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07-08 School Year

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I started on the Thursday the 23rd.

And I had an two hours of AP Bio homework this weekend. Blech.

I'm actually pretty excited for this year to get moving. I've got some fun classes, some easy classes, and some challenging classes. Should be a good mix.

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^ Be careful of Journalism, people think it's a slacker class but it's not!


Anyways, school starts for us on September 4th. My first term classes are as follows.


Ceramics (Total curiosity class)

Foods for Fitness (A class I never picked in the first place)

US History

Chemistry in the Community (A "tamer" chemistry class)


11th grade is going to suck.

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^Ooh, Chemistry. Have fun with that. I took it last year in a semester, which was crazy. Don't get behind. Your head will likely explode if you don't understand what they're talking about.


I'm taking:


German I/II (One level per semester, which is handy)

AP Biology (Gack, I am really not excited for this class)

American Lit (I have the spaciest teacher ever, so it won't be hard)

Show Choir (With one of the best teachers in the school and one of the worst teachers in the school)

Algebra II (Don't know what to think about this one yet)

Select Drama (You have to be a drama nerd to be in this class)


I am planning on having fantastic legs by the end of the year. All of my classes are on the third floor this year, except German, which is on the fourth floor, and Drama, which is on the second floor. Interesting.

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You lucky people... I started August 8th.

I'm taking...

Chemistry (it's nothing special...)

Band (the man is senile, I swear)

Chorus (I think my teacher's marriage is a cover-up...)

American Lit (2 projects in the first week!)

Algebra II (which I'm already failing.)


Fortunately, all of my classes are on the same hallway.

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I start high school tommarow! Im a Freshman. I go to Hendersonville High

Im takeing:


Algebra 1 (Took it in 8th grade made a high C then passed the state test with a 97 A I didnt know how I did it!)

English 1 ( Pretty easy class)

Earth Science ( I hate SCIENCE!)

Honors World History (In 8th grade I made a 100% A in history its so easy)

Computer Apps 1 ( my cousin had the teacher said he lets you do pretty much anything you want.)

PE (I have to as a freshman I would rather get exersize by walking around a theme park.)

Band ( I play Alto Sax.)\


I never have the next class in the same building or floor. I go


2nd floor V building

Ist floor Main

2nd floor V building

3rd floor main

Gym on the other side of Campus


3rd floor main

Band Building

2nd floor main

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