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He isn't....oh crap. This is the first I heard of him, Who did he play for before? I just assumed he was since he has a dropping tendacy.


EDIT: I guess you can say he is a rookie. Not technically, but he was drafted last year, but didn't play any and was a back up and never was on the active rooster. Which explains why I never heard of him. I usually never pay attention to the draft because unless it is a big pick (like Donald Brown this year) it doesn't get me interested.

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"Am I ready for some football? Nope." (metrock)


Ditto for me.


Earlier today I was reading an article about how much it costs for a family of four to see a football game at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium...over $700 for a fair seat and some refreshments. Absolutely ridiculous.



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That is what I don't like about high market teams. At Carolina you can get a great seat for $55. So a family of four would be $220. I am pretty sure the only real high prices are in places like Dallas, Washington and New York


Bills tickets are the cheapest in the league, I believe. Even with the crap that has been put on the field in the last ten years, they still sell out just about every home game. I can usually get tickets through work for $45 for 100 level (20-25 yard line) or the Van Miller suite seats for $120. Sure beats the $200+ per seat they want for the Toronto series games.


Even with these cheap seats, I still can't justify paying that to watch what they put on the field - I did not even bother going to a game this year and I usually go to at least one. Just got tired of the mediocrity.


Although, I will say that I am very happy that they finally got rid of Dick 'Skelator' Jauron and promoted Fewell. Great job in motivating the team to beat up on the Dolphins...it was nice to finally see some emotion and some smart, gutsy play calling!


PS - I think the unlimited salary cap is about the stupidest idea ever...unless of course you're a Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, Jets or Patriots fan. I see this ruining football as salaries and caps are already way too high, especially for rookies. That is why the seats are so expensive...gotta pay those overpaid and (sometimes) under-achieving athletes!!!

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Here is the standings as of today..


AFC East


1. Patriots (7-4)

2. Dolphins (5-6)

3. Jets (5-6)

4. Bills (4-7)


AFC North

1. Bengals (8-3)

2. Ravens (6-5)

3. Steelers (6-5)

4. Browns (1-10)


AFC South

1. Colts (11-0) {Clinched Division}

2. Jaguars (6-5)

3. Titans (5-6)

4. Texans (5-6)


AFC West

1. Chargers (8-3)

2. Broncos (7-4)

3. Chiefs (3-8)

4. Raiders (3-8)



1. Cowboys (8-3)

2. Eagles (7-4)

3. Giants (6-5)

4. Redskins (3-8)


NFC North

1. Vikings (10-1)

2. Packers (7-4)

3. Bears (4-7)

4. Lions (2-9)


NFC South

1. Saints (11-0)

2. Falcons (6-5)

3. Panthers (4-7)

4. Buccaneers (1-10)


NFC West

1. Cardinals (7-4)

2. 49ers (5-6)

3. Seahawks (4-7)

4. Rams (1-10)

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Get through Titans and JAgs and the Colts have a really good shot at being undefeated. Bronco's and Jets are tough also.


Big question would be is will Caldwell bench starters after a loss can do no harm? I hope not until the 4th and the game is in hand.


On the benching note, I benched both of my RB on the colts on my FF team for Chris Johnson and Cedric Benson. I hope that means Addai will have an all star game. Usually happens that way.

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