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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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My brother and I did this when we were there at Christmas. It was nice to have a free run of the place and not be limited to any specific time or direction to go while up there. More parks should add these since they are fairly inexpensive to build and operate compared to other up-charge attractions and this one was very popular at the mall.

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Yeah I wouldn't count on an announcement from the park for the new ride (unicoaster). That news article on the ropes course was printed in January and it was actually installed over this past summer with no press release (in fact, I know I tried it for the first time in late July).


I should have been more specific regarding the flier I mentioned earlier...it is a flier that is posted in the Operations office for all of the employees to see...not out in public. All of the ops employees have been informed of the new ride...it is by no means confidential information. I believe it was even printed in the employee newsletter.


When Nick U was announced, the park held a meeting for all 300+ employees to attend (I was an employee at the time) to showcase the new rides. I saw artist renderings and video simulations that never made it to the public...and in fact, I don't believe that an official press release with specific ride details was ever released by the park. There was a vague release that just mentioned 5 new rides, two of which are roller coasters (1 of which has a 90 degree lift and inversions).


I would be quite surprised if there was a press release for this new ride because they don't issue press releases!!!


I could give a damn about credibility and I know that it's technically a rumor...but I guess I'm just telling you to trust me that it is a Chance unicoaster

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Where is this new ride going to be? I was at MoA back in October, and Danny Phantoms Ghost Zone was being worked on. Are they putting the new ride there?


Edit: Sorry, I just found out that the Blue Skidoo ride was supposedly taken out for this new ride.

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The park just really needs a PR department, they could really use good advertising for JUST the park, as it would probably bring more people in.


Really? The park has been that dead? I've only gone twice, and both times I've been there, it's been busy. Granted I've been there on a Saturday so not only was NU crowded, so was the mall.

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A user at Valleyfair Zone has posted some photos of the soon-to-be-completed installation of the Unicoaster. I have posted a few of the photos, but hit the link to see them all.








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