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  1. Well, I know they didn't originally have that block brake for several years, so taking it away now wouldn't make the ride run any slower than originally designed.. It was only added after the ride started getting too rough for folks. They always technically could have run three trains, but it never increased capacity.
  2. they could only run two at a time before removing the block brake, as well. The block brake ruins the second half of the ride.
  3. No block brake! Ghostrider is slow because of all the people who they routinely add in every single ride from the exit side. Every train has to unload, then wait for everyone to clear out before they allow the people on the exit side to choose their seats. Then and ONLY then do the people waiting in line actually get to board the train. I'm not sure what the story is with all the exit side riders, but they aren't the fastpass people, those guys come thru the same side as everyone else. I think most of them are people who went to the bathroom instead of waiting in line. Ghostrider never had this problem before the block brakes were installed in the past. But these days there are times where you will think the ride has broken down because its so long before a train leaves the station.
  4. And Ledge sounds like a word play on Wedge.....OC's infamous surf spot that gets 20 foot shore break waves that jump up at you and send you flying.
  5. Tell you what. I realize all you CGA guys might be a little disappointed about the whole Raptor thing, so on behalf of every Knotts passholder, in light of Knott's teaser tonight, I would like to offer you a swap. You can have what appears to be our Intamin Surfrider and we'll take the coaster you're supposed to get.
  6. Hang time is in no way, shape or form a surfing term. Hang LOOSE or Hang TEN, yes. Hang time????no....But that teaser sure makes it sound like they're going to put a lame half pipe in there....
  7. This one crossed my mind as well, but the Gerstlauer Infinity rumor just keeps getting stronger, and when a rumor hangs around for this long without dying (like the SFMM Dive coaster rumor has), there is probably some merit to it. I think there's an obvious reason for the Gerstlauer rumor....it really just seems to fit the space and is a good way to maximize thrills in a relatively small space. There are a couple of Intamin types that would fit the same bill, tho. Some kind of blitz would be beyond awesome. But......I hear Intamin and Knotts in the same sentence and I think Half Pipe or other Impulse......and Knotts doesn't need another ride where one car runs for 30 seconds and everyone stands around watching it. So, right now at least....I'm hoping for an Infinity. And I think that is what drives the Infinity rumors.
  8. So, all day yesterday I couldn't get the boardwalk webcam to load. Last i had seen they were digging a deep hole. Now its back up this morning and the entire area is levelled.....THEY'RE SCREWING WITH US, MAN!!! I think they buried the catawampus there.
  9. Anybody else notice how deep that hole is getting at the Boomerang site? Kinda big for supports . What do we think it is?
  10. Yeah.....no. they have s ok me mazes with good effects, but Knotts transforms the entire park.
  11. The crowds have been pretty large all summer every time I've gone so far. Ghostrider gets two hour lines within one hour of the park opening and stays that way all day. There is a BBQ joint in Ghost town that is decent food with only about a 15 minute wait. They have Johnny Rockets and Panda Express. There isn't any good pizza in the park, no matter how the pictures look. Over in the plaza at Fiesta Village is some pretty good mexican food., but the lines move slow. For dinner....why not eat chicken? Mrs Knott's rarely has waits anymore since they expanded it. Great place to taste history and boysenberry pie.
  12. If I might make a recommendation....go to teh park during the day and do the scary rides then. They run them in haunt mode during regular hours, too....and of course, ride Ghostrider...otherwise what's the point, right? That way you can focus on nothing but the mazes at night. Knotts is by far the best haunt in the nation. There is so much to see and do and you will easily spend the entire night waiting for the log ride, calico mine ride and of course...Ghostrider. Some of the maze lines circle around most of the park. They really are what you want to focus on during haunt. They're that good.
  13. Isn't hang time a roller coaster term? I always thought it meant the upside down stuff. I know one thing.....it's not a surfing term at all. Hanging ten is a surfing term. I personally would be extremely disappointed if any of the coasters was an impulse of any kind, including a surfrider. I haven't been to CGA since it was owned by Marriott, but I think most Knotts fans will agree that the last thing Knotts needs is another 30 second ride with slow moving lines.
  14. There is the link to open building permits. The permits for the demolition of Boomerang were issued 4/13/2017. I can't find any new permits yet. That is the page to watch, but I wouldn't expect anything before 8/16.....which I think is the official announcement day for the new rides across teh chain.
  15. If you go to Buena Park's website and look up April 2017 permits approved, you will find either on the 13th or the 17th a permit for the removal of Boomerang, the hat shop, and everything else. At this time there has been no permit approved for a new attraction posted to the website. I looked thru June. That doesn't mean anything.
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