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That is definitely true about the line and receivers, they aren't helping Cutler at all. I'll admit I loved his bravado as a QB when he was with Denver, but that bravado would kill them more than help them.


Orton has absolutely benefitted from a good line and much better receivers. McDaniels system is also catered to the type of QB he is. Its not that far off of what he ran at Purdue.


Which proves the point again, you can take an average QB and make him look great if he's in the right system.

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Orton certainly isn't look great. He is merely looking like a winning quarterback at this point in the season. McDaniels and Orton fit together very well. Even with the better line and better receivers, I think Cutler would be struggling in that offense, unless McDaniels taylored the system around him and Cutler didn't make boneheaded decisions.


That is the biggest thing that frustrates me about teams trying to rebuild, or just plain throwing random pieces together in an attempt to win now. Some GMs and owners, and even some coaches, don't get that the correct personnel needs to be put in place based on a team's style of play and the coach's system. Or, the coach needs to change his system to accomodate the personnel that he has on his staff. Good teams like the Steelers, Colts and Patriots do this very effectively across the board, while teams like the Redskins, Chiefs and Bears don't completely get it based on the past couple of years.

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Oh no he certainly hasn't. Right from the start he was bringing in guys like Deion Sanders and expecting them to mesh with the team and do amazing things. Not to mention, he puts together full coaching staffs before hiring a head coach, and he still has Vinny Cerato who doesn't know how to draft an offensive lineman. Lots of trouble in DC these days, for the near future considering the state of their offensive line.

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I actually have nothing against the Bears or their fans, I just love watching Cutler fail. I can't help but always have the feeling like this guy is a volcano just waiting to really blow up one day. He's like the more subtle Ryan Leaf up to this point.


Are there odds in Vegas on this guy's ultimate meltdown? And maybe side bets on what will be involved? Drugs? Firearms? Kidnapping? All of the above?


Maybe I'm off (and realistically, hopefully I am), it's just an odd sense I have about him. Is it just me, or anyone else get the same unnerving feeling?

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Hey, a couple weeks ago, a facebook friend messaged me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the 49'ers game at Lucas Oil Stadium.....for free.


Who am I to turn down free tickets that start at 80 dollars for the cheap seats.


Turns out these weren't cheap seats.....They were 30 yard line, row 15, sec. 115. When I found that out, I just about went crazy. I only took my little camera when I found that out.


The forecast was for a high of 50'ish and sunny....


They had the roof open! And it was cold inside.


tunnel the Colts run out of.



Not as big as the Cowboy's monitor (who am I kidding, it is no were as big, it is like Jerry Jones is making up for something!!)


Here comes the Colts.


The man with a laser rocket arm. Not so much this game though, or the next two games after this game.


Pierre Garcon....one of the best rookies out there, but I might be a little biased....


Adam V's temp. replacement.


NFL on Fox on TPR


Game time....Colts on Defense. One of the last few games that Bob Sanders would be playing this year.....errr. One of two games he played this year. Mr. Glass broke again.


Stadium, Stadium, Stadium, 49, hut, hut, hike. Peyton doing his thing.


Rare Rare Rare Bob Sanders on the Field sighting.


Give Peyton the amount of time and you get him looking for targets.


Addai trying to run it.....Donald Brown is a better runner, Addai is better as a check down reciever.


Colts scored something, kick off time.


Two Bob Sanders sightings....OMG.


Row 15.....that is right.


Colts mascot Blue on a dixie chopper.


Colts cheerleaders did a tribute to Michael Jackson.


Colts were down most of the game....


another super rare photo....a self picture...I don't do many of these. And yes, the hoody was needed, actually more. The hoody was all I had.


Reggie Wayne


Know what this report needs....more Cowbell.

BTW, game was a day after Halloween


The go ahead play was a touchdown pass, but it wasn't from Peyton Manning. Peyton handed the ball off to Addai who ran left. He got to about the line of scrimmage when he stopped. He put his the ball in his left hand and threw it into the endzone to REggie Wayne who caught it in the end zone and smartly got two feet down before going out of bounds.


At this point, game had about 2 minutes to go and SF was going no where. They needed four points to tie, but ended up going for it on a 4th down and didn't get it. Colts Downed it. I left early to go to the pro shop to try to get a 10 dollar hat that they were out of already.




While waiting for my drive, seen two cars I liked.


Black rims, black top, black paint, black leather interior, black interior trim. Nice.


The mass exodus begins.


Can't really tell, but Joeseph Addai was behind us as we left town in his Escalade EXT.


Final picture isn't from the game, but as soon as I got back to town, my friend dropped me off at church and I left for New Orleans not to be back home for a week.

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It's gonna be tough, but in that building, the saints will beat anybody. That crowd is gonna be so wild. The tailgating is gonna start at about 7 am. Brady won't be able to hear a thing.



If there's one thing I've learned since I've been on TPR, it's that Tom Brady is like Jesus, Santa Claus, and Superman all in one.....so the crowd noise will not affect him.


And *should* he falter even the slightest little bit, I hear Theo Epstein now travels with the team just for the sabermetrics effect.


You guys are screwed.







But of course, I'm still hoping the Saints kick the crap out of them.

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As good as I thought they'd be this season, I never expected that.


You should have known two weeks ago that you were going to be 10-0.


If the Bucs were in Creamsicles again, you would have been in trouble.


Guaranteed the only win of the season for the Bucs would be the irony win in creamsicles.

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