at Scary Farm last Thursday, too, and agree it was good, but something definitely seemed a bit off. The whole event felt tamer than normal. Some nights are gonna be better than others, obviously, but it definitely felt more....family friendly, I guess....than normal.
  12. Glad you enjoyed the park! And you are not alone in being thankful the didn't RMC Ghostrider. It is truly an amazing, legend of a ride that really shows how great CCI was at designing woodies.
  13. You mean they are removing the magnetic brake run and reinstalling the block brake? You're joking right? They were reinstalling the block brake yesterday, I don't know if they're actually going to turn it on or not. I'm hoping it is to improve the pace at which they send out trains because operations are pretty slow. Or maybe it's for 3 train operations. That would be extremely useful during Merry Farm when the park is super packed. So I'm a little ignorant on this. Having a block brake installed as a safety feature would allow two trains on track at one time? I remember when they first opened in the 90's they used to send out trains from the station just about the time the other train hit that mid course section, before they were trimming. I have noticed the last couple of times I've been there that they really seemed to be trying to get trains loaded much faster. So, maybe that's it? Bringing back the trim would ruin the ride, so let's hope not.
  14. You mean they are removing the magnetic brake run and reinstalling the block brake? You're joking right?
  15. I guess I can see that. but I would never attack an event that includes Knott's. I think it's cool you guys come out here. It's a great park.
  16. Maybe next year we just won't do the event at all if people are going to bitch it. I wasn't bitching about it.
  17. I just wanna know if we will be getting Rob Alvey POV video of Hangtime out of this? Those videos are what brought me to this site to begin with. Sucks that Ghostrrider will be closed, tho. That ride really is back to it's original glory since the retrack.
  18. I hear you, but I think seismic requirements probably will keep California from ever seeing a giga. There have been rumors, tho, that 2020 will be a very big year for Knott's.....Dippin' Dots guy has no comment, so it must be true.
  19. Knott's just got a pretty phenomenal $10 million coaster this year.
  20. Was at the park last night and decided to sit and watch the light show on Hangtime for a bit. I noticed something that seems to back up some of what I have seen people saying on youtube about the ride. You don't always experience actual hang time on Hangtime and for the first time I think I actually saw why....The trains don't go thru at a consistent speed each time. I'm assuming it's a weight thing, or maybe how the train is released at the top of the drop, since it isn't one particular train that always goes faster, but about half the time those trains absolutely race thru that course. The other times they slow over the top of the loops and give great hang time. I get that most coasters are probably gonna move faster or slower under various conditions, but this is the first time I've ever noticed a ride where the speed so clearly varies from one ride to the next.
  21. In other news, I'm guessing Knott's 2019 addition will be what looks to be bathrooms being added to the picnic area.
  22. None of those things are causing the slow dispatches. The returning train literally sits for over two minutes completely stopped while they are still loading the other train, usually. 5 minute dispatches are the norm. for a ride that runs 2 minutes and 30 seconds, that's not an MCBR or end brake run issue. There have been a couple of times where they have actually been ahead of the returning train when I've been there, but that almost never happens. And when they are..the line moves much faster. A full queue will go thru in less than an hour. But it almost never happens. Usually you have people getting off the train fighting for room at the boxes to get heir stuff with the people getting on the train. You have a line of people at the exit getting put on about every second train, which means the gates don't open until they are seated. On busy days, you have a steady stream of fastlane folks coming up and getting right into the queue at the loading station. All of these things are the reason Ghostrider's operations are so slow. It is by far the most popular ride in the park, even with Hangtime.
  23. I have a question. I've heard from a couple of people that after a certain point, they all start feeling pretty much the same for the most part(excluding the raptor). I still haven't ridden a single RMC, but I guess I can see how that might be possible. Has anybody experienced that?
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