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  1. Can't really say for sure, but back when Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was getting ready to open they would just suddenly allow people to get in line and hop on it. It wasn't an open all day type thing. It was really just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
  2. HOLY HELL! That sucker's intense! Looks like a mandatory bucketlist coaster.
  3. Hang Loose is also a surfing term. Make a fist, stick out your thumb and pinky finger and say " hang loose, brah" . Let's be honest. At a park who's claim to fame is a Ghost Town.... Hang Time sounds like something involving a lynch mob. Shoulda called it Wedged...an homage to local surf spot The Wedge. they coulda shown videos on the TV screens in the line of Surfers getting barrel rolled and wiping out on 20 footers at the Wedge and face planting in the sand.
  4. Well, they played on the words hang ten, but by naming it hangtime I don't know how anyone could reach a different conclusion. Hangtime isn't a surfing term....
  5. I don't think people really understand the concept of hang time on a coaster, especially here in California. I mean do we really have coasters in this state that focus on that feature?
  6. I remember when Roaring Rapids first opened, before they put up the wood barriers by the waterfall on the last turn. Our raft drifted under the waterfall and got stuck for several minutes bobbing there, soaking all of us, while three other rafts passed us by. I can't even remember how we got loose and back on course. Sure was funny, tho.
  7. Boysenberry pierogies....literally nothing else needs to be said than that.
  8. I remember seeing video of them testing this slide. Rafts were FLYING off this thing. I thought they had decided not to open it. This is just tragic and irresponsible. Did the state not inspect this ride before opening?
  9. Looks like the pacing is definitely going to be very similar to Monster's with a lot of actual hangtime.
  10. As a former large machinery installer it looks to me like they are using that rope to literally pull the structure into alignment to install more supports. Kinda interesting.
  11. If you're coming all the way out here.....you gotta go to the beach. Venice Beach is a sight to see, just stay out of trouble, Huntington Beach is Surf City, USA, but the BEST beaches are in South OC on your way to Sea World. Laguna Beach is an artist's dream.
  12. I have to take motion sickness pills before riding Silver Bullet. Even then, I have to focus my eyes on a fixed point in front of me. That coaster really twists you around.
  13. We go to Knott's a lot and typically it takes them about 5 minutes from the time the train pulls in the station to it actually pulling out with a full load on Ghostider. The other train typically sits waiting for at least two minutes while the first train is being loaded. The people loading from the exit side play a big role in slowing down operations and it's gotten out of hand. There will be a line of thirty or more people over there a lot of times. On the flipside, the fast lane folks don't seem to have too much of an affect. There have been many times waiting in line where it seems like the ride may have broken down, but what's really happening is loading a train is taking forever. They aren't goofing off up there. It's mostly customers screwing it up. Operation seems to run a lot better if one particular woman, looks like she may be in her early 30's, is working. She seems to get everyone moving a LOT faster.
  14. On a more serious note, they seem to be on a 2 shift schedule the past couple of weeks. They work all night and then anther crew comes in and works 1st shift. They're really pushing on this thing.
  15. He actually used the standing on a pop can analogy? HAHAHAHAHA!!!I'm guessing this tubing uses at least 1/4 inch thick steel. Notice the paint isn't chipped? Gerstlauer painted it after the dent, so the dent cleared engineering. What can you expect from a guy who lives in a country that thinks ham is bacon?
  16. Well ,at least one of those 43 incidents was a haunt employee who unhooked her harness to get a selfie from her perch and fell onto the lift conveyor for the final drop. The reason you don't hear about most of the incidents is because they are clearly the fault of the injured party. If Knotts had settled out 43 claims since 2012 on this ride alone, they would be uninsurable. As far as Disney goes.....the same applies, but they also do a very, VERY good job of covering up accidents in their parks. That's why you only hear about the real serious ones at Disney. We had a family friend who worked security and there are skeletons in that closet.
  17. I think Knott's fans are mostly psyched for Hangtime. I go to the park once a week and I hear a lot of people talking about it. I was actually hoping specifically for an Infinity coaster at the park.
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