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Favorite Theme Park Game

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^^That's great to know! I'll have to visit next time I head down to the bay area!


I love fascination, Whack-a-mole, claw games, stacker(very frustrating, but I did win a ipod shuffle twice), and the wire.

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What's Fascination? I looked at that Playland link but I still don't understand what it is.


I never rarely games at amusement parks but I always like to stop and watch the people doing the 3-point basketball games.


I've never tried the flipping ladder game but if I figured out a method I thought would work, I'd try it. It intrigues me. Has anyone ever been successful at this game/know someone who has?


Also, I wouldn't call this a theme park game since it can be found at lots of arcades, but if I see a DDR (a true one, not one of the knock-offs) I almost always play it. There's a particular version of it that I always stop to play if at all possible. I want to say it's DDR Max 2 but I'm not 100% sure that's the same one. I know it when I see it though.

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Skeeball - if a certain score wins prizes and not tickets.


Agree 100%. I don't ever play the ones with the 100 holes either... I like the old style ones where you aren't rewarded for making terrible shots up in the corners.



Do you ever try for the 50s unless you absolutely need one on the last ball or two. I try to find a game where you need to average between 30-40 per ball to win and then aim only for the 30s and 40s.


Yeah my strategy is usually to throw a bunch of 40's... that way if you miss you still get 20. Sometimes if I throw a 50 when I'm trying for a 40 I'll keep repeating that throwing motion and go for 50's but I rarely do it unless I need 50 points for some reason. If I ever play a machine with 100 holes (which really never happens) I completely ignore those.


Also, I want a constitutional amendment that parents that let their kids play Skeeball within 2 lanes of someone else should be ejected from the park. lol Nothing is more annoying then when they throw into your lane when you have a good game going and get a zero.


Wow I just sounded like a whiny 85 year old right there... sorry everyone.

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Skeeball of any form is my all time favorite amusement park game.


At parks in Orlando I like to play "Spot the Brits".


Is is really that hard to spot those with either pasty white skin (newly arrived) or a deep shade of pink (been in town a few days)?

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The only one that I will play is the roll the ball in the hole game. I don't really care about the prize I just enjoy playing and proving myself better than a bunch of kids a third of my age. Shame we don't have any fascination anywhere even close to here it sound fun.

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I used to have a full sized one in our garage! When I worked at the water park, they were getting rid of them by tossing them in the dumpster so I took one home. My mom didn't like it, and I had to get rid of it a little after.

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Definitely Fascination. It's somehow just one of the most universally addictive games out there. I've dragged so many friends to play there, almost all of them have looked more than a bit skeptical at the old game at first, and every single one of them has loved it.

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